Wednesday, August 02, 2006
This one's for Boo

Remember this and this? Well, in honor of the birth of Becky, Mandy and I composed a list of things we remember from the last 31 years...or 23 years in my case.

31 things about MissuzJ

  1. She is a great french braider.
  2. She collects turtles.
  3. In the apartment she lived in when she first married E, she had a tiny ancient stove and still managed to make the best roasted chicken ever.
  4. She makes up great games.
  5. She has mad karaoke skills and often rules the stage.
  6. She has a big ol' crush on Spike.
  7. She is the Rainman of music lyrics, she knows all the words to hundreds, nay maybe even thousands of songs.
  8. She is an amazing teacher and enjoys making a difference.
  9. Since she was born in New Zealand her "real" birthday is actually a day before her birthday birthday... confusing.
  10. Her first car was a red VW bug named Earnest.
  11. Her second car was a grey Ford Escort that she had to start with a pair of pliers and a nail.
  12. She has never ever been to busy or too cool to play with me. Even on her wedding day she made time for me.
  13. She took me on my very first spa day.
  14. She in an amazing mom and has riased a beautiful, funny, brilliant little girl and helped to raise a silly, polite, intelligent young man.
  15. She is a wizard with flowers and ribbon. She make beautiful floral arrangements and did most of the flowers for her own wedding.
  16. Once while cleaning her room she excused its dirtiness by saying that if the world was ending and MacGeyver needed something, he'd know exactly where to find it.
  17. She's always quick to compliment.
  18. She will make you laugh until you think you might die.
  19. She always has a shoulder to cry on.
  20. She sometimes has low self esteem even though she is one of the most amazing beautiful women I know.
  21. She's not only a great sister she's a best friend.
  22. She was the first of the sisters to blog, Mandy and I followed her lead.
  23. She is a crazy fast reader. She reads lines at a time instead of a word at a time.
  24. She can kill anybody at Scrabble.
  25. She used to have to find Mandy to help her find her glasses in the the morning because she was that blind and her room was that messy.
  26. In one of her early apartments one of her roommates lived in the closet (literally).
  27. She has a great legs and beautiful feet.
  28. She throws the best porch parties EVER.
  29. She has an awesome T-Shirt collection.
  30. She had a devilcat named Daisy that would launch itself at your head as you walked up the always slightly scary staircase to her first apartment with E.
  31. Her worst birthday memory ever was when she turned 8 and had her Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. Our mom had wrapped underwear for her as a present and she had to unwrap it in front of all her friends.

We love you Boo!! Happy Birthday!! Make sure to stop by MissuzJ's blog (like I have anybody that reads me that's no a Boosciple) and share the love!


Blogger Missuz J said...

Ahh. After your heads-up yesterday, I've been looking for this all morning.

Love you two. Thanks.

Blogger NME said...

This one is really touching and speaks volumes about Becca:

She has never ever been to busy or too cool to play with me. Even on her wedding day she made time for me.

Nice list.

Blogger patrice said...

you're so so so sweet. I love knowing all this about the boo.

Blogger Rebecca said...

I read your blog occasionally without being a "Boosciple"... but happy birthday, missuz j, whose blog I haven't actually read but whose comments I see on other's blogs all the time.


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