Friday, July 01, 2005
Clap your hands if you believe...
I have always believed in faeries. Always. Hence I'm writing a children's novel about faeries, hence, I gobble up all the books about faeries I can find, pictures, texts, coloring books, whatever, hence I collect statues, bookmarks, charms, wind chimes, all things fairy. Don't worry, I don't think I'm gonna say hence anymore. Today, Mom, MissuzJ, Sophie and I did breakfast at IHOP then went over to the festival gift shop. Every summer our sleepy little town is invaded by thespians and tourists to see the Tony Award winning Shakespearean Festival, it's great. But the best part about it is the gift shop. Faeries everywhere! Today I bought a coloring book, a car chime to hang from my rear view mirror, and three little fairy pins. YAY! I also bought Sophie a pair of fairy wings to go with her purple fairy tutu and magic wand. SO FREAKING CUTE! Anyway, I realized as I was writing my check that my rampant fairy collecting days may be at an end. I dont know if I mentioned this or not but my new job (which is going very well) pays me about half of what my old job did. Which is ok considering I have like half the stress, and half the ass holes to deal with, but I can't buy the 40 dollar stained glass fairy window hanging that would be SO cute in my room cuz I have to pay bills. Sucks.

We got Sophie this lovely little magic wand that has a heart at the top of it she was holding it up to her eye like a spy glass and missuzJ, fabulous imaginative mommy that she is told her it was a secret fairy finder, then pointed to me and said "Look, there's one". I'm a fairy!! So Sophie and I went and had a good frolic around the theatres at the festival and everyone oohed and aawed at the little fairy princess. So, I've decided to write a little excerpt from my work in progress here to see what people that AREN'T related to me think. Keep in mind it's still pretty rough, but I hope you like it.

**Tabetha fell asleep with thoughts of dancing faeries in her head.

Sometime in the night she felt something pressing down on her shoulder. She shifted to her back, but soon felt the thing on her chest. Brushing at it with one hand she pulled the covers to her chin and drifted back to sleep. No sooner had she slipped back into slumber than she felt something tugging at her hair, as if trying to climb it. She opened her eyes in time to see and upside down puff of blonde hair and glowing purple eyes peer down at her from her forehead.

Her own eyes shot open and she sat straight up, sending the little creature soaring through the air and onto the foot of her bed. She kicked at it with her feet and pushed herself against the headboard.

"Wait," the little creature was saying, "Wait, wait!"

Tabetha kept kicking until the little thing shot into the air and stayed there. Tabetha went absolutely still, not even daring to blink.

The creature hovered in mid-air for a moment, its tiny fands on its tiny hips. Then it flew directly at Tabetha and stopped an inch from her face. With one tiny arm it reached out and slapped her cheek.

"That hurt!" It hissed, placing its hands back on its hops.

Tabetha opened her mouth to scream, or call out for her mom but the creature grabbed both her lips and pulled them tightly back together. "No! You must be quiet Tabetha Fairchild!" You will get us both in trouble." It hesitantly removed its hands and backed up a few inches.

Whatever it was, it was talking and it knew her name.

"Wh- wh- wh-" Tabetha couldn't speak.

"What?" The little thing said asked.

"Wh-" Tabetha tried again."

"You are making no sense Tabetha Fairchild." The creature said putting its hands back on its hips.

"What are you?" Tabetha blurted out.

The little creatures jaw dropped. "What am I? What am I she says?? Tabetha Fairchild, you have been away far to long. I am a fairy."**

Hope you liked, and I forgot to mention if anybody steals my idea I will track them down and skin them alive! Have a nice day.


Blogger Missuz J said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Sophie and I both thank you for the fairy wings.

p.s. I talked to Paul about writing on line. He said that the best way to protect your writing is to mail it to yourself in certified mail, and then when you get it, DON'T OPEN IT! That way, you have evidence that it is, was, and will always be yours.

Blogger amandak said...

OK, you are REQUIRED to send me everything you have so far. I am related, I can see the whole thing. Excerpts are too much tease.

If you don't have my email, well, ask beck, or, I think dad has it.


Blogger Kodi said...

You are such a sweet aunt. I loved your blurb from your story. Must read more soon.

Blogger patrice said...

excellent story!! how far along are you? how long do you think the story will be?

Blogger NME said...

Cute idea for a story. Fairies are always fun.

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