Friday, July 29, 2005
Hail the conquering hero!!!!
That'd be me.

So the boss lady is back. I enjoy her. I might just enjoy having someone in the office with me. But I like her. Anyway, she's given me lots of little jobs to do. Yesterday I stayed busy almost the whole time I was at work. Stupid busy but busy nonetheless. And today, I was asked to find the best flight for the money to Vail Colorado so the bossman could go to some five day kiss ass seminar. So I was checking flights and she's checking hotels, and I say, you know, if we book together we'll get a better deal. So then I got put in charge of the hotel. Then I say does he need a rental car? So I find that too. So I found him a flight, a hotel, and a rental car, all relatively nice, the hotel especially, for a little over 2 grand. Which was still multiple hundreds less than if we would have booked them seperate. YAY ME! Then I get told he's probably not going. So there went my morning. And that's why I hate upper management. Oh well, it gave me something to do other than read celebrity gossip. By the way, have Brad and Angelina ever actually come out and said "Yup we're an item!"? Apparently I missed the memo.

Yesterday was the long day from hell. I was lazy and only did 5 hours at the school, then 8 at the hotel. It would have been OK had I not been visited by Aunt Flow over lunch. So not only was I working a 13 hour day (more like 13.5 cuz graveyard guy was late) I was a freaking menstrual case. But that's ok! I made commission 3 times last night. That's 35 extra bucks on next paycheck, YAY ME AGAIN!! The girl I worked with was annoyed cuz she was always helping people when the phone rang but I told her she could have the next commission whether I got it or not, and of course then the phone stopped ringing. Oh well. It wasn't that bad all in all, I was just achey and miserable. We watched Jekyll and Hyde. One of my all time fave broadway musicals. Unfortunately it was the David Hasselhoff version which sucked ass. I spent 2 hours muttering things like "Freaking David Hasselfhoff" under my breath. The man is irritating to say the very least.

I guess I should get back to work now that I actually have work to do.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Whining...full speed ahead.
Consider yourself warned.

I was just sitting here, bored, thinking, it's not to bad Katy. It's Wednesday, Friday's right around the corner and then, the glorious weekend. Then I realized, weekends are a thing of the past. In fact, to me, the weekends just mean wake up earlier. I don't remember mentioning this but I may have, but I'm going to anyway/again. I am working 7 days a week. S. E. V. E. N! I work 8-5 Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday at the college. Thursday I work 8-2 at the college then go to the hotel at 3 and work til 11. Saturdays I work 7-3 at the hotel, and Sundays I either work 7-3 or 3-11, usually 7-3. I know all you mommies are like "Quitcher Bitchin, I work 7 days a week 24 hours a day" but it still sucks. And I keep thinking, well, I could quit. I really could. I could...really. But I don't think I can. First of all I LOVE my boss. She's such a sweetheart and so nice and so easy to work with and I really like going to work for the sole purpose of hanging out with her somedays. Second I NEED the money. College is coming up FAST, I am still conspicuously toothless, and I found these really nice little college housing apartments where everybody has their own room, there's a washer and dryer, and two bathrooms, they're fully furnished and I really REALLY want to get out of the house. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents but still. Every time I go outside I think, yep, I'm a 22 year old living at home. Don't ask me why that thought occurs to me only when I'm outside but it does. Third, there's this Brandon kid. I HATE crushes. But I really kinda enjoy him, and I think he enjoys me too, and if I don't still work at the inn then I have to come up with more excuses to stalk him at his other job. A girl can only eat so much ice cream!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
If I blog I look busy...
Yesterday the very strange state of Utah celebrated Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is the 24th of July, but since the 24th fell on a Sunday this year (gasp) we celebrated a day later. The Jorgensen's came over with Buddy Sugar Janz, Sweet Sophie Gene, and Jimmy (no cute nicknames for him yet just lots of nonverbal baby talk). Anyway it was fun. My dad, the grill king made hamburgers, Janz made brownies for Sundays, Mom got together condiments, and I played with the dog and sat on my ass a lot. Yesterday morning Mom and I went to breakfast and did some cursory apartment hunting, which we do every few months to no avail, I still live at home. Anyway, we found these really cute brand new apartments, private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice big living space, fully furnished, washer and dryer, the whole she-bang. Of course since they're so fabulous they're 1200 bucks a semester. So I set to budgetting myself. If I make this much this summer and this much an hour while I'm at school and working 20 hours a week, I'll have this much...depressing to say the least. While number crunching I pulled out my paycheck from the hotel and was doing some figuring. Mom and I ran a few more errands including the grocery store then went home to prepare for the Jorgensen crew. A couple hours later the phone rings. It's for me. It must be a telemarketer.

