Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Ranty Rantings
I'm so freaking sick of school this semester. Nothing imparticular to be sick of really. I'm just tired of it. Today is officially midterm and springbreak is in two weeks. Think I can hold out? I don't know. Here's a brief overview of the semester thus far.

Criminal Justice:
Generally and interesting class. Well, I feel there's potential for being an interesting class. Instead I get Prof. Williams autobiography. "In my first career..." he says then follows up with a long story that barely touches on the subject at hand. Fun, interesting, occasionally funny, occasionally sad. Until test time when you look through the 50ish test questions and think "Huh? When the hell did we talk about this??" And I know I'm supposed to be reading the book and I do but even then he manages to find the most vague references to build test questions off of. I'm going to be lucky with a C from that class. Hell.

Public Relations:
The man is rantastic. As I mentioned it is now midterm and we have had ONE of the FIVE tests scheduled for the class session. We were supposed to take said test SIX WEEKS AGO. But didn't because he hadn't finished writing it. I managed to pull an A- off that test because I had a good study group to split the GINORMOUS study guide with but dude. Your job is to teach me Mr. Man, not stroke your ego in front of a class full of comm majors. Oh, and if you expect me to be to class on time and prepared I expect you to be to class on time and prepared. OK? Ok. Mid term grade prognosis, A-.

OK, I like my business class. Really, I do. My teacher's interesting, he actually follows some lecture plan. You can tell he's put effort into his presentation. He strives to not be terribly boring. I figure I'm getting a B out of his class. Which is ok with me.

Imaginative Lit:
Good pointless fun. My teacher is pretty self satisfied, thinks he's brilliant. Indeed he understands the deep mysterious workings of Harry Potter, I'm sure his family is very proud. I don't apply myself too much in his class which I guess is my fault. Of course I don't need to apply myself too much in his class because there's not that much to it. I got my mid-term essay back today. I got an A, which he made a point of telling the class at the beginning of the semester wasn't easy. Whatever. Of course after handing out my A he nit-picked his way through my paper. I understand it must have been hard to hand out a precious A grade to a simpleton such as myself, but just bite the bullet, scribble the little red A on my paper and shut up. I'll get an A from that class pretty easily. That is if I don't deem it ridiculous and move on with my life. Which I may. One of the students in my lit class said when he was reading Dragonsbane (our latest book) that he pictured me as the heroine, which is pretty kick ass really. Then today my teacher said I looked like I wanted to set someone on fire, which the heroine does. My little psychic friend thinks I'm channeling a past life. K.

Of course I'm particularly irritable today since Aunt Flo came to town. Bitch. And I probably would like to set someone on fire.

But I'll refrain.

Didn't learn anything today so here's my new favorite quote:
"In every woman there is a queen. Speak to the queen and the queen will anser."

Friday, February 24, 2006
Everybody's doin it
I am out of work to do for a minute so I'm jumpin on the ol' bandwagon:

Four jobs I've had:
1. Deli Doll at Lins Marketplace
2. Official Scam Artist at Assail Mrktg.
3.Teller, Trainer, Assistant Mngr.
4. Shoe salesperson

Movies I can watch over and over again:
1. Moulin Rouge
2. Serenity
3. LOTR Trilogy
4. Grosse Point Blank

Four places I've lived:
1. Coon Rapids, Minn
2. Monterey, California
3. Cedar City, UT
4. St. George, UT

Four TV shows I love:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. The early seasons of Alias
3. Firefly
4. Daily Show

Four places I've vacationed:
1. Sea World
2. Dallas TX
3. Monterey CA
4. Disneyland (but I don't remember it)

Four sites I visit daily:
1. www.suu.edu
2. www.cakecentral.com
3. All the blogs
4. www.amazon.com

Four places I would rather be:
1. Sitting on the beach
2. In front of a fire with a good book
3. With my sisters
4. In my dream kitchen

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Oh you silly silly girl...
So my friend Liz is getting married in May. I've known her since we were probably 7 which makes her my longest maintained friendship ever. I hadn't talked to her for awhile so I texted her a couple days ago. We started talking weddingy type things as brides are apt to do and she mentioned they were trying to save money. We talked about invitations which she will probably make herself, we talked about the guest list, which is GINORMOUS, and of course, we talked about cake. Before I realized what I was saying I was offering to do her cake for her. It would save her money and give me practice and I didn't even expect her to go for it. Oh silly silly girl. She talked to her fiance and called me back saying, they would indeed love me to create their wedding cake.




