Saturday, December 31, 2005
Happy freakin New Years
So here I am. 10:08 New Years Eve. Blogging. That's right folks. I'm here ready to spend that momentous millisecond between 2005 and 2006 with you. What's that you say? Why doesn't a hotty bo botty like me have big plans tonight? Shouldn't I be out somewhere beating all the hot boys off with a stick? Well, one would think so wouldn't one. Apparently all the hot boys failed to get the memo. So I'm ... where I was last year if I remember correctly. At MissuzJ's watching the tikes. It's tradition I suppose. According to my mother I am GOING to have a date for New Years next year. Of course I was GOING to have a date for New Years this year too. There's something about this holiday that just down right depresses me. Not like Valentine's Day depresses me but still. Perhaps it's the idea that I'm looking a whole year right in the face. Shouldn't I have something poignant to say? If I had an interview with the old man who is 2005 and he asked me what I did with his 365 days what could I tell him? I started blogging and made a lot of new friends. I lost my job. I started two new jobs. I went back to school. I survived going back to school. I got over the evil scum bag. I got my first real crush since getting crushed. I got over my first real crush since getting crushed before he could crush me. I gained a wonderful new respect for myself. I grew. As for 2006, I have no idea. More school, more work, more friends. Maybe even more crushes. I turn 23 in 3 and 1/2 months and I am SO not in the place I thought I'd be at 23. If 2004 asked me what I was going to do with the time he gave me I would have been dead wrong. So, rather than end with a list of the things I hope to accomplish in 2006, I'll just say "Bring it on Biotch, I can take it".

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Breathe a big sigh of relief.
Christmas is over! Don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. There was just waaaaay to much stress associated with December this year. I kept waiting for something else to happen. So far nothing of note. Knock on wood. My grandma had a hip replacement the week before Christmas and since she has no tolerance for pain she kept telling the doctors her pain level was a 10 (it goes to 11!!!) so they kept medicating her, a little morphine, a little lortab, an empty stomach... Yeah grandma was in a cloud for a couple days. I guess they couldn't wake her up one morning so they called my grandpa and just about gave him a stroke. The drama... but she's awake, and finally out of the hospital and my mom went up north to take care of her, leaving dad and I to entertain ourselves.

We went to King Kong last night. It was pretty good, but just a quick note to Peter Jackson, because I'm that cool and he totally reads my blog... Trim the fat!!! 3 hours!! Did it have to be three hours?? No sir it did not. And I am not one of those I hate a movie because it's too long type people. I like long movies. Just not three hour movies that feel like six hour movies. I swear it took them a year just to get to the freakin island in the first place. If you must create an epoch, which I get it, the epoch is your thang. But take a cue from Cecil B. Demille and have an intermission. Thanks! ~Katy. Once things got going it was better though. Scary native really really scary native people. Dinosaurs, whatever I can handle dinasouars... GIGANTIC BUGS!!! That is some freaky shit! Ya'll know how I feel about crickets. I freakin hate em!! And there were crickets the size of border collies trying to eat Adrian Brody's face!! Don't try and eat Adrian Brody's face Mr. Giant Cricket. This is the first movie I actually thought he was hot in... MMM Adrian Brody.... Sorry, maybe it's been too long since I went on a date.

Speaking of dates. Handsome Rob is a big fat dumb ass. Except he's not that fat at all. And his ass is actually kind of nice. Let me recap quickly since I said I'd tell you the new Handsome Rob story like 2 weeks ago. Had a little chat with Crazy Holly a couple weeks ago. Apparently Rob misses me. He was asking how I was, what was new in my life, blah blah blah. Then he went on to say that he thought I "liked him more than he intended" and that he had decided it would be best to just stay away from me because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. Yeah, that sounds logical. First, people always have a say in how much someone else likes them. When starting a relationship one always thinks to themselves, "Let's see...I think I'll keep this one at a 3...and this one at a 5." Yeah, feasible. Second, if you don't want to hurt someone's feelings the smart thing is to just stop calling. That way they're hurt and confused because it's always better to be sad and not know why. Idiot. So I had decided that Rob was dumb and just to let him think whatever stupid thoughts made him glad. But then he stopped with his little disappearing act and now I don't know what to do with him. Do I be mad, do I ignore him, do I try and salvage some sort of friendship? I'm not gonna do anything. If he wants to be my friend it's going to have to be his call. Wow, I sound bitchy, I'm blaming the crimson yuletide.

