Friday, July 22, 2005
Look ma! I can talk out my ass!
Ok, so I started the new job this week. All is well. I am blessed (?) with two painfully boring jobs. Eight hours a day I simply sit and wait for the phone to ring. Yup, still waiting. The morning call (I usually only get one or two in the morning and then MAYBE one in the afternoon) but the morning call came right when I walked in the door today so I'm pretty much done til this afternoon. So far I come to work, get all the work done at about 9:15, play spider solitaire, blog, and make the occasional foray to the copy room. The managers I work for walk from their side of the building to my side of the building, which means they pass the copy room, to have me do their copies. But I'm not complaing! I long for those 20 steps to and from the copy room.

I am the student secretary of facilities management. The growed up secretary of facilities management left town for a week, leaving the new girl (moi) to sink or swim. So far I'm swimming. I think. Nothing seems to be in too much disrepair. However, I talk out my ass. A lot. People call and need to know what's going on with an event, or where there tables are, or why their class room is so hot, or why their office is so cold and I say. "OK, I'll call (insert random name of person nobody knows here) and have them come over and have a look for ya. I send Frank over a lot. Frank is not a real person, but obviously the people calling me don't know who to call so I say I'll call Frank and they say "oh thanks" and hang up. Then I try and figure out who to really call. Yesterday, just before I left for the day, someone called and asked me to send Frank over. I said "OK, we'll get right on it" and sent Matt instead. It was pretty funny.

The mind numbing boringness isn't so bad. I read a lot of recipes, find cool pictures on webshots for my screensaver, go for little walks around campus on my breaks. I really actually like it. It will be even better when I have something to do. Working with a bunch of men is soooo nice, compared to working with a bunch of backstabbing biotches. My nickname around here is Charms. I love it.

Today is hard only because yesterday was the longest day ever. I put in six hours at the college then turned around and did 8 at the hotel then couldn't sleep when I got home so I'm tired...and bored. Not a good combination. I quit drinking soda about 3 weeks ago but I'm afraid I'm gonna fall off the wagon today and buy myself a pepsi. Must...stay...awake....


Blogger Missuz J said...

Umm. My house really needs to be cleaned. Could you please sent Frank over?

Blogger Marksthespot said...

Sending Frank out is awesome. It reassures them, and buys you time. I must find a role for Frank in my office.

Blogger Kodi said...

Frank shows up in my fantasies often. He's fabulous. I applaud your effort to nix the soda. Wish I could, but I think I would only replace the soda with wine, and they wouldn't like that at work.

Blogger NME said...

Kudos on the selection of the name Frank. It's a dependable sounding name. I could use a Frank around our place.

Blogger patrice said...

pepsi - god love ya.

I love frank. that's totally who you should be for halloween.

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