Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Breathe a big sigh of relief.
Christmas is over! Don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. There was just waaaaay to much stress associated with December this year. I kept waiting for something else to happen. So far nothing of note. Knock on wood. My grandma had a hip replacement the week before Christmas and since she has no tolerance for pain she kept telling the doctors her pain level was a 10 (it goes to 11!!!) so they kept medicating her, a little morphine, a little lortab, an empty stomach... Yeah grandma was in a cloud for a couple days. I guess they couldn't wake her up one morning so they called my grandpa and just about gave him a stroke. The drama... but she's awake, and finally out of the hospital and my mom went up north to take care of her, leaving dad and I to entertain ourselves.

We went to King Kong last night. It was pretty good, but just a quick note to Peter Jackson, because I'm that cool and he totally reads my blog... Trim the fat!!! 3 hours!! Did it have to be three hours?? No sir it did not. And I am not one of those I hate a movie because it's too long type people. I like long movies. Just not three hour movies that feel like six hour movies. I swear it took them a year just to get to the freakin island in the first place. If you must create an epoch, which I get it, the epoch is your thang. But take a cue from Cecil B. Demille and have an intermission. Thanks! ~Katy. Once things got going it was better though. Scary native really really scary native people. Dinosaurs, whatever I can handle dinasouars... GIGANTIC BUGS!!! That is some freaky shit! Ya'll know how I feel about crickets. I freakin hate em!! And there were crickets the size of border collies trying to eat Adrian Brody's face!! Don't try and eat Adrian Brody's face Mr. Giant Cricket. This is the first movie I actually thought he was hot in... MMM Adrian Brody.... Sorry, maybe it's been too long since I went on a date.

Speaking of dates. Handsome Rob is a big fat dumb ass. Except he's not that fat at all. And his ass is actually kind of nice. Let me recap quickly since I said I'd tell you the new Handsome Rob story like 2 weeks ago. Had a little chat with Crazy Holly a couple weeks ago. Apparently Rob misses me. He was asking how I was, what was new in my life, blah blah blah. Then he went on to say that he thought I "liked him more than he intended" and that he had decided it would be best to just stay away from me because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. Yeah, that sounds logical. First, people always have a say in how much someone else likes them. When starting a relationship one always thinks to themselves, "Let's see...I think I'll keep this one at a 3...and this one at a 5." Yeah, feasible. Second, if you don't want to hurt someone's feelings the smart thing is to just stop calling. That way they're hurt and confused because it's always better to be sad and not know why. Idiot. So I had decided that Rob was dumb and just to let him think whatever stupid thoughts made him glad. But then he stopped with his little disappearing act and now I don't know what to do with him. Do I be mad, do I ignore him, do I try and salvage some sort of friendship? I'm not gonna do anything. If he wants to be my friend it's going to have to be his call. Wow, I sound bitchy, I'm blaming the crimson yuletide.

So for Christmas aside from getting confused, I got some cooooool stuff. My mom and dad/Santa got me a really nice leather jacket, a wall calendar, a desk calendar, an SUU sweatshirt and hat, a silpat!! (which will come in handy this summer but that's another story) some new slippers, and probably some other super cool stuff that I'm forgetting. I got them a couple of movies, some new pictures for the beautiful new bedroom set, and my dad the tiki head thing which UPS dropped off yesterday, and a brainteaser a day desk calendar. Big sis Mandy gave me the same calendar as my mom (yeah I'm just that predictable :)) and her kids gave me the Christmas Fairy which is an adorable little story book. I gave them CD's, an outdoor wind chime thingy that was a bitch to wrap, and Clark got a desk calendar (calendars are my generic gift for people that have me at a total loss. sorry clark). Becky gave me some most adorable fairies that are currently perched on my home computer waiting for me to get back to my book. She also got a wind chime, Sophie got a CD, Janzen got the Big Book of Everything Nasty, and Erik got movie passes (my other generic gift). Brother Jon sent me a gift certificate to Williams & Sonoma WOO HOO!! And I sent them a cute little statue that reminded me of them and their puppies got a picture frame :). I also got some very cool queen stuff, two new comfy blankies, my third copy of "He's Just Not That Into You" someone's trying to tell me something...and the sequel to HJNTIY, "It's Called a Breakup Because it's Broken" I apparently scream for relationship self help books. Oh yeah! And if your the board game type, I suggest Imaginiff. We got it for Janzen this year and it's way fun. You'll probably want to tweek the rules a bit but still great. And in case you were wondering, Sophie's Lellow. That's important. Ok, I've rambled long enough. Whoa, it's almost 1:30, time to go to lunch.

Today's thing I learned: Boo called me a couple hours ago to cement our plans for New Years. I'm hanging out with Janzen and Sophie so they can go play. When Becky told Sophie I was coming over for New Years Sophie somehow decided it was going to be a Kwanzaa Party. Complete with Bongoes and Kwanzaa cookies. Any thoughts on Kwanzaa cookies?? Anyone?


Blogger patrice said...

kwanzaa cookies! that soph. I'd think an assortment of chocolate chip cookies (chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip, regular with white chocolate chips, etc) would do the trick. I just realized that's alot of kinds of cookies to bake. this comment was written by someone who buys premade and prescooped out cookies to "bake". sorry.

who gave you those self help books??? and good to know about king kong. I was on the fence about seeing that with trent and sean and if it's 3 hours, I may just pass. I have to choose my movies wisely these days, as babysitters are hard to come by.

oh, and handsome rob? pardon my french, but he sounds like a really big dickhead.

Blogger Katy said...

don't get me wrong, King Kong was good. If you can swing it I'd def say try and go to the movie theatre but it is 3 hours and seven minutes long... just sayin.

Blogger Missuz J said...

My opinion is that rob is lucky you don't leave a flaming bag of poo on his doorstep. Who would want to be friends with someone that clueless and selfish and fucking stupid?

Don't worry--I'll provide the Kwanza cookies. I actually did a little research on Kwanza, and am basically stumped. But--I figure a Kwanza cookie to a 3 year old is whatever you tell her it is.

Love you!

Blogger NME said...

Can you make cutouts in the shape of jungle animals? Use the silpat. And you can watch Lion King?

Rob is an ass. He needs the self help books.

"Hey Brody!"

Blogger Stine said...

Kwanzaa? How many friggin kids even know what that is? What a crack up.

K, methinks Rob is a player. Methinks Rob wants his cake and eat it too. Methinks you deserve someone not so wishy washy. Methinks you should tell Rob to go jump in the Great Salt Lake.

Blogger Jazz said...

I watched King Kong, too, actually some of my friends made me come with them to watch it and well...
I don't like the movie that much. The first part is pretty good but then it gets worse every minute. Not that it's not interesting, but it's just so illogical. Like, why would three big dinosaurs hunt a really small woman when they can have other big dinosaurs to eat? And this is not the only thing.
I so hate these bugs, too, OMG, they were SO gross >.< And these strange worms...ugh, really.

I wouldn't say it's wasted time to watch it, but you don't have to either.

Oh and you should forget about this Rob,'s always surprising how stupid men actually are...

Ok, have a nice new year party everyone!!

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