Thursday, August 09, 2007
Why don't you caaaaaaaall meeeeeee??
I bumped into an old friend last night while at Hell-Mart and we started talking. She's "almost engaged" again and absolutely obsessed with this guy. I don't think she's ever stopped to think what her life might be like if she wasn't wrapped up in a man. Anyway we were talking about movies and she mentioned she had missed a few movies she wanted to see this summer because she couldn't find anyone to go with her.


I told her that I went to movies by myself all the time. Her reaction, of course, was pity. "Katy! Why don't you caaaaaaall meeeee? I'll hang out with you!" Because obviously my problem is that no one will hang out with me and has nothing to do with the idea that may I enjoy hanging out with myself.



Blogger NME said...

Some people enjoy being alone - need alot of alone time and some can't. I'm actually pretty resistant to being alone - but the occasional alone movie is great. You get to see what you want to see - and eat whatever snacks you want to eat. The last time I went to a movie it was alone and I saw a double feature.

Blogger Diane said...

Hee hee hee. . .Hell-Mart.

I like going to movies not only alone but also with others. A lot of people who prefer going to movies with others (who I've had conversations about this with) have said that you have people to instantly discuss the movie with after you watch it together.

The irony is that if she really wanted to hang out with you she would call you, instead of waiting for you to call her. Or maybe she didn't have your number.

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