Friday, April 20, 2007
I got a tattoo.

I equal parts love it and hate it.

I'm pretty sure it feels the same towards me.

It's a crown. On my back. Just under my neck.

Pictures will arrive eventually.

Ok. Super blog Friday April 20, 2007!! GO!


I am 100% lacking in motivation for this crap. Seriously, it is PAINFUL for me to get out of bed, get my ass ready for school, and go to class. However, I am OFFICIALLY done with all of my generals. I am thisclose to actually having a degree (associates). I just have to go to my apointment thingy and fill out the paperwork. Squeal! Also, if I stay on track I will be all graduated by Christmas 2008. Sooner if I go to summer school. Exciting yes? I know!

The Casa:

I just don't want to be there EVER. It's dirty and disgusting. There is confetti all over the floor. The fridge is periodically peeing all over the floor. There are FOUR bags of garbage on the floor waiting for someone to take them out. No, I haven't taken them out because I ALWAYS take the garbage out and I'm not the mommy. Yes. I will break down and take them out today. Gr. There is also a pile of one of my roommates (guess which one) crap stacked higher than my 5'10" head with a note on it that says it will be gone in a few hours. It has been there since at least Sunday. That's a LOT of few hours. Whatever.


I miss Annie. She is always with the boyfriend. I come home, the boyfriend comes home, Annie goes away and I don't see her unless I'm awake when she comes in at like 1 o'clock in the morning. Rachel still rocks my socks. She's so much fun. I wish everybody had their own Rachel friend. It would solve so many problems. The other three aren't around much.


I seem to be liking somebody. I don't know exactly. It's a long story.

Katy!: I'm good. A little funny feeling. I've had a weird tummy for like a week. I don't have much appetite but when I do want to eat, I eat EVERYTHING. After eating everything I instantly regret it. Yesterday I went to McDonalds :P and ate a ten piece chicken mcnugget meal, a large fry, a chocolate shake, and a double cheeseburger. Then I layed in bed and moaned for a couple hours. Aside from the weird tummy thing and the INSANE schooling I'm good.

Because my blogging is boring and sucky lately, here's something to make up for it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
I really suck at this. But I don't care because the blog is for no one but me so there.

No, just kidding, I love you guys, come on back. Let's spoon.

Apparently I am feeling silly.

Ok super blog Wednesday April 4, 2007! GO!!

School: UGH! Seriously! Spring semester sucks dead donkey balls. It's beautiful and blue skied and sunniful and I am inside listening some teacher or another edify me. For the love of Indie Rock Pete can we PLEASE have class outside just once? SUU happens to be one of those campus's that is pretty prime for outside classes. We have little amphitheatres and green grassy hills and really people!! Sunshine! No! Put down the marker, step away from the white board and walk out the door. Pretty please? With sprinkles on top? Please?

Also in school related news. Holy shit it's almost over. May 4th is the last day of finals. That's one month people. ONE MONTH!! Holy crap. I'm moderately freakin the hell out. I think I'll be ok. I'm getting Bs pretty much straight across the board I think. I may have an A is astronomy but I dunno. Lemme tell ya, this has not been a cushy semester, no sir/ma'am. I'm going to be glad when it's over and I get some time off. Unfortunately I know it's just going to get harder. Which reminds me. I should be registering for classes. Ugh.

Psi Magna Su House: Damn y'all talk about the shit hitting the fan. All we did was ask you to do your dishes that had been sitting in the sink for TWO WEEKS because we were starting to see small towns being built in the goo, ok? It's not like we made out with your boyfriend or ran over your puppy. You are perfectly welcome to be in the kitchen to cook and to eat just clean up after yourself, because I'm not your mommy, and I'm not your maid. And stop giving everybody the silent treatment. It's childish and annoying. Also, the laundry situation, c'mon, don't make me whip out the big guns K?

THE ROOMIES!!: I'm loving the apartment life. My roommate are all really great for the most part. I think moving out was the absolute best thing I could have done. True, money is a little scarce, but I'm a college student, not Daddy Warbucks. Annie has a cute new boyfriend that is hilarious and ALWAYS AT OUR HOUSE. Not always. But he's OFTEN AT OUR HOUSE! Which is fine. I just miss having her all to myself. Rachel ROCKS! She is the cutest, sweetest girl, and she's so pretty! I just love her. It's usually me and her on the weekends and we bond. She's one of my top ten favorite people on the planet. Caitlin just ran a marathon! Holy cow, that woman is amazing. I can't run across the street. Tina and Tierney are busy busy so I never see them...which is ok. Rachel and Annika are in SG right now being extras for High School Musical 2! I know. Exciting. I couldn't go because of school (gr.) so I'm missing all the hilarity.

Lovin': Ain't getting none. What's new right? Absolutely nothin that's what. I do have quite a few guy friends though, mostly boyfriends of my friends. But sooner or later his super hotness and I will meet and then with the smoochies! Aaaaw. Spring sucks though. Seriously every where you look there's a new couple bursting forth from singleness. I have yet to burst. Oh well.

Katy!: I rock. I'm happy. I'm fairly balanced. I'm feeling fabulous. I'm going home.

And for your viewing enjoyment: Gerry..... rrrrrrow....
Also I turned 24 somewhere in there. Happy Birthday to me!