Thursday, July 14, 2005
What a conundrum
When I have weird busy days I don't blog because I rarely have time on days like that. However, the weird busy days are what give me something to blog about but then I have lots more stuff to cover and I end up rambling, which I try really hard not to do. So forgive me if I ramble.

The day before yesterday I got called in for a job interview for a job that I hadn't applied for. It was with the college and in a department where I had applied for a job before so I guess in a round about way I had applied for it, but not it. Anyway, the interview was yesterday and apparently I made myself sound fabulous because I got the job. The joys of being overly employed. I'm going to stay at the hotel until school starts and that means I'm working seven days a week for the next 5 weeks. Thursdays I work from 8 in the morning until 11 at night straight. Ew. But that's ok because I need the money, both for school, and the tooth implant I need. Which leads me to my next story.

I have bad teeth. Not terrible teeth, but bad enough that they're a pain in the ass. One of my teeth never developed an adult tooth under it so I've just always had a baby tooth there. Until recently I had no problems with it. It became a problem right after I left the bank and of course, lost my dental insurance. It started getting loose, ok no big deal, then it started turning pink, slightly bigger deal. But I hate the dentist so was in denial. Then it started slipping inward towards my tongue. Ok, fine, go to the dentist then. I call, get an appointment, go in, and sure enough, it needs to come out. The little baby tooth roots had died and taken the inside of my tooth with them so I had a shell of a tooth but nothing in it. So the nice dentist (hahaha) numbed me. "You'll feel a little pinch" he says. My ass! I hate needles, I especially hate needles in my mouth! My gums are numb and he starts poking around with his little hook. "Can you feel that?" No. "Can you feel that?" Nope. "Can you feel that?" HOLY SHIT!! YES! So he stuck the needle back into my mouth and the evil dental assistant stuck the little suction thing down my throat, causing me to gag and jam the needle farther into my gums. Must control fist of death. So then I'm all numbed up, he takes the pliers and clamps them on and my tooth shatters. "Oopsie." Says the dentist. "Oopsie" is not a happy word when you're in that chair. Anyway, tooth gone. Numbness, quickly wearing off. Bank account, dwindling. Then he says, "OK, you'll need to decide whether you want a bridge or an implant. They'll both cost about 2,000 dollars." So now I have a large gaping hole in my mouth. A bloody wad of gauze in the large gaping hole, and a 2,000 dollar decision to make. Well, good thing I have two jobs now. Then he says and we'll need to schedule a cleaning, a check up, and decide what to do about your wisdom teeth to. Greeeeeat. I swear, the first thing I'm gonna do if I ever sell my book, is get veneers on all my teeth. Then buy a house, then get my mom a jacuzzi and my dad a harley. Yeah, I'll probably have to sell a couple books.


Blogger patrice said...

I hate teeth. I seriously hate them. I have bad teeth too and I hate talking about it, but you did, so I will too. I just want mine out. just rip them out. put in chiclets if you have to but take. them. out.

I feel for you. I seriously feel for you. know that I am sending good dental vibes your way.

and good luck with work, and congrats on being so wanted by employers!

Blogger Missuz J said...

Ummm--What are you going to buy me?

Like I told you last night, don't worry about the tooth. We'll just start calling you by your hill billy name. Friends--meet the new blogger on campus--Loretta Sue!

Blogger NME said...

Dearest Loretta Sue-

That really sucks. Why are teeth so expensive. I mean we all have the damn things and they don't cause death or anything - so taking care of them should be like taking care of your toes in my opinion. Every once in awhile you get a toothicure for a couple of bucks and you are good to go.

Blogger NME said...

Oh and CONGRATS on the new job and all that money. Too bad you'll be working like a dog for it. It's only five weeks. It's only five weeks.

Blogger Katy said...

Missuz J-
What do you want?

Blogger amandak said...

$2000? That sucks big time dude.

Glad to hear you're so amazingly employable. I never doubted it for a moment. I know it'll be a crazy long 5 weeks, but I think it'll be worth it. Just think how easy school's going to seem at the end of it all.

Big love, and luck on the tooth thing.

Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Going to the dentist is torture. Congrats on the job!

Thanks for stopping by my's to more mutual blogstalking!

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