So for Christmas aside from getting confused, I got some cooooool stuff. My mom and dad/Santa got me a really nice leather jacket, a wall calendar, a desk calendar, an SUU sweatshirt and hat, a silpat!! (which will come in handy this summer but that's another story) some new slippers, and probably some other super cool stuff that I'm forgetting. I got them a couple of movies, some new pictures for the beautiful new bedroom set, and my dad the tiki head thing which UPS dropped off yesterday, and a brainteaser a day desk calendar. Big sis Mandy gave me the same calendar as my mom (yeah I'm just that predictable :)) and her kids gave me the Christmas Fairy which is an adorable little story book. I gave them CD's, an outdoor wind chime thingy that was a bitch to wrap, and Clark got a desk calendar (calendars are my generic gift for people that have me at a total loss. sorry clark). Becky gave me some most adorable fairies that are currently perched on my home computer waiting for me to get back to my book. She also got a wind chime, Sophie got a CD, Janzen got the Big Book of Everything Nasty, and Erik got movie passes (my other generic gift). Brother Jon sent me a gift certificate to Williams & Sonoma WOO HOO!! And I sent them a cute little statue that reminded me of them and their puppies got a picture frame :). I also got some very cool queen stuff, two new comfy blankies, my third copy of "He's Just Not That Into You" someone's trying to tell me something...and the sequel to HJNTIY, "It's Called a Breakup Because it's Broken" I apparently scream for relationship self help books. Oh yeah! And if your the board game type, I suggest Imaginiff. We got it for Janzen this year and it's way fun. You'll probably want to tweek the rules a bit but still great. And in case you were wondering, Sophie's Lellow. That's important. Ok, I've rambled long enough. Whoa, it's almost 1:30, time to go to lunch.

Today's thing I learned: Boo called me a couple hours ago to cement our plans for New Years. I'm hanging out with Janzen and Sophie so they can go play. When Becky told Sophie I was coming over for New Years Sophie somehow decided it was going to be a Kwanzaa Party. Complete with Bongoes and Kwanzaa cookies. Any thoughts on Kwanzaa cookies?? Anyone?

Friday, December 23, 2005
Letter from Santa
Well, one of the gifts I ordered online hasn't made it quite yet. It was a one of these for my dad. He thinks they're great. Oh, I hope he doesn't read my blog. Dad! Stop reading!!! Anywho, I'm wrapping a box of kleenex with a picture of the thingy taped to the top of it and the following letter from Santa:

Dear Ray,

As Santa I get asked the same questions every year. Can I have a pony? Have I been good this year? Aren’t you worried about your cholesterol? My most frequently asked question is how do you visit all the kids in the whole world in one single night. Well my friend, because you’ve been such a good boy this year, I’m going to tell you. It used to be a LOT harder. Trying to convince those reindeer that they can’t have their egg nog breaks isn’t easy, let me tell you! But then one day one of my elves was trying to reach something on the top shelf and fell and hit his head and he discovered the Sugar Plum Continuum. All we had to do was soup up the old sleigh a little and we could have all the time in the world.

So there I was, high above the earth, cruising along in my new and improved Sleigh 5000, ahead of schedule for the first time in years, when suddenly, I hit a rift in the Sugar Plum Continuum. I know what you’re thinking…Santa can’t drive. It’s not true though! I’ve been driving that sleigh a long looooooong time and nothing like this has ever happened before. I think there must have been some sort of imbalance in the binary brittle belt. Anywho! Let’s just say the United States Postal Service lost your Easter Island tissue box. That way I won’t have to listen to Mrs. Clause go on about how there way “nothing wrong with the old way of doing things” blah blah blah. Anyway, the “Post Office” should get everything straightened out soon enough. In the mean time I ran to Wal-Mart (on Christmas Eve…scary) and got you this handy dandy replacement until the original shows up. Hope you don’t mind I used your computer.

