Saturday, July 09, 2005
Death of a Drama Queen
So ever since I was little (as opposed to now, cuz I'm so grown up) I wanted to be on stage. The parents, for some reason, did not approve. Apparently people who pretend to be other people aren't happy with themselves. Whatever. Anyway, when I got to high school I struck a deal with the folks that I could do the musicals because I also did choir. Freshman year, I got cut, devastating. Sophomore year, I was chorus in Fiddler on the Roof. Junior year I was Dora Bailey and chorus in Singin in the Rain, and managed to worm my way into a couple other very minor roles as an understudy for non musical plays. By senior year I was a fully fledged drama type. I did my best work that year I was Queen Aggravaine in Once Upon a Mattress and I stole the show (humility is not a trait of us divas) so I got the Drama Queen nickname, I collect crowns, I have drama queen bumper stickers. On occasion people still walk up to me and say "Hey weren't you in that play." and I smile and say "Yes, yes I was" and wish they'd ask for my autograph. Anyway, I helped out with a few other shows that year went to competition and got a scholarship for college. So much for the folks disapproving. Anyway, I went on to do a few more shows, became the president of the Theatre Association at the college, and then had my meltdown and quit. I had never thought of acting as a career choice, it was just fun, so when it stopped being fun I stopped doing it. Now to the point of my blog. I'm missing it. I went to a play today and enjoyed it, I usually enjoy them, but today it made me want to jump up into the spotlight and get me some applause. Alas, alak, I was stuck in the audience. Maybe I'll pioneer a really killer community theatre program and be a starving artist for the rest of my life. That sounds about right, producing, directing, designing and starring, why don't I just write it to? Anyway, I want to be a southern utah superstar damnit!!


Blogger patrice said...

totally do it! seriously. otherwise it'll haunt you forever.

not to knock your parents or their views, but not approving of being in a musical? if it were me, I would have said "okay. I'll just do CRACK instead."

Blogger Missuz J said...

Hear Hear Patrice!

If you start a community theater, I will totally support you. I love the idea. I totally understand the need/urge to be in the spotlight. Karaoke anyone?

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