Tuesday, July 12, 2005
They don't teach tact in beauty school.
So, if you've read missuzj's blog you've already heard this story but now we get the mortified outsiders take. Usually I am on the giving end of pedicures and, seeing as I'm not a great multi tasker I can't usually do the small talk and foot rub at the same time so I thought it would be nice for me and Becky to BOTH get a pedicure, at the same time and have a little visiting. So we go to the asian nails place down by wal-mart (aren't we just so chic?) and ask for two pedicures. "We get you both done right now, you peek yo colah" so, Becky chooses a pretty sparkly red, and I get purple.

We sit in the lovely massagey, foot spa chairs and I stick my feet in the water. "Eet feel good?" The lady says, and I nod, then I realize, no 'Eet not feel good, Eet feel like you're cooking my feet.' But as soon as that thought finished crossing my mind my feet went numb, so I kept quiet. So we set our massagey chairs and settled in. I'm getting my feet rubbed, and my callusses shaved (lovely visual I know) when suddenly I feel this little nick on my toe and look down. There's the nice little asian lady scraping away, despite the long trickle of BLOOD flowing from my toe. Hmmm. An open wound, in a tub full of foot residue. Glorious. It bled and bled and she didn't say anything through the rest of the scrubbing, the rubbing or the painting, then she noticed me looking at it and said "Oh ees OK, eet stop bleeding soon." Oh well, if you think "ees ok" it must be. I didn't say anything either, I just kept thinking "Uhm, were ya gonna tell me you cut off a chunk of my toe?"

Becky's pedicure started about 15 minutes after mine so I was getting my toes dried while she was still getting rubbed and we were visiting minding our own business when the little woman who wounded me says "you two seesters?" We nodded, shepointed to me and said "you young", then pointed to Becky and said "you old" uh huuuuuh. Then there was another long stretch on silence which was broken with, "When ees the baby?" Followed by a shorter but shittier moment of silence, followed by Becky saying, "Uhm, she's uhm, she's three, well almost three." Then staring at the ceiling as if willing God to strike the woman down. So I sat in stunned silence thinking to myself, what do I do? Besides reassure my sister for the millionth time that she's beautiful, fabulous, no one in the world like her and offer to work out with her if it's really that important. Needless to say, she got no tip from Katy.

My toe didn't stop bleeding until considerably later by the way, after she put my sandals on me, and I asked her for a band-aid. DUH!


Blogger Sober In the City said...

Great Story Ms. Gina. There is an amazing salon called "Sallly's" on 5th Ave and 14th if you are looking for a change. Thanks for your post and your link... I look forward to reading your next adventure.

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