Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Shake it!!
I'm pretty sure I've moved more in the last two days than I did all summer long. Want a tour? K here ya go.
I start off Monday morning searching for parking at 9 AM. I usually end up in one the three parking lots shown in yellow. After parking (which sucks a lot) I head over the the little red dot. Also known as the Business Building. Climb a few billion stairs and to my Business Law class then sit and listen to this guy prattle on. I'm afraid my opinion of this class so far is somewhat tainted by the opinions of my predecessors. Although, I'm pretty sure the first day of class he told us we needed to beat our kids more. May not have been what he meant but it sounded like it. Also did I mention Ean was in that class? Just keeeeeps gettin better. It'll be ok though. I'm tough.

After Business Law I go to work. Which is the blue dot at the top of the picture. Work work work. Then to the purple dot and down a couple stairs to Psychology 1010. Whyyyyy do we dooooo the thiiiiings we doooooo? Cuz we wanna :P. I snaked the last seat in Les Jones class almost by accident. So far, I find him delightful.

By the end of Whyyyyy do we dooooo the thiiiiings we doooooo? It's noon and I have a break. I haven't actually taken said break yet, and honestly I probably won't ever take said break but it's there. Which is nice. So in theory I have an hour to myself to catch up on homework, catch a few zzzz's in the living room, or eat something.

At 1:00 I run off to Math 1050 (college algebra) with him. He's American!! Yay! He speaks english, he understands english, he learned math in english!! Honestly you couldn't really ask for more from a math teacher at SUU. Of the 14 full time math professors, at least six of them speak english as a second language.... and not particularly good english.

Then I'm done with class and it's back to work til 5, and Monday's over. Something the map doesn't show too well is that the campus is pretty much ALL UPHILL! I think my office is the lowest point on campus. If you start from there and head towards classes you're in for a trek.

Tuesday and Thursday I work from 9:00 to 11:30 then headed back to the pretty red dot for Accounting with Mary Pearson I am actually excited for that class. My brain likes numbers, numbers and money is even better! After accounting I have Math again (EVERY DAY!!!) and then I work some more. Is good fun.

Also last night, I actually went to a social event. A couple friends and I went to the welcome back dance where I shook my groove thang for three hours, flirted with a cute boy who I only know as Rainman, and got elbowed in the chin. I think I've lost 10 pounds in the last two days.

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Uhm yeah, still here.
Life here has been fair to partly dull. I was going to take a little mini-break, now I'm not. School starts in (GASP) four days. I made another cake the first of this week for my boss's parents. It was cute and simple. I'll post pictures someday. I'm going to do a cake for my mom this weekend and hopefully scurry my lil butt to SG for a little back to school shopping. So yeah. School. I'm taking Business Law, Intro to Accounting, College Algebra, and Psych. I've also signed up for Circuit Weight Training so I can get back in shape. HA!! Back in shape. Right. Like I've ever been in shape. Hopefully since the class is set up to give you a grade to go to the gym I'll drag my butt to the gym to work out. We'll see. I bought my books online a couple weeks ago. They're all here. Plus one. Apparently my silly little brain shut off for a minute because I ended up ordering two of the same book. Woops. Hopefully I'll be able to pawn one off on somebody the first day of class.

Today is my mom's birthday. She's 56. Ya know, I realize I get annoyed with her, she gets annoyed right back, but she really is my very best friend. We have some codependence issues but we both recognize them and try to give each other our space. My mom is a great lady. Happy birthday mom! I love you!!

Anywho. I'm out of things to say now.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Have you guys met Tito? Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh BATDOG!!!

Teeny little pink cake for the sweet old lady I house sat for a couple weeks ago.

Remember my friends puppy? I give you JACK!!

No more Jack. That's quite enough of Jack for one post. How about some me and my hair cut I got a month ago?

And last but not least, the super cool Strawberry Shortcake cake for Princess Sophie. Before and after. Behold the splendor!!

And also, here's my peach pie...

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Back to our roots.

That vision in crimson in the middle is yours truly. Please ignore the eyebrows. To my left is my good friend Crys (aka Happy, aka Daina) we go way back.
The dill hole to my right is Ean. Some boys just never grow up.

I played Queen Aggravaine, and Crys played Lady Larken. Ean was a lowly knight, weilding his little plastic sword. I guess some may consider foam and duct tape a step up.

I'm going to move on with my life now.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
I LIVE for these moments
OK, I don't live for these moments. But they certainly make me chipper. HAHAHA OK...forgive me a cruel chuckle... ahhah.

I was cruising around in the mule at work today and drove past the quad. There, I saw these very dorky looking boys with home made swords and shields and bows and arrows and such and I thought,"Wow, them's there are some big geeks, not your average garden variety type geek!" So I'm cruising along and I look over just as the tallest of the duct-taped avengers spins around to block an "attack". SHEBANG!!! EAN!! In all his immature, duct-taped sword weilding splendor. Made my day.

So I had to grab my phone and run back for a picture. Sorry, the picture kinda sucks.

He's a grown-up type person. I have no problem (ok, I have a small problem) with those really passionate people that get together and reenact some major event, or those that get together in their peasant garb and hang out at the renaissance fair. In fact, I love when the RenFair is in town. But come on. If you're going to reenact, DO IT. Running around the local university lawn in a T-shirt you've had SINCE THE 7TH GRADE!!!! with a giant foam and duct tape sword, is just plain silly. And to think, I cried myself to sleep over this man....boy. HAHA!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006
Random randomness
I think I might take a couple days off. I don't know what I'll do with those couple days off, but I haven't taken anything even CLOSE to a vacation this year. Maybe just cruise up to SLC for a couple days. Or maybe I'm all talk and I'll just keep on keepin on with what I'm doin.

