Tuesday, April 15, 2008
All Atwitter
Have you heard of twitter? Probably since pretty much everyone is way more technosavvy than me. I signed up for twitter this past weekend and I must say I'm kind of in love with it. Posts are 140 characters or less and you can post from your cell phone, online, or via instant message. It's great. I live at www.twitter.com/katydidz. Come see me.

Also, my last post was my 200th post.

Also, today is my tattoos birthday. Happy birthday tattoo!


Blogger DannyHollie said...

Katy- I love your rabbit updates- You crack me up. I didn't know where to post a memory so I figure here is as good as anywhere else? I remember the 1st time you came to see me at the salon- all apprehensive and with terrible Khaki hair- You were so nervous to have your hair done (understandably so) and spent the entire time telling me all your hair horror stories- I think we bonded for life after that.

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