I am FREAKING OUT! I mean I know I have talent in the cookie area, and in the small cake area. Jabba the Cake, Blob of chocolate and gross green. Cinderelli, itty bitty cake and very few decorations. Skateboard cake. One TEENY TINY layer and a star tip. Wedding cake? BIG .... and kinda important! I'll be fine. I'll be great. I have like 3 months to learn all I need to know about cake construction. It's not that hard really. It's just nerves.

In other news, I'm really excited to be doing my first wedding cake for one of my best friends! So cool! And I have TONS of ideas and it's going to be really pretty. YAY!

Friday, February 17, 2006
Today on my way to my PR class I heard a familiar voice. An unmistakable voice. A voice I have heard on countless occasions before. But at SUU? In a hallway? Without warning??? Gasp!!! K it really wasn't that bad. In fact I was excited to see owner of said voice. It was my old theatre guru Varlo. My buddy, my pal. He who gave me my scholarship and afforded me the year or so of partial independance I needed. He who believed in me. He who dared me to live my dream in spite of others wishes for me.

The man I let down.

My second year of school at Dixie things were not going well. I didn't have a job to speak of. My grades were slowly but surely swirling down the crapper. I was obsessed with 6'5" Irishman with a drug problem and a girlfriend. I was heading down a dangerous road physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By the time I left I was considering suicide on a daily basis. In short things were not good. My roommate and I were co-presidents of the DSC theatre association and we had a lot of responsibility. She however had a job and a string of boyfriends and though she helped where she could her priorities were elsewhere, while my obsessive compulsive, micromanaging, insanity had taken over and I had to be involved with each aspect of every character, scene, show...everything. Stupid stupid Katy.

The stress from not being able to pay my bills, added to the sheer exhaustion of spreading myself that thin had me on the razor's edge. I developed a mysterious pain in my back that the instacare doctor said was probably kidney stones but that there was "something strange" about my symptoms and wanted me to see another doctor. I wouldn't because I couldn't afford it so she gave me some drugs and said to deal. Stressed, sick, and exhausted, I dealt the best I could, still running around like a chicken with my head cut off. During one phone call to my sweet, amazing, wonderful mother asking her for money so I could eat, I completely broke down. Things were bad and I had finally snapped, she told me to come home and I said I'd think about it. After all, I had obligations. Obligations to people that didn't give a shit about me. But obligations none the less. I was set to direct Trojan Women the next semester. We had plans. With me gone and my co-president so busy, who was going to run the club? Then there was the lease on my apartment, the few friends, specifically Ryan who "needed" me, my education. Things didn't get better and in a move uncharacteristically sane, I sat Varlo down and told him I wouldn't be coming back the next semester. I had to be done for my health, and sanity. He understood. I know he did. But he was my mentor. He had given me a chance. He had cast the silly little freshman girl in the first show of the season. He had trusted me and I had backed down.

So I ran into him about an hour and a half ago. He gave me a hug. We exchanged pleasantries. I found myself rationalizing why I'm a Communications major instead of Theatre when he didn't even ask. I told him I was in Public Relations and that I hoped to work in the theatre world. Which is a lie, but I was desperate. I found myself searching for some wonderful bit of news to share. Something to show him that I was great. That I had overcome. That I Katy Smith, had conquered. The best I could come up with was, "Well, I don't cry all the time anymore". Which I guess, ultimately is pretty damn good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
OK Fine, I'll admit it.
It's Valentines Day. Since there is nothing I can do to change the fact that this is Valentines Day and that I think it's a stupid market driven holiday (yes I'm sure I'll change my tune when I find a special someone), here is my contribution. My mom did a couple of them but I did most of them. Look I even got sentimental on one:

And also, my skateboard cake. TADA!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006
I stole from Mother Hubbard:

