Thursday, April 27, 2006
Quick quick!
K guys, is the last week of school! Is Thursday of the last week of school! Then is finals! Then I's done for months!!! I's so excited!! I am rocking at the final projects. I am tired, and fried, and last night was the first night I slept more that four hours in a week. I will be studying my poor little ass off all weekend then test test test test DONE!!!! YAY!!! Til then, I will be conspiculously absent. But I still loves ya!

Also, I am planning my next cake. It's Aqua Teen Hunger Force themed. You can't wait to see it can you.... Hehehe, I know.


PS: I did my PR Final Project yesterday. My group and I were working on it for WEEKS and we are the first group in the history of him teaching that class to get 100 out of 100. AND he gave us all 50 bonus points because we just ROCK that much. I'm sooooooo hyeppy.

Monday, April 24, 2006
Look what I can do!!
My friend Julie and I did this cake for her son Noah's first birthday. The bottom is a half sheet cake iced in buttercream to look like the choppy ocean. The ark is two round cakes sculpted to look like the boat and covered in chocolate fondant. The little house on top is chocolate covered graham crackers that Julie woodgrained (she also did the woodgraining on the boat) The animals were hand sculpted by Julie and I out of fondant. Everybody loved it!

Thursday, April 20, 2006
I'm one year old today
I have this cutesy little desk calendar that I got for Christmas. It's Mary Engelbret, I love her stuff. Anyway, I pulled off Wednesday the 19th and TADA Thursday the 20th. The picture on the side says Happy Anniversary. Which made me think, "I wonder when my bloggiversary is?" So I looked back and WEIRD. It's today. That be's crazy. So in honor of my bloggiversary I will become completely self absorbed and give you a list of things that have changed in the last year.

  1. My hair color...regularly.
  2. My glasses prescription. I haven't changed it yet but I can't see.
  3. I got over the looooooosah.
  4. I started dating again. Kinda...
  5. I made lots of new friends, both blogging and...
  6. Back to school!
  7. I changed my major...thrice...
  8. I left the bank.
  9. I started work at the hotel.
  10. I started working for the University.
  11. I stopped working at the hotel.
  12. I moved jobs within the University and am now working for my buddy Julie.
  13. I started writing a book.
  14. I stopped writing my book.
  15. I turned 23.
  16. I flew (well I rode in a plane...the pilot flew) by myself for the first time.
  17. I quit drinking soda.
  18. I started drinking soda again.
  19. I grew my hair out.
  20. I got my camera!!
  21. Mad cake skills.
  22. My insomnia is worse but my body's learning to function without the sleep.
  23. Cake nightmares, at least once a week, what the hell?
  24. I met the Patrice folks FUN!!!
  25. Which reminds me, I ate deep fried pickles, yummmmmy.
  26. I cooked with wine.
  27. I went to the liquor store and bought wine...
  28. I learned how to make candy....I really need to go make some candy....
  29. I got my first real professor crush. "Le siiiiiigh"
  30. I ran out of things to list....

Farewell all my newfound friends! Here's to another year! Damn, I hope more fun stuff happens.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
A brief rant
OK, school is suddenly kicking my ass.

I found out today that my PR teacher has decided, rather than administer a final test, we are to put together a personal portfolio and we'll be graded on that. Personal portfolio?

Dear Professor Egotist:
Do you realize that we are barely halfway through the book and that you haven't taught us what goes into a portfolio, let alone how to compile and present one?? Do you!!?? Also, the fact that you don't have your tests written, and the fact that YOU are behind in YOUR work, does NOT constitute an ermergency on my part. And, yours is NOT the only class I have and the fact that you are JUST NOW realizing that perhaps you better give us something to score so that you can perhaps grade us, does not mean that you are allowed to pile on hours and hours of busy work so that you don't appear useless to your colleagues. You don't have to try and trick them into thinking you're good at what you do. They know you suck. They hear it from us. Oh, and if you are going to make us put together a big ugly presentation to present to you, please do us the kindness of STAYING AWAKE!!! Thank you and have a nice day.

Sincerely, The Smart Kids.
PS: It's time to retire....Really.

In other news, I thought my lit final project was due next week, nope, is due tomorrow. Hell. So I need to finish reading my book and write a 6 page paper tonight to hand in by 4:00 tomorrow. Not a big deal. Just induced a mild panic attack on my part. I can do it. So why am I blogging when I have so much else I should be doing. Because I'm paralyzed. Have you ever had so much on your plate that you just wouldn't deal with any of it rather than try and deal with part of it. That's me.

