Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Hag Hag HAG!!!
So I have the next three days off, JOY!! And I have another job interview tomorrow. True I already have a job but maybe I'll like this one more. Plus it's more money, and it's on campus. I really like my current boss though and she's so stressed I'd hate to have to tell her I got another job. Oh well I won't worry about it til I have to.

So, the reason for the title. There is a downside to my job, other than having to be there and cute at 7 am. The downside is, The Evil Hoe Beast From Hell, as mentioned in my second or third blog. She's now working for home health. How do I know this you may ask? Because apparently when people are traveling and need oxygen cartridges and the like, you can just call up the local home health place and they'll deliver the oxygen and all it's accoutrements (soooo not how that's spelled.) to the hotel of your choice. Hence her appearance at my place of business. There I was minding my own business, playing my hundredth game of spider solitaire for the day when I hear an all to familiar voice talking to my co-worker. I look up and *GASP* it is she. The Evil Hoe Beast From Hell. "I'm here to pick up an oxygen something or other" she says. So Trish (co-worker) goes to get it. Then Nicci (EHBFH) notices me, by this time my heart is pounding, and I'm all adrenaliney and she says "Howdy, how are ya?" And I say just peachy, how are you. I don't know why I asked, but needless to say, the next unbearable moments were all my fault. "I'm just great" she says, "I have an adorable little boy, a loving husband, and a really nice apartment." Then I jumped over the desk and punched her in the face........OK, no I didn't. But I did have one of those Ally Macbeal moments where ya kind of slip into your head and imagine yourself doing what you really want to. Instead I went to the back and hid in the Assistant Managers office til she left. But, at least I know she's not going to be working there. I saw her a couple days ago going in with a white paper and I almost had a meltdown. Ask missuz J, she was there. Anyway, I know I won't have to work with her and I won't have to see her very often, I'd rather not see her ever, but whatever.

Today's stupid tourist moment:
This isn't really just a moment, it happens at least once a day, but when people call to see if they can reserve a room and then don't know when they're coming I just want to say "Call back when you pull your head out of your ass" and hang up.


Blogger Marksthespot said...

You spelled accoutrements perfectly.

Blogger patrice said...

what are the chances?????

I have had moments like that, where you see someone you totally don't want to see and you just feel like you're on an elevator whose cables have snapped. I am getting a bellyache just thinking about it!

Blogger NME said...

HA! I too have hidden from people in the past. It's not a fun feeling. I hope you don't have to see her too often.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Let's go TP and egg her house tonight!

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