Tuesday, July 05, 2005
I can't think of a good title...
Thanks for the story feedback. It's going to be a VERY long road. I have about 25 pages of rough done, so I'm about an 8th of the way through the first draft. Unless I go crazy and end up pulling a Harry Potter. I'd rather keep the stories short and spunky and write more of them than put the whole kit-n-caboodle in one 1.000 page long book. So if each book is around 200 pages I think it's good. Like I mentioned, I'm about 25 pages into my first draft and I'm already thinking I want to revise some relatively major parts, so if my book were a yard stick, I'd be somewhere in the first inch. :P.

Work is going good, not much to it really. I get some delightful (sense the sarcasm) customers. For instance, I had a lady yesterday that was outraged over her bill because she hadn't realized there would be tax. Uhm. Ok... What planet are you from lady. Not to mention it says on the contract you sign, in BIG BOLD LETTERS: Rates do not include tax. She said she never read contracts. I wanted to say "Oh really? Is that how Satan got your soul?" She was a bitch. Anyway, then you get the bored old men that want to tell you all their fishing stories, I now know all the best fishing spots in southern Utah. Helpful bit of knowledge (again, sense the sarcasm) and the know-it-alls, who have been in our sleepy little town for all of a day and think they know how to get places better than us. After arguing with one of them today I just let him do it his way. I wonder if he's hit Salt Lake yet? Anyway, it's good, I really like the bosses, I pretty much have everything down, I think, and all in all the customers aren't total dip shits. Besides, there's LOTS of spare time to write, watch TV, color, play solitaire. I have a feeling I'm gonna get fat at this job.


Blogger patrice said...

color? you can color at work? I wish I could color at work. that sounds like fun.

hey - at least you started your book! I think many people dream of writing a book (me included) but never ever start (me included.) you're an 8th of the way there! congrats!

Blogger Missuz J said...

Stupid people tricks are always fun to read. You should add a stupid tourist of the day award to your blog.

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