"Katy honey, are you missing something?"
Hmmm. Sounds like my boss but I'm not sure..."Nooo..."
"Something really vital to your existence?"
Uhm, vital? "No..." This is a good telemarketing scheme.
"Your paycheck?"
"No, it's in my purse."
"No, it's in my hand."
"No, it's in my purse, I just had it."
"No Katy, it's in my hand. A customer just brought it here, they said they found it in the grocery store parking lot."

Janz and I jump in the car and head to the hotel to save my paycheck. On the way there I think, hmmm. I bet cute Brandon is working at the Iceberg today.

"Janzey, do you want a milkshake?"
"Good answer."
Alas...Janzey was shoeless, so we decided to go after dinner to get fresh limes. We go, we purchase, no sign of the object of my affection. Sucky. But then, as we're about to leave, he appears. HOORAY! He smiles all big and waves, I wave back.

"How are ya?" I say.
"Busy" he says.
"Uhm where are your straws?" I ask.
"They're right here." Janzen points.
"SSH!" I hiss. But to late. He is handing me a straw and my plan for luring Brandon out for a minute is foiled. We get back in the car and drive away.

"So that was your plan?" Janzen says.
"What?" I ask.
"Your plan was just to go in and say 'How are ya?' and leave?"
"No that wasn't my plan. He was busy. It's ok."
"But we came down here just so you could talk to him.
"I know."
"But you hardly even talked to him."
"I know!"
"Girls are weird."
"I know that too."

I'm pathetic, dragging my poor nephew on boy spying missions. I'm a freaking stalker, I'm aware.

Friday, July 22, 2005
Look ma! I can talk out my ass!
Ok, so I started the new job this week. All is well. I am blessed (?) with two painfully boring jobs. Eight hours a day I simply sit and wait for the phone to ring. Yup, still waiting. The morning call (I usually only get one or two in the morning and then MAYBE one in the afternoon) but the morning call came right when I walked in the door today so I'm pretty much done til this afternoon. So far I come to work, get all the work done at about 9:15, play spider solitaire, blog, and make the occasional foray to the copy room. The managers I work for walk from their side of the building to my side of the building, which means they pass the copy room, to have me do their copies. But I'm not complaing! I long for those 20 steps to and from the copy room.

I am the student secretary of facilities management. The growed up secretary of facilities management left town for a week, leaving the new girl (moi) to sink or swim. So far I'm swimming. I think. Nothing seems to be in too much disrepair. However, I talk out my ass. A lot. People call and need to know what's going on with an event, or where there tables are, or why their class room is so hot, or why their office is so cold and I say. "OK, I'll call (insert random name of person nobody knows here) and have them come over and have a look for ya. I send Frank over a lot. Frank is not a real person, but obviously the people calling me don't know who to call so I say I'll call Frank and they say "oh thanks" and hang up. Then I try and figure out who to really call. Yesterday, just before I left for the day, someone called and asked me to send Frank over. I said "OK, we'll get right on it" and sent Matt instead. It was pretty funny.

The mind numbing boringness isn't so bad. I read a lot of recipes, find cool pictures on webshots for my screensaver, go for little walks around campus on my breaks. I really actually like it. It will be even better when I have something to do. Working with a bunch of men is soooo nice, compared to working with a bunch of backstabbing biotches. My nickname around here is Charms. I love it.

Today is hard only because yesterday was the longest day ever. I put in six hours at the college then turned around and did 8 at the hotel then couldn't sleep when I got home so I'm tired...and bored. Not a good combination. I quit drinking soda about 3 weeks ago but I'm afraid I'm gonna fall off the wagon today and buy myself a pepsi. Must...stay...awake....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Why aren't you married?
This is the question I am asked most often. At least it seems like it's been terribly often lately. Start new job #1,
"Sooo, do you have a boyfriend? Are you married?"
No. And it's not like it's just one time. Every new person I work with, asks the question.

Then, Grandma shows up and I hear:

"If I could just get you married off..."

Which is followed by a deep and heart felt sigh. Then every time she sees a boy that's 5'11" or greater I hear:

"There's a nice tall boy for you Katy, you should snatch him up."

Yes Grandma, I'm going to walk up to a total stranger and say, "Hey, you match the height requirement, wanna make really tall babies?" Then there's my personal favorite.