So I better get going! Lots of good little boys and girls left to visit!

Merry Christmas to all and….oh whatever,

S. Clause

P.S. Isn’t that Katy of yours such a treasure? She’s top on my good list every year…

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Quick while the boss isn't looking...
I got my internet friend back!! Hooray!

I've officially changed jobs, kinda. Now I'm working for the business management chick instead of the everybody's secretary chick. I'm busy busy. Hopefully though, very soon, we will have gotten through the big fat stack o filing and things will calm down a little. Not that they're crazy or anything, I'm just transitioning to actually having something to do!! However, since we are lacking in general student secretaries, I'm still doing my old job too. I think I'm the only student employee working for FM right now. But I get way more hours and the days go by way faster so it's good.

The Christmas madness is kind of at its peak right now. Mom's home cooking, I'm handing out gifts at work and getting gifts back. So far my haul is a fuzzy blanket, some lotion, a back of EXCELLENT chocolate dipped pretzels. The kind that make you wanna cry when you've eaten the last one... and my fabulous new boss Julie gave me Dear Frankie. Which I love!! Christmas gets strange after about 12. This year I pretty much know what I'm getting from everybody. Thanks in part to Sophie handing me my present and saying "This is for you, can you guess what it is? IT'S FARIES!!!" I also went Christmas shopping with my mom where she bought most of my stuff. I don't know what I'm getting from Mandy, but Jon called me and basically said "I'm not sure what it is yet but it's going to be from Williams and Sanoma." I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining about the lack of the surprise factor. I totally don't care. I'm just making an observation.

This week my kitchen is basically in a shambles. Christmas is not a very clean time. There's more stuff everywhere but still no place to put it. If you're home (at least if you're a Smith) you're cooking. And there's little bits of ribbon and paper floating around everywhere. Plus all the neighbor crap. "Yay...more popcorn/chocolate/candy. I'll just put it over here with all the other popcorn/chocolate/candy. Thanks...." Last night I was home alone and got caroled. Awkward a little? Yessum. There I am by myself standing with the door open watching these people wish me a Merry Christmas while freezing their butts off. And there were only two carollers. What does one do? Does one invite them in to view ones messy kitchen? Does one smile and close the door so they may move on? Or does one just stand their awkwardly hoping they only sing one verse. Well that's what this one did. Then they handed me a little bag of peanut brittle (insert "yay more candy") and went on their way. In case I failed to mention. Becky, Sophie, Mom and I made candy Sunday and Monday. Toffee, caramels, peanut clusters, almond bark, and yeah, peanut brittle. I just about gave them a bag of peanut brittle back so the balance of brittle didn't shift.

So we're up to our eyeballs in food, sweet food, in fact I think I grew five new cavities yesterday. I tried to pawn some of the candy off on my work folks but only two of them took anything and that was ONE piece. I was pretty annoyed when I got home yesterday. In my little world when someone offers you homemade you take a piece, have a bite and smile. Even if you walk down the hall and throw the rest away, at least have the decency to fake it! It's the season of GIVING people, you're not letting me GIVE! I had planned on bringing some good snackies tomorrow, cheese ball, caramel chex mix, and Julie was going to bring a couple things too, but I don't think I will now. I may bring a cheeseball and just eat it myself...

OOH I almost forgot. Grades are in! I rocked!!! I got an A in Computer Systems, and communications. B's in Statistics and Library Media, and a B+ in Biology. WOO HOO!!!! I'm thrilled.

Well my little friends, I better go do some work now before the boss lady gets back! If I don't blog before then, have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!!!

I just said basically like 100 times in one post. Sorry.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Well that's what you get
When you haven't blogged for a week things tend to pile up. I'll try not to ramble but it's me...and I I probably will.

