Thursday, August 24, 2006
Uhm yeah, still here.
Life here has been fair to partly dull. I was going to take a little mini-break, now I'm not. School starts in (GASP) four days. I made another cake the first of this week for my boss's parents. It was cute and simple. I'll post pictures someday. I'm going to do a cake for my mom this weekend and hopefully scurry my lil butt to SG for a little back to school shopping. So yeah. School. I'm taking Business Law, Intro to Accounting, College Algebra, and Psych. I've also signed up for Circuit Weight Training so I can get back in shape. HA!! Back in shape. Right. Like I've ever been in shape. Hopefully since the class is set up to give you a grade to go to the gym I'll drag my butt to the gym to work out. We'll see. I bought my books online a couple weeks ago. They're all here. Plus one. Apparently my silly little brain shut off for a minute because I ended up ordering two of the same book. Woops. Hopefully I'll be able to pawn one off on somebody the first day of class.

Today is my mom's birthday. She's 56. Ya know, I realize I get annoyed with her, she gets annoyed right back, but she really is my very best friend. We have some codependence issues but we both recognize them and try to give each other our space. My mom is a great lady. Happy birthday mom! I love you!!

Anywho. I'm out of things to say now.


Blogger amandak said...

PLEASE tell me you're taking Psych from Les Jones. (Psych 101, right?)

I might even have my notes from that class still, and I'll bet it hasn't changed a bit.

Have fun at school! Love ya!

Blogger lonna said...

Hey if you ever need help with psych let me know (lonnamurphy at gmail dot com). I'm teaching 3 sections of intro myself this semester.

Happy birthday to your mom! I know that she's been through a lot and every birthday must seem so special to all of you.

Blogger Stine said...

Another check mark for Les Jones - he's the man. And the only person I'd ever let hand me a rodent (Behavioral Psyche - a the memories).

Happiest of Birthdays Mamma Smith!

Blogger patrice said...

happy birthday lady smith! belated, sorry.

hope you're having fun in school...

Blogger Diane said...

Have fun with weight training!

I bought a book, "Sculpting Her Body Perfect", that has a great body conditioning plan in it for us un-toned folks.

I do definitely recommend getting some weight lifting gloves. You get a much better grip, and you don't form callouses on your pretty hands.

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