Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I want some apple crisp.
There is no good food on campus. Well, that may be unfair. There is some ok food. SUU is a Coke school, which I think means all the students are required to sit around and get high before doing their homework.... No, I think it's actually means SUU only sells Coke products and Coke gives them lots of money...or something. What it REALLY means is "aw shit" for Pepsi drinkers like me.

There's a teeny tiny Starbucks kiosk thing for a caffeine fix if I can't stand it anymore, but real live coffee does bad things to me when I'm supposed to be sitting still and paying attention in class, and all of their tasty baked goods are prebaked and shipped in and taste old, and the selection is terribly limited. That's pretty much all that's available as far as breakfast tastiness. Unless you want to spend a buck on ONE nutrigrain bar, or a little thing of poptarts. But I want something warm and gooey and fresh.

Lunch options are a little better. We have the T-bird Grill with it's selection of wraps (that pretty much all taste the same) and fried goods. The cafeteria, which I have never dared to venture near. Cuz yikes, and eew. The Country Store usually has something that Food Services made that morning, slopped into to-go containers, and has kept warm under those creepy red lamps for the last 4 hours. And of course, fried goodness. We have a Hogi Yogi and a Teryaki Stix, so there are tasty sandwiches with carefully portioned processed cheese and meat goods, and gyoza. Which I have to admit, I LOVES ME some gyoza. mmmm. But it's getting to be fallish, in fact it's freaking cold outside right now, and I want something spicy and good to warm me. Instead I will sit here and bitch about the fact that everything is fried, processed, or chocolate. Oh well, I guess that's college food for ya.

In other news, school is going surprisingly well. I guess not surprisingly. I've been working my ass off to make it be going well. I had my first test in Business Law, which terrified me, but I got 88% and my teacher loved my essay, he said he wished I'd had more time. I got 98% on my first Psych test, which is a good thing, since my teacher now knows me as Amanda's little sister and therefore I'm brilliant by association. The class average was some thing insane like 76%. Hence the theory that the students go home and smoke crack before they do their homework. I took my first accounting test yesterday and I feel good about it. I'm a little worried about my form on some of my financial statements but that's what Quickbooks is for anyway. My first math thest is Friday which has me a little nervous because I have to remember equations and crap :P. But I'm sure I'll do fine. I'm still working out fairly regularly. Yesterday I actually ventured into the scary weights area of the gym and worked my upper body. Uhm, ow. Everytime I sling my 25 pound back pack over my shoulders they scream a little. But I'm gonna be all skinny, and toned and hot! So what all this adds up to is I'm in school or at work from 9 to 5 (sometimes later for work but that's another story) every day. Then I go work out for a while then go home and do homework til my brain shuts down. So I don't so much have the social life I had hoped to develop this semester yet, but I'm doing much better then I did last year. My arms are heavy....

Monday, September 11, 2006
Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me

So we got all pretty and piratey for the party that uhm wasn't so much a party as about seven people in pirate costumes drinking cream soda. But check out all the Katy hotness (I'm not posting the picture that makes me look like I'm about 8 months pregnant). And the Angee hotness. Like the little ghost orb peaking up Angee's skirt? Pervy ghost. It took me two and a half hours to curl my hair. Then we went to the "party" but didn't stay, and decided to go to Dairy Queen in all our yoho hotness. We're going to revisit the pirate look for Halloween though, so all is not lost.

Also, here's the latest cake. In case you're interested.

Friday, September 08, 2006
The end is near
So have you noticed the lack of blogging? Maybe not. Sure I've been busy. Sure I seem to have actually gotten a life. Sure I have more homework than you can shake a schtick at. But really. I just haven't felt the urge. I've found myself starting multiple entries since the one almost two weeks ago but just don't have the drive to finish them. I feel like maybe the age of the blog is coming to an end for me. Maybe not. I dunno.

Then I was going to talk about the deterioration of Heath Ledger. Remember golden boy circa A Knight's Tale? And his brooding bad boy hotness in Ten Things I Hate About You? And now he's turning into this? I mean ok, still semi-hotness. Though I would appreciate it if maybe he shaved. And let's talk about the complexion for a second. On second thought, no. We better not, I might cry. But Heath honey, you're a movie star. You make lots of money. You don't have to look like a homeless person. And I'm pretty sure you can afford a bottle of Suave. I'm just sayin. Think about it. Also rumor had it that Paul Bettany was going to play The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel. But according to IMDb, it's Heath Ledger. Which I have mixed feelings about. Paul Bettany would have been awesome. And Heath...well....I just don't know. I have my doubts.

So for any interested school is going well. Two weeks in and I'm still passing everything. I somehow got dubbed the smart kid in math which is surprising. I'm still going to the gym and getting all sweaty. It's kind of embarassing that a half an hour of brisk walking makes me all sweaty and breathless. But that's ok, a brisk walk for me is like a light jog for all the shorties out there. At least that's what I'm telling myself. There's a Jolly Roger party tonight that my friend and I are going to. You have to be dressed like a pirate to get in so this is going to be all kinds of fun. I have a feeling there are going to be LOTS of Captain Jack Sparrow's cuz heaven forbid we get creative. I'll probably take pictures of our costumes before we go. Should be fun.