Last week sucked ass. Monday sick, Tuesday sick but still had to drag self to Stats, Wednesday sick with my first final (I still kicked ass with 97/100) Thursday sick, but again dragged myself to Stats because I had to hand in my final project which I did through the haze so hopefully it doesn't suck too bad, Friday yep, you guessed it sick. Here is a short list of things that happen when you're that sick for that long, at least if you happen to be me:

1. You develop insomnia for the next week because you slept for 5 days.
2. You don't get around to the oodles of Holiday baking you had planned on.
3. Making banana bread wears you out.
4. You lose 7 pounds in 5 days (woo hoo!! Just in time for the holiday hoge fest)
5. You end up grounding yourself from Food Network because you're having dirty dreams about a couple of the hosts. I loves Tyler Florence.
6. Having grounded yourself from Food Network you start alternating between Cartoon Network and Disney Channel.
7. You watch Moonstruck thrice.
8. You start adding up all the money you're not making just in time for the holiday spend spree.

So this week I went back to work and school and though I'm still coughing, a LOT, I feel human again. I do kinda miss breathing through my nose though... Work is... well, I'm not gonna talk about work cuz I don't wanna get Dooced, we'll just say, it's been a bit of a challenge lately. About the best thing I can say about school is that it's almost OVER!!!!! I'm done with two finals, the first I kicked butt on. The second more kicked my butt, and tomorrows will be a piece of cake. Then the bio final on Thursday then THE END! Yay. I think I'm gonna get myself a haircut to celebrate. I could ramble on some more, but I think I'll save the new Handsome Rob story for tomorrow. Silly boy.

Today's thing I learned: That's the joy of school being over, I don't have to learn anything.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Takin it easy
K, I went to the doctor last night. I have bronchitis, strep throat, and an ear infection. So he gave me some cough syrup and some antibiotic samples since I don't have insurance. I don't know about the antibiotic though, last night after I took it I had my own little encounter with the sick bowl. That could have been just the fact that I hadn't eaten all day because it hurt to swallow and then I had a bowl of soup so my stomach wasn't prepared for the onslaught. I don't know. But today I'm feeling better. My fever is down from the 102.2 it was yesterday and I can actually stay upright for more than 10 seconds. I'm not going to work today but I have to go to Stats to see what to do about my project. Other than that I'm staying in bed.

Thank you all for your concern.

Monday, December 05, 2005
Best timing ever...
Finals are a week away. A week from today is study day and then the big push. So I have a few papers to do before the end of this week. Nothing's really causing me much stress except my Stats project and that's only because my partner dropped out of the class with two weeks to go and took everything we had done with her. Hate. But I think the teacher will let me jump into another group because of the circumstances. So I have pretty much everything under control. Except this sudden onset of mystery ick that seems to have found it's way to my lungs, head, throat, and well, body in general. Last night, at 8:32 I started coughing. I continued to cough for the next 2 hours, finally I took some left over prescription cough syrup and went to bed. I was fine until I moved, but every time I rolled over or shifted my head I would break into a full fledged coughing fit. Finally I fell into a restless sleep. Even with the great and mighty cough syrup that doubles as an incredible sleep aid. So this morning when I woke up, I was not only still coughing, but now I'm groggy, wobbly, my head ways about 100 pounds and I'm having a hard time making my eyes focus. My throat is on fire and my skin seems supersensitive. Just having my coat on makes it hurt. I wanted nothing more than to roll over and go back to bed this morning. In fact I barely made it down the stairs before I had to just lay on the floor and catch my breath. But I had my essay on Gattaca due today in Biology first thing so I had to go turn that in. I got ready sitting on the edge of my bath tub because standing is just not an option. Went out to my car and low and behold, frost. Everywhere. I'm going and buying a car cover today. I spent 20 minutes chipping away at my car, so I could see out the windows, occasionally giving in and leaning with my head on the cool metal. Seriously, I could have been sick this weekend and been over it by now, that would have been nice. Except we had Sophie so that would have sucked. But now, 8:32 on Sunday night the week before finals, my body decides to give up the fight and succumb to all those germs I've been around. I want to go home, but I have a meeting for my group project in 20 minutes which I haven't got anything done for. Maybe after my meeting I'll let myself go home and go to bed.

Oh shit, I forgot my CSIS homework.

Two more weeks.....

Today's thing I learned: Uhm...I should have bought the car cover instead of splurging on my own personal Christmas Tree for my room. It's really cute though. But the 20 minute ice chipping this morning really sucked...