The A-Z's of me! Katy
A is for age: 22 almost 23
B is for booze of choice: I don't drink, but I sure miss appletinis
C is for career: Student
D is for your dad’s name: Ray
E is for essential items to bring to a party: Food and a gift and of course ME
F is for favourite song at the moment: Oh I so couldn't choose...I'm listening to Bon Jovi right now though...
G is for favourite game: Pass the pigs. Or solitaire...
H is for hometown: Ugh, I was born in Anoka Minnesota but we lived in Coon Rapids but I don't remember it and I've lived in Cedar City most of my life but I call Monterey CA home.
I is for instruments you play: Clarinet and I can plunk out a couple really easy songs on the piano
J is for jam or jelly you like: Homemade raspberry jam... yummy
K is for kids: Nope, no kids. Except my sweet neices and nephews.
L is for living arrangements: I live with my parents.
M is for mum’s name: Diane
N is for name of your crush: Ooooh, do I have to limit myself to one? I can't. So many handsome's out there....I'll say Danny Masterson, Captain Reynolds (hehe), and Gerard Butler
O is for overnight hospital stays: My birth...and when I had to take Nicci to get stitches, not overnight but LONG NIGHT
P is for phobias: Moths, grasshoppers, aliens.
Q is for quotes you like: "Well behaved women rarely make history." and "Everything's Shiny"
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: Ean, friends or dating for uhm 7 years I think.
S is for sexual preference: Eventually? Please???
T is for travel: Really want to go to Germany Austria area...and New Zealand...Ireland, and somewhere with a beach and drinks that come in coconuts with lil umbrellas.
U is for underwear: Uhm...yes? What kinda question is that?
V is for vegetable you love: Broccoli. Corn. Potatoes. Raw Carrots.
W is for weekend plans: Clean my room, make D-day i mean V-day Cookies. Do my taxes. Study for CJ test. Finish book. Oh and sleep in. That one's important.
X is for x-rays you’ve had: My mouth cuz I'm a cavity queen, and my elbow when I fell off the bleachers. X-rays I should have had? Totally different story.
Y is for yummy food you make: It's all yummy!
Z is for zodiac sign: Pisces I'm a fishy fish.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006
So much to do
Yet still I blog.

My boss lady is out of the office for the rest of the week. She had to have a ganglion cyst removed from her wrist. Gross. So I have about a BAJILLION things I could be doing. I'm just not in the least bit motivated today. Inch high stack of data entry? No please no. I don't wanna do inventory entry anymore. IT'S ALL I EVER DO!!! It took me 3 days to ONE department. So I sit and stare at the stack kind of chuckle to myself. I'm not doing it. There's no one here to make me. Ginormous stack of filing needs done? Yeah Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow. Tuesday's and Thursdays are my really productive days. I'm here 2 and a half hours and I'm not all exhausted cuz I get to sleep in a bit. Can someone please tell me why my body REFUSES to sleep at night but then insists on sleeping through the day? I tell myself don't have a nap, then you'll sleep better tonight. So I don't have a nap and just wander around like a zombie all day but then night time comes and I stare at the ceiling til 1 o'clock in the morning wondering where all the tired went. Then I break down and read some more and doze off sometime in the wee hours of the morning only to have my alarm clock go off a couple measley hours later. So yeah, I think I've established I'll work tomorrow.

Yesterday I went shopping. I hadn't had a good shop in a while. Bought the kids some Valentine's Day presents (clothes, it's what I do) bought myself some "Nobody else is gonna" presents and cashed out at just over 60 bucks. Not bad, I got myself 4 fabulous long sleeved tees in black, green, and pink, and one that is also pink but says "love hurts" across it to wear for D-day...I mean V-day. Plus a cuteness for each of the three little kids now I just have to ponder on Janz for a bit and we'll be good.

So I got all brave yesterday and gave the cute boy at the cell phone place my phone number. We went down to trade in my friends daughters phone cuz it got killed, and the cutest guy helped us. According to his name tag his name was Brandon and he Habla Espanol. So he was doing cell phone things and my friend and I were talking and I saw an oppurtunity. So I said to T, "You need to get me a date for my birthday." And she went on and on asking things like "Can he be old" and "Can he be mail order" and "Does he have to be real" and "What if she has to pay him" and I said "No, I'm cute, you have 5 weeks to find me a nice boy to take me to dinner for my birthday"and she said OK, then I turned to Brandon and said "You're a nice boy, you take me to dinner for my birthday" and he stared at me all "uuuuuhm what" and I wrote my number on the back of handy dandy business card and said "ponder on that" and we left. Then we got in the car and I passed out cuz my heart was beating so fast... hehehe. I doubt he calls but it would be most fabulous if he did. Gotta make yourself more available my ass. I'll be available when I damn well feel like being available thank you very little. So there's a recap of my exciting events. School's going well. My papers so far have come back good. The only test I've taken came back ok, not great. I'm very participatory and opinionated. My comm teacher thinks I'm a jewel. At least that's what he told me in class today after stating that "Red heads always cheat" when I answered a question correctly. Not smart seeing as I'm one of 5 red heads in that class and my hairs really not even that red. Lit class is really fun as long as no one in there takes themselves too seriously. My little psychic friend told me the other day that I wasn't human. Nice. And my Business teacher told me I had a really good brain for business. Been a good week. I think I'm going to make conversation heart cookies for V-day and hand them out. I told T I'd help her make an airplane cake for her boyfriend. Oh, I need to get pictures of the skateboard cake I made up....

Today's thing I learned: A- I'm a redhead, B- Redheads always cheat. Whatever Gwin.