Saturday, December 31, 2005
Happy freakin New Years
So here I am. 10:08 New Years Eve. Blogging. That's right folks. I'm here ready to spend that momentous millisecond between 2005 and 2006 with you. What's that you say? Why doesn't a hotty bo botty like me have big plans tonight? Shouldn't I be out somewhere beating all the hot boys off with a stick? Well, one would think so wouldn't one. Apparently all the hot boys failed to get the memo. So I'm ... where I was last year if I remember correctly. At MissuzJ's watching the tikes. It's tradition I suppose. According to my mother I am GOING to have a date for New Years next year. Of course I was GOING to have a date for New Years this year too. There's something about this holiday that just down right depresses me. Not like Valentine's Day depresses me but still. Perhaps it's the idea that I'm looking a whole year right in the face. Shouldn't I have something poignant to say? If I had an interview with the old man who is 2005 and he asked me what I did with his 365 days what could I tell him? I started blogging and made a lot of new friends. I lost my job. I started two new jobs. I went back to school. I survived going back to school. I got over the evil scum bag. I got my first real crush since getting crushed. I got over my first real crush since getting crushed before he could crush me. I gained a wonderful new respect for myself. I grew. As for 2006, I have no idea. More school, more work, more friends. Maybe even more crushes. I turn 23 in 3 and 1/2 months and I am SO not in the place I thought I'd be at 23. If 2004 asked me what I was going to do with the time he gave me I would have been dead wrong. So, rather than end with a list of the things I hope to accomplish in 2006, I'll just say "Bring it on Biotch, I can take it".


Blogger Diane said...

Happy New Year's!
Yes, all the hot boys (and men, apparently) failed to get the memo. Their fat loss.
So. You're not where you thought or wanted to be at the ripe young age of 23. I'm going to venture a guess and say you wanted to have your own family by now. Three ideas you can take with all the marshmallows and hot cocoa you want (since you're not taking salt and tequila):
Idea 1: You already have a big goal that's going to get accomplished, no matter what happens. You will get married and have a family. Don't stress the getting there.
Idea 2: Chin up, girl. Do the school thing and the church thing and the listen-to-mom-and-big-sisters thing. Everything will eventually right itself, and you will be queen of the world.
Idea 3: Don't worry about all the shitty stuff that's going to happen, because let's face it: in everyone's life, you can find something shitty.

Blogger Sarcomical said...

i don't think we're EVER exactly where we *think* we should be! happy new year. ;)

Blogger Jazz said...

Happy New Year!
I somehow felt kinda depressed this New Year's eve, too, without actually knowing why. Maybe it was because our guests left at 2 am, because they had to take care of their dog...well, and that was just when I wanted the partying to start...
New Year's Eve never is the way you want it to be, right? My friends and I always say "but NEXT year we really GOTTA celebrate together" but we never make it. Do you know that? So annoying...

I hope your year 2006 is a good one!!

Blogger amandak said...

It sounds to me like you had a good year. Friends, jobs, crushes, can't see anything horrible to complain about there.

Thanks so much for hanging with the chillins. You kick ass!

I, for one, can't wait to see what the new year brings you.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Actually, the kids were at Karynn's house last year, but you do rock for taking them this year. Sounds like you had a pretty great 365 days to me. Here's to 365 more!

Blogger patrice said...

something I really have to remember myself is that for everyone I see who has it sooo much better than me, I can find people who have it sooo much worse.

I hope you keep copies of your blog so you can read your entries again in the future. can you imagine how much you'd laugh if you could read something you would have blogged 5 years ago??

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