Update: 2 hours later. Can't talk, can't breathe, throat on fire. Please, God, just kill me.

Friday, December 02, 2005
I am a lucky duck
Even if I am a little pissed.

I'm using one of the libraries laptops because as I've mentioned it's thisclose to the end of the semester and there are no computer computer's to be had. It's kind of fun. I'm sitting facing the ginormous window looking at a beautiful grey sky through the bones of leafless trees. If I could just stay right here for the rest of the day I would be happy. Anywho, I was about halfway through my opening paragraph for this here blog and on a serious roll when the internet shut down. Bastards. So I'll start over.

Every once in awhile I put aside my self involved bitch tendancies and realize that I have a good life. I find myself thinking all too often that my life is like a spin off the Truman Show, and that everyone's goal in life is to get a reaction out of me, which in turn would get a reaction out of my loyal (if somewhat twisted) audience. However, I know this is not the case. I am but a small fish in a big pond. And quite frankly very few people actually give a shit about the life and times of Katy. Last night though, I was reading myself to sleep, thinking of the hooahillion things I have to do before the end of the semester (two weeks from today it will all be over) and generally griping to myself. Then a thought struck me. In the book I was reading the two main characters were discussing the death of parents and how hard it was to deal with as an only child, and I thought, what would I do without my mom and dad? How would I handle that? Then it hit me, I would turn to my sisters, like I always do.

Becky and Mandy are about the bestest sisters a girl could ask for. I've spent most of my life feeling like an only child. As I've mentioned my sisters and brother are all quite a bit older than me so most of my memories, revolve around my mom, and some other people who just kind of came and went. In truth I was always a little bit bitter. I felt like an outsider looking in. Most nights as we all sat around the dinner table, there would be discussion about High School, boys, girls, grades, the world at large that my elementary school mind had no idea how to handle. There would be long loooooong stretches whereI would say nothing at all, I had nothing of consequence to add. I knew my family loved me, but no one really knew how to deal with me. I couldn't share clothes, I couldn't talk girl talk, boys were (still are) yucky. I don't blame them for a moment about the way I felt in my formative years. I didn't know how to talk to them, and they didn't know how to talk to me. But I knew they loved me. Especially my sisters.

When I was growing up all I wanted was to be able to talk to my sisters the way they talked to each other. I wanted to have the same experiences they did, know the same people they did, do the same things they did. I wanted something in common. I still wish that I had a little girl to play with Madeline and Sophie, or a boy to play with Zach. I'm still this strange little enigma in my family but I've found that it's a good thing. It pushes me to succeed, it gives me something to aspire to.

My sisters have always been there for me when I needed them. When Jon was being mean (as big brothers are) they tied him up and stuck him on the porch, or took me with them so I wouldn't have to stay and be tortured. They made time for me when I wanted to play with them. Mandy was always there with her brain and her no nonsense attitude, ready to lay down the law if needed, or just help with homework. She taught me how to write the number five, and gave me my first lesson on Romeo and Juliet in the room we shared in Carmel.

Becky was always there to play pretend with me, to do my make up, to come up with funny songs, she even dressed me up as a greek goddess when I was like 10 and followed me around with our camcorder. Even the day she married Erik, when I couldn't stop crying and just wanted to stay in bed and forget about the whole thing, she curled my hair, and did my make up, and assured me that she was still my sister no matter what.

When I started my period for the first time EVER at girls camp in a porta potty, with no friends in sight and my parents out of town, I hitched a ride home and called in the troops. In tears I told them what happened and they were both on my doorstep in minutes with boxes of pads and bottles of Midol. Then they sat on my bed with me and let me cry. Whenever I had a question about girl stuff they were there, no questions asked. Mandy gave me my first tampon. Who better to go through that kind of rite of passage with than your heroes? The women you've looked up to your entire life.

So even though I know Thanksgiving has come and gone I want to say I'm thankful for you, my sisters. You are my best friends, and my heroes. And now I'm bawling in the school library so I'm gonna go.

Today's thing I learned: For all our craziness, my family pretty much rocks.