"Katy, you need to play hard to get, just be timid."

"But timid isn't really my attitude."

"Well honey, I don't think boys are particularly attracted to your attitude." Ouch.

Then I start another new job, where I am the secretary for like 15 managers at the local University. Mostly men, and they all try and be so nice and make conversation and for some reason it's:

"So, are you married? Are you seeing anyone."

I say no, and they say "Why not?" To which I have no reply, except to bellow and beat them around the head and shoulders. So I refrain and just shrug. Honestly, I'm a student secretary at a college, which obviously means I'm a student, ask me what I'm majoring in, ask me what classes I'm taking. Why oh why is it in this shit hole of a town people decide your social status by your marrital status?

Yesterday I met my oldest friends new boyfriend, I've known her since 2nd grade and have always thought, whatever happens, as long as I'm married before her, I'll be ok. Seriously, I give them a month before they're engaged and giddy. Anyway, my friend, her boyfriend, and I went to go get pizza last night. On the way out the door I grabbed my briefcasesque purse. Which aside from being freaking huge, is red.

"Is that your purse?" New boyfriend said. and I nod. "Ooooh, I can see why you're single."

Excuse me? What the fuck does my purse have to do with my singleness? Apparently I give the impression of being overbearing and too independant and therefore am unapproachable by members of the opposite sex. Thanks for that little tidbit buddy. Then the friend goes on about how she hates purses and never carries them at all if she can avoid it, while I glare at the object of her love and imagine beating him about the head and shoulders.

I am 22 years old people!! I'm just a baby! Sure I want a husband, I want a family, I want a house and a dog and all that jazz, but I want to be me first. You only have so long to be you before you become us and I intend to make the most of it. So, to the world at large: Shut the hell up already!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005
What a conundrum
When I have weird busy days I don't blog because I rarely have time on days like that. However, the weird busy days are what give me something to blog about but then I have lots more stuff to cover and I end up rambling, which I try really hard not to do. So forgive me if I ramble.

The day before yesterday I got called in for a job interview for a job that I hadn't applied for. It was with the college and in a department where I had applied for a job before so I guess in a round about way I had applied for it, but not it. Anyway, the interview was yesterday and apparently I made myself sound fabulous because I got the job. The joys of being overly employed. I'm going to stay at the hotel until school starts and that means I'm working seven days a week for the next 5 weeks. Thursdays I work from 8 in the morning until 11 at night straight. Ew. But that's ok because I need the money, both for school, and the tooth implant I need. Which leads me to my next story.

I have bad teeth. Not terrible teeth, but bad enough that they're a pain in the ass. One of my teeth never developed an adult tooth under it so I've just always had a baby tooth there. Until recently I had no problems with it. It became a problem right after I left the bank and of course, lost my dental insurance. It started getting loose, ok no big deal, then it started turning pink, slightly bigger deal. But I hate the dentist so was in denial. Then it started slipping inward towards my tongue. Ok, fine, go to the dentist then. I call, get an appointment, go in, and sure enough, it needs to come out. The little baby tooth roots had died and taken the inside of my tooth with them so I had a shell of a tooth but nothing in it. So the nice dentist (hahaha) numbed me. "You'll feel a little pinch" he says. My ass! I hate needles, I especially hate needles in my mouth! My gums are numb and he starts poking around with his little hook. "Can you feel that?" No. "Can you feel that?" Nope. "Can you feel that?" HOLY SHIT!! YES! So he stuck the needle back into my mouth and the evil dental assistant stuck the little suction thing down my throat, causing me to gag and jam the needle farther into my gums. Must control fist of death. So then I'm all numbed up, he takes the pliers and clamps them on and my tooth shatters. "Oopsie." Says the dentist. "Oopsie" is not a happy word when you're in that chair. Anyway, tooth gone. Numbness, quickly wearing off. Bank account, dwindling. Then he says, "OK, you'll need to decide whether you want a bridge or an implant. They'll both cost about 2,000 dollars." So now I have a large gaping hole in my mouth. A bloody wad of gauze in the large gaping hole, and a 2,000 dollar decision to make. Well, good thing I have two jobs now. Then he says and we'll need to schedule a cleaning, a check up, and decide what to do about your wisdom teeth to. Greeeeeat. I swear, the first thing I'm gonna do if I ever sell my book, is get veneers on all my teeth. Then buy a house, then get my mom a jacuzzi and my dad a harley. Yeah, I'll probably have to sell a couple books.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
What if I don't do the shopping?
Hooray a two post day!

