Tuesday, July 12, 2005
What if I don't do the shopping?
Hooray a two post day!

OK, as some of you may have noticed, I live at home. Which means I usually don't do the grocery shopping, so I'm gonna do a hypothetical grocery list. As in, if I had my own pantry and refrigerator to furnish, what would I want in it. To all you mommies and wives out there, prepare to be aghast.

The list! In no particular order:
Brick o' cheese (tillamook cheddar)
Tortilla chips
White bread (gasp)
Pasta (and lots of it)
Some sort of Iced Tea concentrate
Breyers Dreamery Black raspberry
~avalanche ice cream (oh so good)
Juice, both orange and apple
Tomato sauce
Other yummy pasta type sauces
Canned soup
Oranges or some other sort of fruity goodness
String cheese
REAL Parmesan
Raspberry Jam
Tuna Fish
Miracle Whip
Garlic bread sprinkle
French bread, a baguette, sourdough,
~something different for dinner bread
Chips Ahoy (the whole calorie filled fatty kind)
Toaster's streusels (brown sugar kind)
Chocolate Chips
Potato Chips
Meat Marinade
Fresh veggies (if I can't get em fresh, I don't want em)
Really good rice
Apple Sauce
Saltine crackers
Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, etc...
Brownie mixes
Cake mixes
Cream Cheese frosting (to eat with spoon)
Bag o' salad
Yummy salad dressing
Frozen cream puffs
Frozen lasagna
Frozen Pizza
Mac n' cheese
Riccotta cheese
Mozarella cheese
Canned peaches
Potato Chips (Lay's sour cream and cheddar)

Can ya just taste the starchy goodness?? I'm sure I'm missing stuff. There are recipes that I make that I need specific things for but I only make those when I have company (which is next door to never) so that'd be special event food. Wow, I did pretty good considering. Now, if I only had my own apt. and an unlimited budget. *sigh*

PS! Cute boy started at work today. I enjoy him greatly! And I have another job interview tomorrow. Things seem to be looking up. Also, I am SO starting a diet. It must be the season but I took of my favorite jeans the other day and noticed that "these really don't fit roll" on the top as well as the painful red lines around my belly. Got any lose 15 pounds tips?


Blogger Katy said...

By the way, and I realize I'm the first comment on my own blog which has to be against some code of blog ethics but screw it I'm doing it anyway, this was fun. It was interesting to see the kind of things that people that don't live in Utah buy, it surprises me how different it is.

Blogger Missuz J said...

I'm totslly going to come eat at your house! (Oh wait. You don't have your own house!)

Blogger NME said...

Thanks for your hypothetical list. You should keep it so in a few years you can refer back to it and see how you really do shop.

Lose pounds tips - lose the full fat stuff and drink lots of water. Your young still - it comes off easy.

Blogger patrice said...

yeah, marshmallows may not help the red lines. actually marshmallows aren't that bad...it might be the cheese.

but, I do like your list! I love toaster strudel, especially the brown sugar kind. I pretend that I buy it for trent, but I get all pissed at him if he eats it all.

Blogger Kodi said...

I totally agree on the pasta thing. I find I loose weight when I run around in a panic looking for lost horses. You forget to eat when you do that, and burn lots o calories.

Blogger Daina said...

I am now offically part of an Italian family, therefore, pasta is an absolute staple! Whether I like it or not. ^_^ Your list sounds mostly good. I find that ours changes constantly, besides the staples. Maybe I'll consider posting a list of our unusual staples in my blog. We'll see.

And yes, once again, I live. Having just returned (alive!) from a nice long vacation and from reading the new Harry Potter. ^_^ (OMG BAWL!)

Glad to hear you're doing well still ^_^

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