Wednesday, April 09, 2008
I didn't move
I missed it here.

I know I'm not here a lot but it's where I come when I just can't handle it anymore. I can't handle it anymore.

School this year has been a total bitch. I only have 24 more days of this semester and then I am done for three blissful months. I can't wait. School has been hard before what with the expectation to actually study and do my homework and learn my shit but this year has been a whole new level of insane on my poor being. I have developed an eye twitch. It has been weeks, maybe even months, and every time I think about class or an upcoming test or realize that "Oh Crap there is an actual possibility that I am going to FAIL!!!" my right eye goes haywire. In fact it's going haywire right now because I am 9 minutes away from taking an accounting test that I am going to fail. FAIL!!! WITH AN F!!!!!!

Our accounting tests are online and we have two opportunities to take them. I studied for three days straight for the last test. I read the chapter I practiced the problems I felt prepared when I sat down to take the test. It took me the entire 90 minutes to complete it and I felt pretty good about it so I wasn't going to take my second chance. Then around 10:30 that night, I decided I might as well take it again, just in case I got more brilliant. So I took it again (it was actually a completely different test because the questions are all randomly selected from a test bank of 200 questions). Anyway, I quickly realized that I was in fact screwed on the second go round because it was much harder and guessed my way through it using a combination of the limited knowledge I had of the subject matter and pure gut instinct. No big deal right because I did so good the first time around. WRONG! Do you want to know the results of the first test, the one I actually made a solid effort at? I missed 16. I got a 9 out of 25. That's a 36%. On the second test, the one I guessed through, I only missed 14. I got an 11 our of 25 or 44%. After he curved the hell out of it I ended up with a 74% but what if he doesn't curve this one? Rumor has it people are doing well on it and if everyone does alright but me, there will be no curving, just failing. FAILING! WITH AN F!!!!!

"But Katy," you may be thinking, "What makes you so certain that you'll fail? Perhaps this test really is easier." Well perhaps it is kind reader. That doesn't change the fact that this is the third test I've taken in three days and that I was so bitter from my last accounting test that I didn't study for this one!!!!


There goes my eye again.


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I could never pass an accounting test. Never. Ever. Never.

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