Uhm, quick something I like about school so I'm not just bitching, and Rob is happy.
It makes me go outside.
It pays the bills. (though it kind of makes the bills too)
It's excellent blog fodder.
I appreciate my time off more.

The end.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Originally uploaded by katydidz.
Hello! I love daffodils. They're so freakin cheerful!!

First Tulip

First Tulip
Originally uploaded by katydidz.
Poor little dude doesn't have a stem yet, but he's determined!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006
Free ski weekend in hell
Yes my friends, hell hath frozen over.

Katy went on a date. Two actually.

None of what I am about to tell you is me at my best so just remember that I love you, and I hope you love me, and therefore be kind.

My mom signed me up for an online matchmaking service. Stop rolling your eyes it's more funny than anything. There are actually some very nice guys on it and if nothing else it's put my back out there. It's fun, it's playful, it's on my level. So anyway, one of the guys I've met was going to be driving through Cedar last weekend and wanted to meet me. OK, I think, that's not so bad, I'm a mature adult woman, I can handle this. Heh. Whatever. Our communication up to that point had been instant messaging and e-mails and yes, I should have known better. We met up around 6ish..maybe 7ish and went for a walk. I'm just going to say it didn't go well, and yes I should have known better, and yes I learned my lesson, and no I won't be seeing him again, and yes, there were at least two points in the "conversation" where I was actually afraid for my life and / or my person. But that's all in the past now so let's move on to date numbah two!!

Date numbah two, was this past Saturday and we had a lot of fun. My bosses husband set me up with his brother, and the four of us went bowling and played pool and air hockey and went to dinner and then went back to the boss and husbands house and played Catan (which was really fun and I am not a gamer person). Poor boy wasn't so good at the bowling (I too suck at the bowling but always have fun), lost both games of pool, and I won Catan so he wasn't having a good night but I still think we all had fun. Hopefully we will go out again sometime. If not he's fun and I'm sure will be a good friend.

Oh, in other news, I had to get new tires put on my car. Well, I guess I didn't have to. I've been thinking for awhile I'd get new tires when I got my tax return ($$$), but Friday I hit a nail and rather than have them fix that tire and then just throw it out and pay for new tires in a month I put new tires on my credit card. Yay! I feel much better being in my vehicle now.

Well, two more weeks of school then finals then DONE for the summer!!! Oh so happy. I was thinking about doing school this summer but, uhm, I don wanna. So I'm going to work full time and spend a little time not funning around 100 different directions 100 miles an hour. Should be nice.

Happy late Easter!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Toot toot! Blowin my own horn
Nakey Cake. A ten and a 6 inch lemon pudding cake filled with lemon pie filling

The finished cake. Pretty cute huh?

Close up of my roses.

I took about a billion pictures of this cake but I'll stop for now. Too tired :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006
Taking Stock

Are you guys sick of listening to bitch about school yet? Well, sorry, I'm at it again. Not so much school, but my life in relation to school. The semester is almost over. Four weeks from right this very moment, I will be finished with finals. Being so close to the end of semester means it's time to start thinking about next semester. Next semester is three months away, I have no idea what is going to be going on in three months. I have no idea what is going to be going on in three weeks for hells sake. Before this year started I was a business marketing major. Then I changed to a communications major. I didn't know what my communications emphasis would be, but I knew my major, and apparently knowing is half the battle. Whatever. So now I have taken a couple communications classes. My speech class was fun, well, maybe not fun, tolerable and educational maybe. Ok, it didn't drive me absolutely crazy. The PR class of this semester is a whole different story though. So now I am rethinking YET AGAIN the path I will follow on my school career.

This semester I have enjoyed my business management class most of all. Strange since business was my first choice but when I went to buy my books I nearly had a panic attack at the thought of taking intro to accounting, intro to psychology and other such insanities. But here I am, heading back down that road. Ugh. What I can't decide is if it's all the teacher or not? Am I considering abandoning my communications major because of my idiot teacher? Am I considering going back to Business because I enjoyed my business teacher so much? Can't I just miraculously become independantly wealthy and spend my days being doted on by hot cabanna boys named Julio??? Why isn't that an option? Schmoozing 101 with professor Smith. Being offered in Cabo San Lucas BYOB. Classes never start before noon. Now that'd get enrollment up!

So I'm asking oh wise and mighty friendternets. What is it that I should do with my life? Cuz right now I'm thinking a long nap and a stiff drink. Well, at least the long nap part.

This does NOT make me want to eat skittles.

Monday, April 03, 2006
Woohoo! Check this out!

My dear sis and the first pic I ever took with my new friend!

Sophie and Becky giving loves.

The horny birthday girl...hehe.

And it only took me two weeks. :)