Wednesday, August 09, 2006
I LIVE for these moments
OK, I don't live for these moments. But they certainly make me chipper. HAHAHA OK...forgive me a cruel chuckle... ahhah.

I was cruising around in the mule at work today and drove past the quad. There, I saw these very dorky looking boys with home made swords and shields and bows and arrows and such and I thought,"Wow, them's there are some big geeks, not your average garden variety type geek!" So I'm cruising along and I look over just as the tallest of the duct-taped avengers spins around to block an "attack". SHEBANG!!! EAN!! In all his immature, duct-taped sword weilding splendor. Made my day.

So I had to grab my phone and run back for a picture. Sorry, the picture kinda sucks.

He's a grown-up type person. I have no problem (ok, I have a small problem) with those really passionate people that get together and reenact some major event, or those that get together in their peasant garb and hang out at the renaissance fair. In fact, I love when the RenFair is in town. But come on. If you're going to reenact, DO IT. Running around the local university lawn in a T-shirt you've had SINCE THE 7TH GRADE!!!! with a giant foam and duct tape sword, is just plain silly. And to think, I cried myself to sleep over this man....boy. HAHA!!!


My momma always told me that Boys don't grow up they just get more expensive toys. So I'm guessing that he is a LONG WAY AWAY since he's playing with cheap toys.

Keep on smiling! It's like when a car buzzes past you only to be pulled over getting a ticket as you pass it in 1/2 mile. :)

Blogger Missuz J said...


Ahh. Vindication.

Blogger Daina said...


Why oh why did we ever waste so much time on him? It's little things like this that make me really wish I was there to hae such run ins of my own. But seriously, thanks so much for sharing this! HAHAHA! I'm laughing myself to sleep tonight!

Remind you of his lame knight costume from Mattress? Bwahaha!

Blogger Katy said...

LOL! That image just makes the whole thing SO MUCH BETTER!! We really should find a cheap plastic knight's helmet and mail it tohim anonymously. That'd be awesome. HAHAHA. 10:30 and I'm still laughing.

Blogger ~A~ said...

Ohhhhhhhhh that is funny.

I think I still have an plastic viking helmet that the kids lost the horns out of. I could replace them with pink craft foam.

Your picture made my whole morning.

Blogger NME said...

Ummm. Yeah. That is super dorky. He's obviously not up to your caliber.

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