Thursday, September 06, 2007
Want some crazy?
I thought you would.

Sidebar, I just spelled thought with a "P". I don't even know.

My backpack is freaking heavy! Today I was wandering around looking for a kinder gentler backpack and one of the reviews said "I love this backpack! I often carry between 10 and 15 pounds on my hikes and this pack makes it easy!" Between 10 and 15? You're crying at me about carrying between 10 and 15 pounds in your lovely, squishy, lumbar-tastic "pack"?! You sissy. My backpack weighs 23.7 pounds, IF I leave two books home, and I carry it three times a week up and down 4 sets of stairs. Fifteen pounds, I laugh at you and your sissy 15 pounds. HA!

So whilst checking out eBags I found this little number. It's cute and brown (I've become a big fan of brown) and would follow me around like a sweet little lost puppy. It's also a rollie backpack which I guess is some sort of faux pas. OK, yes I know how geeky the people that actually have them look, or how geeky the people that actually have them are. I am just vain in enough that this is a big consideration but there are times that I can actually FEEL my spine squishing. That is not a comfortable sensation.

My boss says that maybe if I walk with enough person while carting around my rollie backpack people will think I'm a professor. That's helpful huh? I'm under the delusion

So I need a new backpack that can fit this lil bitch, a calculus book, a management book, a marketing book, and a laptop as well as the mountains of other school supplies I carry, and still feel like I'm carrying clouds on my shoulders.... Do you think clouds are heavy?

Anyway! School is good, if good means it's kicking my ass. My apartment is gorgeous and comfy and my roomies mostly keep to themselves. My Rachel is back so I'm not alone 99.9% of the time anymore. Work is good. My hair is pretty. I'm in upper division courses now which means I'm 1 of around 10 girls in all my classes of 50 or more students so that's fun. I'll try and work up a run down of my classes and all the little quirks soon.

Have a good weekend.