Tuesday, October 09, 2007
The Dos Post
I have stories!! But first i'm just getting the disclaimer out of the way. Here's the thing, i do better with bloggerella here when I actually have something to say. Apparently that's a fairly rare occurence, so if I haven't posted in a long time figure my life is fine but boring and I'll tell you stuff when I have something worth telling you. This is one of those times. Two of those times actually. Lucky you.

Chapter 1: I'm Afraid

Remember "Tom"? No? Yes? If not, read this post. After that little event, things seemed to be progressing. "Tom" and I actually had conversations. They were small, superficial conversations, but they were still conversations. Then one of the ladies I work with mentioned to his boss that I was 24 and that he should date me because of my awesomeness. Then boss man says "Oh no. Katy scares him. She's too take charge." Enter rageful mid-twenty year old woman. I scare him?? I'm too take charge??? Are you kidding me? So I was sad for awhile mostly because of the ragey ragey rage that I was feeling and the fact that my very least favorite thing to hear is what I consider "Who Katy? No. She's too incredibly awesome." Does that make sense? No. I guess it could have been worse. It could have been: "Oh no. Katy scares him. And small children and dogs. That girl is ugly." So apparently I am the evil queen from snow white. Hot, but terrifying. Whatever! Whatever pansy man!! If you want to be scared of a super hot, independent, fun girl that's your own damn fault. Good day pansy man. I SAID GOOD DAY!!!

Chapter 2: Oh, I Got It. You Just Don't Know What To Do With It.

Last Saturday, the 29th, I went shopping in St. George (it's about 45 minutes away from Cedar). My friend and I needed some wandering and some retail therapy so we went to the mall. During our wanderings we came across a kiosk for colorevolutions. Make-up. We enjoy make-up in mi casa. Obviously we needed more information about the many many pretty and sparkly colors. Enter Giovanni. Giovanni is a 6'3" italian that is just plain pretty. At first I just thought he was doing salesman flirting but it felt like more than that. After I paid for my make up ($130 dollars...dude) Giovanni shook my hand, leaned in, and kissed me on the cheek. Then I got out of ear shot and squealed like a little girl. I figured I would probably never see Giovanni again and moved on with my life. I was wrong.

Last night my mom and I went back to the mall to find dress shoes for her. Then we decided to walk around in the mall some more to see if there was anything that was screaming for my money. We walked past the same kiosk and a different salesman tried to wave us down. I told him I already used his products but my mom got roped in by the suave man with the pretty make up. So I was standing there listening to my mom and mr. salesman when Giovanni came up behind me. This story could get very very long. While my mom was getting her makeover, Giovanni and I talked for about 45 minutes. We laughed, we smiled, we flirted, we talked and talked and talked and then he shook my hand and said he'd see me next time he was in Cedar City and I said "You'll have a hard time finding me, Cedar's not that small." Then he said "I guess I better get your phone number then." *SQUEAL!!!!* He even complimented me on my confidence and I said that some people think it's a bad thing and he said "I think it's incredible." *SQUEAL!!!* So I gave him my number. I don't know if he'll actually call me or not but that's not really the point. I really REALLY hope he'll call though.


Blogger Diane said...

Congrats on the Italian Flirtation! I hope he calls you too!

Tom is an idiot who just wants a woman who will lay down for him (in more ways than one). Bleh.

Meanwhile, the Armenian has 180'ed his position as of yesterday and I'm left going. . . W.T.F.? I thought we were supposed to be "just friends"?! I'll have more info after Friday night - we're going to Knott's Scary Farm with some friends and may get to carpool together (and alone!). So yeah, adrenaline + attraction + the dark can equal some good fun.

I still want to see your tattoo! :) (Also congrats on scoring lots of pretty makeup!)

Blogger Katiemagic said...

Score! A cute guy who is also sells the pretty? Envy thy name is Kathryn.

Blogger patrice said...

italians are HOT! I ought to know. woo!


Who needs pansy man who is afraid of you - when you have G who finds your confidence incredible!

Keeping my fingers crossed for the phone call!

Blogger Daina said...

Italians rock! I should know, I've dated enough and married one in the end. LOL They are the way to go Queenie!

And psh! on Tom! What a pathetic excuse. But we move on don't we?

Speaking of needing to see you - I do! Sorry I haven't called yet, things have been nuts. But soon, I promise! Loves! Glad to see a blog again!

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