OK, as some of you may have noticed, I live at home. Which means I usually don't do the grocery shopping, so I'm gonna do a hypothetical grocery list. As in, if I had my own pantry and refrigerator to furnish, what would I want in it. To all you mommies and wives out there, prepare to be aghast.

The list! In no particular order:
Brick o' cheese (tillamook cheddar)
Tortilla chips
White bread (gasp)
Pasta (and lots of it)
Some sort of Iced Tea concentrate
Breyers Dreamery Black raspberry
~avalanche ice cream (oh so good)
Juice, both orange and apple
Tomato sauce
Other yummy pasta type sauces
Canned soup
Oranges or some other sort of fruity goodness
String cheese
REAL Parmesan
Raspberry Jam
Tuna Fish
Miracle Whip
Garlic bread sprinkle
French bread, a baguette, sourdough,
~something different for dinner bread
Chips Ahoy (the whole calorie filled fatty kind)
Toaster's streusels (brown sugar kind)
Chocolate Chips
Potato Chips
Meat Marinade
Fresh veggies (if I can't get em fresh, I don't want em)
Really good rice
Apple Sauce
Saltine crackers
Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, etc...
Brownie mixes
Cake mixes
Cream Cheese frosting (to eat with spoon)
Bag o' salad
Yummy salad dressing
Frozen cream puffs
Frozen lasagna
Frozen Pizza
Mac n' cheese
Riccotta cheese
Mozarella cheese
Canned peaches
Potato Chips (Lay's sour cream and cheddar)

Can ya just taste the starchy goodness?? I'm sure I'm missing stuff. There are recipes that I make that I need specific things for but I only make those when I have company (which is next door to never) so that'd be special event food. Wow, I did pretty good considering. Now, if I only had my own apt. and an unlimited budget. *sigh*

PS! Cute boy started at work today. I enjoy him greatly! And I have another job interview tomorrow. Things seem to be looking up. Also, I am SO starting a diet. It must be the season but I took of my favorite jeans the other day and noticed that "these really don't fit roll" on the top as well as the painful red lines around my belly. Got any lose 15 pounds tips?

They don't teach tact in beauty school.
So, if you've read missuzj's blog you've already heard this story but now we get the mortified outsiders take. Usually I am on the giving end of pedicures and, seeing as I'm not a great multi tasker I can't usually do the small talk and foot rub at the same time so I thought it would be nice for me and Becky to BOTH get a pedicure, at the same time and have a little visiting. So we go to the asian nails place down by wal-mart (aren't we just so chic?) and ask for two pedicures. "We get you both done right now, you peek yo colah" so, Becky chooses a pretty sparkly red, and I get purple.

We sit in the lovely massagey, foot spa chairs and I stick my feet in the water. "Eet feel good?" The lady says, and I nod, then I realize, no 'Eet not feel good, Eet feel like you're cooking my feet.' But as soon as that thought finished crossing my mind my feet went numb, so I kept quiet. So we set our massagey chairs and settled in. I'm getting my feet rubbed, and my callusses shaved (lovely visual I know) when suddenly I feel this little nick on my toe and look down. There's the nice little asian lady scraping away, despite the long trickle of BLOOD flowing from my toe. Hmmm. An open wound, in a tub full of foot residue. Glorious. It bled and bled and she didn't say anything through the rest of the scrubbing, the rubbing or the painting, then she noticed me looking at it and said "Oh ees OK, eet stop bleeding soon." Oh well, if you think "ees ok" it must be. I didn't say anything either, I just kept thinking "Uhm, were ya gonna tell me you cut off a chunk of my toe?"

Becky's pedicure started about 15 minutes after mine so I was getting my toes dried while she was still getting rubbed and we were visiting minding our own business when the little woman who wounded me says "you two seesters?" We nodded, shepointed to me and said "you young", then pointed to Becky and said "you old" uh huuuuuh. Then there was another long stretch on silence which was broken with, "When ees the baby?" Followed by a shorter but shittier moment of silence, followed by Becky saying, "Uhm, she's uhm, she's three, well almost three." Then staring at the ceiling as if willing God to strike the woman down. So I sat in stunned silence thinking to myself, what do I do? Besides reassure my sister for the millionth time that she's beautiful, fabulous, no one in the world like her and offer to work out with her if it's really that important. Needless to say, she got no tip from Katy.

My toe didn't stop bleeding until considerably later by the way, after she put my sandals on me, and I asked her for a band-aid. DUH!

