Friday, July 29, 2005
Hail the conquering hero!!!!
That'd be me.

So the boss lady is back. I enjoy her. I might just enjoy having someone in the office with me. But I like her. Anyway, she's given me lots of little jobs to do. Yesterday I stayed busy almost the whole time I was at work. Stupid busy but busy nonetheless. And today, I was asked to find the best flight for the money to Vail Colorado so the bossman could go to some five day kiss ass seminar. So I was checking flights and she's checking hotels, and I say, you know, if we book together we'll get a better deal. So then I got put in charge of the hotel. Then I say does he need a rental car? So I find that too. So I found him a flight, a hotel, and a rental car, all relatively nice, the hotel especially, for a little over 2 grand. Which was still multiple hundreds less than if we would have booked them seperate. YAY ME! Then I get told he's probably not going. So there went my morning. And that's why I hate upper management. Oh well, it gave me something to do other than read celebrity gossip. By the way, have Brad and Angelina ever actually come out and said "Yup we're an item!"? Apparently I missed the memo.

Yesterday was the long day from hell. I was lazy and only did 5 hours at the school, then 8 at the hotel. It would have been OK had I not been visited by Aunt Flow over lunch. So not only was I working a 13 hour day (more like 13.5 cuz graveyard guy was late) I was a freaking menstrual case. But that's ok! I made commission 3 times last night. That's 35 extra bucks on next paycheck, YAY ME AGAIN!! The girl I worked with was annoyed cuz she was always helping people when the phone rang but I told her she could have the next commission whether I got it or not, and of course then the phone stopped ringing. Oh well. It wasn't that bad all in all, I was just achey and miserable. We watched Jekyll and Hyde. One of my all time fave broadway musicals. Unfortunately it was the David Hasselhoff version which sucked ass. I spent 2 hours muttering things like "Freaking David Hasselfhoff" under my breath. The man is irritating to say the very least.

I guess I should get back to work now that I actually have work to do.


Blogger Missuz J said...

David Hasslehoff as Mr. Hyde? Huh? Someone must have put too much LSD in his/her cheerios.

Sorry about the menstural issues. Does it help if I say that I currently have a hemeroid (sp) the size of a freakin' grape! Probably not.

Now then--will you be at Mom's tonight for ribs and apple pie? Hope so!

Blogger amandak said...

Ribs AND apple pie? No fair.

Yay you for hooking up the phat commissions!


Blogger NME said...

I have a hemorrhoid too - but I wish I had apple pie instead.

It sucks so much that you did such an amazing job finding the hotel, car, flight deal - but then they didn't need it. Not only because your work was for naughty but also because you didn't get any glory for your cleverness. Maybe next time. Damn Aunt Flo.

Blogger patrice said...

work for naughty..teehee...

this should keep you occupied at work.

Blogger Katy said...

Patrice you are a mean terrible person. :P

Blogger Katy said...

I really didn't mean that you're hilarious.

Blogger cherrybomb said...

I'm just getting the hang of this blogging thing and realizing that it's o.k. to step outside personal page. The fact that it's a Wednesday in August means that I've got the time to take the tour...and can relate to your long, leisurely morning at the office. Isn't America great? I hear Russia's even better.

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