It's been a weird couple of days. Work is at a total standstill. Someone above me has failed to get things done and therefore I can do nothing AT ALL until the matter is resolved. So I sit at my computer, read recipes, read blogs, plan cakes, and learn origami. So far I've made about a billion bookmarks and a frog. I was making paper cranes for the kids sitting next to me in church yesterday and the little girl said, "Cant you do anything else so I'm learning to do other fun things. I'm pretty proud of myself considering one of the sights I'm learning from is written in Spanish. Clever clever me.

The girl I was supposedly moving out with bought a puppy on Saturday. So now she probably won't be moving out next semester. If I can save up the 1200 bucks for the semester I will be heading out on my own. Fingers firmly crossed for that event. The puppy is helluh cute though. He's an English Springer Spaniel and looks like this. We named him Jack, I tried to convince her to name him Spike, but no go. So he's Captain Jack Sparrow. Cuz he's English, and kinda floppy.

Saturday was busy. I went to St. George in the morning then Angie and I went to WM and found the puppy. I want a puppy so bad! Jack had a sister that was brown and white and had blue eyes. I was thisclose to snatching her up. But I still live at home and the parents don't want a dog. Also, the apartments I'm wanting to move into don't allow pets so getting a dog at this juncture would be dumb. Still I'm sad that I don't have a sweet little doggy to love me.

Cute boy I have a crush on's dog is about to have puppies. I should just become his very good friend and adopt his puppies.

Enough about my lack of dog!!

I made a peach pie yesterday. It's pretty tasty and was really easy. Fresh peaches, sugar, flour, cinnamon, bake it up. Tasty good.

Speaking of baking, I have to get started on The Soph's birthday cake. She has requested a Strawberry Shortcake cake which will be fabulous. The cake is going to be Zer Cute, and I have a cute little Strawberry Shortcake candle for the top. I feel bad I didn't do a fabulous cake for Boo's birthday. I will have to make a fabulous very merry unbirthday cake instead.

Have I talked about house sitting? Probably not, it was pretty uneventful. Except for their bed is the hardest thing I have EVER slept on. I'm still recovering, a very scary stuffed goat watched me while I slept, and they had a pet bird. I'm opposed to pet birds. First, they're gross, and second, they should be flying, not sitting in a cage staring out a window.

I had me a minor little breakdown yesterday. Just sat and cried for a couple hours. Not sure what triggered it but I had a general feeling of sucktitude. Feeling inconsequential, like a big ol failure... ya know, the usual stuff. I'm doing better today, suffering the after effects of a day rife with self loathing. I have too much time on my hands. School needs to just start already.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
This one's for Boo

Remember this and this? Well, in honor of the birth of Becky, Mandy and I composed a list of things we remember from the last 31 years...or 23 years in my case.

31 things about MissuzJ

  1. She is a great french braider.
  2. She collects turtles.
  3. In the apartment she lived in when she first married E, she had a tiny ancient stove and still managed to make the best roasted chicken ever.
  4. She makes up great games.
  5. She has mad karaoke skills and often rules the stage.
  6. She has a big ol' crush on Spike.
  7. She is the Rainman of music lyrics, she knows all the words to hundreds, nay maybe even thousands of songs.
  8. She is an amazing teacher and enjoys making a difference.
  9. Since she was born in New Zealand her "real" birthday is actually a day before her birthday birthday... confusing.
  10. Her first car was a red VW bug named Earnest.
  11. Her second car was a grey Ford Escort that she had to start with a pair of pliers and a nail.
  12. She has never ever been to busy or too cool to play with me. Even on her wedding day she made time for me.
  13. She took me on my very first spa day.
  14. She in an amazing mom and has riased a beautiful, funny, brilliant little girl and helped to raise a silly, polite, intelligent young man.
  15. She is a wizard with flowers and ribbon. She make beautiful floral arrangements and did most of the flowers for her own wedding.
  16. Once while cleaning her room she excused its dirtiness by saying that if the world was ending and MacGeyver needed something, he'd know exactly where to find it.
  17. She's always quick to compliment.
  18. She will make you laugh until you think you might die.
  19. She always has a shoulder to cry on.
  20. She sometimes has low self esteem even though she is one of the most amazing beautiful women I know.
  21. She's not only a great sister she's a best friend.
  22. She was the first of the sisters to blog, Mandy and I followed her lead.
  23. She is a crazy fast reader. She reads lines at a time instead of a word at a time.
  24. She can kill anybody at Scrabble.
  25. She used to have to find Mandy to help her find her glasses in the the morning because she was that blind and her room was that messy.
  26. In one of her early apartments one of her roommates lived in the closet (literally).
  27. She has a great legs and beautiful feet.
  28. She throws the best porch parties EVER.
  29. She has an awesome T-Shirt collection.
  30. She had a devilcat named Daisy that would launch itself at your head as you walked up the always slightly scary staircase to her first apartment with E.
  31. Her worst birthday memory ever was when she turned 8 and had her Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. Our mom had wrapped underwear for her as a present and she had to unwrap it in front of all her friends.

We love you Boo!! Happy Birthday!! Make sure to stop by MissuzJ's blog (like I have anybody that reads me that's no a Boosciple) and share the love!