Saturday, July 09, 2005
Death of a Drama Queen
So ever since I was little (as opposed to now, cuz I'm so grown up) I wanted to be on stage. The parents, for some reason, did not approve. Apparently people who pretend to be other people aren't happy with themselves. Whatever. Anyway, when I got to high school I struck a deal with the folks that I could do the musicals because I also did choir. Freshman year, I got cut, devastating. Sophomore year, I was chorus in Fiddler on the Roof. Junior year I was Dora Bailey and chorus in Singin in the Rain, and managed to worm my way into a couple other very minor roles as an understudy for non musical plays. By senior year I was a fully fledged drama type. I did my best work that year I was Queen Aggravaine in Once Upon a Mattress and I stole the show (humility is not a trait of us divas) so I got the Drama Queen nickname, I collect crowns, I have drama queen bumper stickers. On occasion people still walk up to me and say "Hey weren't you in that play." and I smile and say "Yes, yes I was" and wish they'd ask for my autograph. Anyway, I helped out with a few other shows that year went to competition and got a scholarship for college. So much for the folks disapproving. Anyway, I went on to do a few more shows, became the president of the Theatre Association at the college, and then had my meltdown and quit. I had never thought of acting as a career choice, it was just fun, so when it stopped being fun I stopped doing it. Now to the point of my blog. I'm missing it. I went to a play today and enjoyed it, I usually enjoy them, but today it made me want to jump up into the spotlight and get me some applause. Alas, alak, I was stuck in the audience. Maybe I'll pioneer a really killer community theatre program and be a starving artist for the rest of my life. That sounds about right, producing, directing, designing and starring, why don't I just write it to? Anyway, I want to be a southern utah superstar damnit!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Hag Hag HAG!!!
So I have the next three days off, JOY!! And I have another job interview tomorrow. True I already have a job but maybe I'll like this one more. Plus it's more money, and it's on campus. I really like my current boss though and she's so stressed I'd hate to have to tell her I got another job. Oh well I won't worry about it til I have to.

So, the reason for the title. There is a downside to my job, other than having to be there and cute at 7 am. The downside is, The Evil Hoe Beast From Hell, as mentioned in my second or third blog. She's now working for home health. How do I know this you may ask? Because apparently when people are traveling and need oxygen cartridges and the like, you can just call up the local home health place and they'll deliver the oxygen and all it's accoutrements (soooo not how that's spelled.) to the hotel of your choice. Hence her appearance at my place of business. There I was minding my own business, playing my hundredth game of spider solitaire for the day when I hear an all to familiar voice talking to my co-worker. I look up and *GASP* it is she. The Evil Hoe Beast From Hell. "I'm here to pick up an oxygen something or other" she says. So Trish (co-worker) goes to get it. Then Nicci (EHBFH) notices me, by this time my heart is pounding, and I'm all adrenaliney and she says "Howdy, how are ya?" And I say just peachy, how are you. I don't know why I asked, but needless to say, the next unbearable moments were all my fault. "I'm just great" she says, "I have an adorable little boy, a loving husband, and a really nice apartment." Then I jumped over the desk and punched her in the face........OK, no I didn't. But I did have one of those Ally Macbeal moments where ya kind of slip into your head and imagine yourself doing what you really want to. Instead I went to the back and hid in the Assistant Managers office til she left. But, at least I know she's not going to be working there. I saw her a couple days ago going in with a white paper and I almost had a meltdown. Ask missuz J, she was there. Anyway, I know I won't have to work with her and I won't have to see her very often, I'd rather not see her ever, but whatever.

Today's stupid tourist moment:
This isn't really just a moment, it happens at least once a day, but when people call to see if they can reserve a room and then don't know when they're coming I just want to say "Call back when you pull your head out of your ass" and hang up.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
I can't think of a good title...
Thanks for the story feedback. It's going to be a VERY long road. I have about 25 pages of rough done, so I'm about an 8th of the way through the first draft. Unless I go crazy and end up pulling a Harry Potter. I'd rather keep the stories short and spunky and write more of them than put the whole kit-n-caboodle in one 1.000 page long book. So if each book is around 200 pages I think it's good. Like I mentioned, I'm about 25 pages into my first draft and I'm already thinking I want to revise some relatively major parts, so if my book were a yard stick, I'd be somewhere in the first inch. :P.

