Tuesday, July 26, 2005
If I blog I look busy...
Yesterday the very strange state of Utah celebrated Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is the 24th of July, but since the 24th fell on a Sunday this year (gasp) we celebrated a day later. The Jorgensen's came over with Buddy Sugar Janz, Sweet Sophie Gene, and Jimmy (no cute nicknames for him yet just lots of nonverbal baby talk). Anyway it was fun. My dad, the grill king made hamburgers, Janz made brownies for Sundays, Mom got together condiments, and I played with the dog and sat on my ass a lot. Yesterday morning Mom and I went to breakfast and did some cursory apartment hunting, which we do every few months to no avail, I still live at home. Anyway, we found these really cute brand new apartments, private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice big living space, fully furnished, washer and dryer, the whole she-bang. Of course since they're so fabulous they're 1200 bucks a semester. So I set to budgetting myself. If I make this much this summer and this much an hour while I'm at school and working 20 hours a week, I'll have this much...depressing to say the least. While number crunching I pulled out my paycheck from the hotel and was doing some figuring. Mom and I ran a few more errands including the grocery store then went home to prepare for the Jorgensen crew. A couple hours later the phone rings. It's for me. It must be a telemarketer.

"Katy honey, are you missing something?"
Hmmm. Sounds like my boss but I'm not sure..."Nooo..."
"Something really vital to your existence?"
Uhm, vital? "No..." This is a good telemarketing scheme.
"Your paycheck?"
"No, it's in my purse."
"No, it's in my hand."
"No, it's in my purse, I just had it."
"No Katy, it's in my hand. A customer just brought it here, they said they found it in the grocery store parking lot."

Janz and I jump in the car and head to the hotel to save my paycheck. On the way there I think, hmmm. I bet cute Brandon is working at the Iceberg today.

"Janzey, do you want a milkshake?"
"Good answer."
Alas...Janzey was shoeless, so we decided to go after dinner to get fresh limes. We go, we purchase, no sign of the object of my affection. Sucky. But then, as we're about to leave, he appears. HOORAY! He smiles all big and waves, I wave back.

"How are ya?" I say.
"Busy" he says.
"Uhm where are your straws?" I ask.
"They're right here." Janzen points.
"SSH!" I hiss. But to late. He is handing me a straw and my plan for luring Brandon out for a minute is foiled. We get back in the car and drive away.

"So that was your plan?" Janzen says.
"What?" I ask.
"Your plan was just to go in and say 'How are ya?' and leave?"
"No that wasn't my plan. He was busy. It's ok."
"But we came down here just so you could talk to him.
"I know."
"But you hardly even talked to him."
"I know!"
"Girls are weird."
"I know that too."

I'm pathetic, dragging my poor nephew on boy spying missions. I'm a freaking stalker, I'm aware.


Blogger patrice said...

you are giving janzen valuable insight into the mind of a girl. he will thank you someday, when some girl asks him where the straws are and he knows to go out and show her and then ask her to the movies. well done. bravo!

Blogger Missuz J said...

I concure. The poor kid will need all the help he can get. We'll need to start working asap on cute nick-names for the pup. Oh, Janz has been calling him "pupalupagus"--you know, like the snuffleupagus on sesamee street. I know the spelling is absurd--but they didn't teach sesamee character spelling where I went to school.

Blogger Katy said...

Which is actually bizarre. They teach you how to spell cat, which is totally unnecessary in every day life, but they leave out snuffleufugus? I keep wanting to call him Jim Beam...hmmm

Blogger NME said...

I agree. It's never too early for Janzen to have lessons in how wierd girls can be. How about Jim Beam the Pupalupagus Machine?

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