Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Shake it!!
I'm pretty sure I've moved more in the last two days than I did all summer long. Want a tour? K here ya go.
I start off Monday morning searching for parking at 9 AM. I usually end up in one the three parking lots shown in yellow. After parking (which sucks a lot) I head over the the little red dot. Also known as the Business Building. Climb a few billion stairs and to my Business Law class then sit and listen to this guy prattle on. I'm afraid my opinion of this class so far is somewhat tainted by the opinions of my predecessors. Although, I'm pretty sure the first day of class he told us we needed to beat our kids more. May not have been what he meant but it sounded like it. Also did I mention Ean was in that class? Just keeeeeps gettin better. It'll be ok though. I'm tough.

After Business Law I go to work. Which is the blue dot at the top of the picture. Work work work. Then to the purple dot and down a couple stairs to Psychology 1010. Whyyyyy do we dooooo the thiiiiings we doooooo? Cuz we wanna :P. I snaked the last seat in Les Jones class almost by accident. So far, I find him delightful.

By the end of Whyyyyy do we dooooo the thiiiiings we doooooo? It's noon and I have a break. I haven't actually taken said break yet, and honestly I probably won't ever take said break but it's there. Which is nice. So in theory I have an hour to myself to catch up on homework, catch a few zzzz's in the living room, or eat something.

At 1:00 I run off to Math 1050 (college algebra) with him. He's American!! Yay! He speaks english, he understands english, he learned math in english!! Honestly you couldn't really ask for more from a math teacher at SUU. Of the 14 full time math professors, at least six of them speak english as a second language.... and not particularly good english.

Then I'm done with class and it's back to work til 5, and Monday's over. Something the map doesn't show too well is that the campus is pretty much ALL UPHILL! I think my office is the lowest point on campus. If you start from there and head towards classes you're in for a trek.

Tuesday and Thursday I work from 9:00 to 11:30 then headed back to the pretty red dot for Accounting with Mary Pearson I am actually excited for that class. My brain likes numbers, numbers and money is even better! After accounting I have Math again (EVERY DAY!!!) and then I work some more. Is good fun.

Also last night, I actually went to a social event. A couple friends and I went to the welcome back dance where I shook my groove thang for three hours, flirted with a cute boy who I only know as Rainman, and got elbowed in the chin. I think I've lost 10 pounds in the last two days.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Ha, I can totally sympathize - I'm a science major and a music minor, and the science building and the music building are on completely opposite ends of campus! What fun. My science professors always seems confused when they find out I spend about half my time in the music building.

Blogger Diane said...

Look on the bright side of Business Law: If Ean ever talks to you, you can always ask him about medieval fantasy reenactment.

Blogger patrice said...

enjoy it. these are things that some folks never get to experience.

Blogger Jazz said...

Hey Katy!
Still remember me? I know I haven't been here for a pretty long time, but I just felt like looking how your blog's doing today.
Your everyday life sounds pretty exhausting, but fun to read!
Whhhyyy do we doooo the thiiings we dooooo? Hahaha^^

Greetz from China, where I am doing a language-course right now.

Blogger NME said...

You are a very busy girl. And being busy always makes me feel proud. Hope you feel the same.

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