Work is going good, not much to it really. I get some delightful (sense the sarcasm) customers. For instance, I had a lady yesterday that was outraged over her bill because she hadn't realized there would be tax. Uhm. Ok... What planet are you from lady. Not to mention it says on the contract you sign, in BIG BOLD LETTERS: Rates do not include tax. She said she never read contracts. I wanted to say "Oh really? Is that how Satan got your soul?" She was a bitch. Anyway, then you get the bored old men that want to tell you all their fishing stories, I now know all the best fishing spots in southern Utah. Helpful bit of knowledge (again, sense the sarcasm) and the know-it-alls, who have been in our sleepy little town for all of a day and think they know how to get places better than us. After arguing with one of them today I just let him do it his way. I wonder if he's hit Salt Lake yet? Anyway, it's good, I really like the bosses, I pretty much have everything down, I think, and all in all the customers aren't total dip shits. Besides, there's LOTS of spare time to write, watch TV, color, play solitaire. I have a feeling I'm gonna get fat at this job.

Friday, July 01, 2005
Clap your hands if you believe...
I have always believed in faeries. Always. Hence I'm writing a children's novel about faeries, hence, I gobble up all the books about faeries I can find, pictures, texts, coloring books, whatever, hence I collect statues, bookmarks, charms, wind chimes, all things fairy. Don't worry, I don't think I'm gonna say hence anymore. Today, Mom, MissuzJ, Sophie and I did breakfast at IHOP then went over to the festival gift shop. Every summer our sleepy little town is invaded by thespians and tourists to see the Tony Award winning Shakespearean Festival, it's great. But the best part about it is the gift shop. Faeries everywhere! Today I bought a coloring book, a car chime to hang from my rear view mirror, and three little fairy pins. YAY! I also bought Sophie a pair of fairy wings to go with her purple fairy tutu and magic wand. SO FREAKING CUTE! Anyway, I realized as I was writing my check that my rampant fairy collecting days may be at an end. I dont know if I mentioned this or not but my new job (which is going very well) pays me about half of what my old job did. Which is ok considering I have like half the stress, and half the ass holes to deal with, but I can't buy the 40 dollar stained glass fairy window hanging that would be SO cute in my room cuz I have to pay bills. Sucks.

We got Sophie this lovely little magic wand that has a heart at the top of it she was holding it up to her eye like a spy glass and missuzJ, fabulous imaginative mommy that she is told her it was a secret fairy finder, then pointed to me and said "Look, there's one". I'm a fairy!! So Sophie and I went and had a good frolic around the theatres at the festival and everyone oohed and aawed at the little fairy princess. So, I've decided to write a little excerpt from my work in progress here to see what people that AREN'T related to me think. Keep in mind it's still pretty rough, but I hope you like it.

**Tabetha fell asleep with thoughts of dancing faeries in her head.

Sometime in the night she felt something pressing down on her shoulder. She shifted to her back, but soon felt the thing on her chest. Brushing at it with one hand she pulled the covers to her chin and drifted back to sleep. No sooner had she slipped back into slumber than she felt something tugging at her hair, as if trying to climb it. She opened her eyes in time to see and upside down puff of blonde hair and glowing purple eyes peer down at her from her forehead.

Her own eyes shot open and she sat straight up, sending the little creature soaring through the air and onto the foot of her bed. She kicked at it with her feet and pushed herself against the headboard.

"Wait," the little creature was saying, "Wait, wait!"

Tabetha kept kicking until the little thing shot into the air and stayed there. Tabetha went absolutely still, not even daring to blink.

The creature hovered in mid-air for a moment, its tiny fands on its tiny hips. Then it flew directly at Tabetha and stopped an inch from her face. With one tiny arm it reached out and slapped her cheek.

"That hurt!" It hissed, placing its hands back on its hops.

Tabetha opened her mouth to scream, or call out for her mom but the creature grabbed both her lips and pulled them tightly back together. "No! You must be quiet Tabetha Fairchild!" You will get us both in trouble." It hesitantly removed its hands and backed up a few inches.

Whatever it was, it was talking and it knew her name.

"Wh- wh- wh-" Tabetha couldn't speak.

"What?" The little thing said asked.

"Wh-" Tabetha tried again."

"You are making no sense Tabetha Fairchild." The creature said putting its hands back on its hips.

"What are you?" Tabetha blurted out.

The little creatures jaw dropped. "What am I? What am I she says?? Tabetha Fairchild, you have been away far to long. I am a fairy."**

Hope you liked, and I forgot to mention if anybody steals my idea I will track them down and skin them alive! Have a nice day.