Wednesday, April 19, 2006
A brief rant
OK, school is suddenly kicking my ass.

I found out today that my PR teacher has decided, rather than administer a final test, we are to put together a personal portfolio and we'll be graded on that. Personal portfolio?

Dear Professor Egotist:
Do you realize that we are barely halfway through the book and that you haven't taught us what goes into a portfolio, let alone how to compile and present one?? Do you!!?? Also, the fact that you don't have your tests written, and the fact that YOU are behind in YOUR work, does NOT constitute an ermergency on my part. And, yours is NOT the only class I have and the fact that you are JUST NOW realizing that perhaps you better give us something to score so that you can perhaps grade us, does not mean that you are allowed to pile on hours and hours of busy work so that you don't appear useless to your colleagues. You don't have to try and trick them into thinking you're good at what you do. They know you suck. They hear it from us. Oh, and if you are going to make us put together a big ugly presentation to present to you, please do us the kindness of STAYING AWAKE!!! Thank you and have a nice day.

Sincerely, The Smart Kids.
PS: It's time to retire....Really.

In other news, I thought my lit final project was due next week, nope, is due tomorrow. Hell. So I need to finish reading my book and write a 6 page paper tonight to hand in by 4:00 tomorrow. Not a big deal. Just induced a mild panic attack on my part. I can do it. So why am I blogging when I have so much else I should be doing. Because I'm paralyzed. Have you ever had so much on your plate that you just wouldn't deal with any of it rather than try and deal with part of it. That's me.

Uhm, quick something I like about school so I'm not just bitching, and Rob is happy.
It makes me go outside.
It pays the bills. (though it kind of makes the bills too)
It's excellent blog fodder.
I appreciate my time off more.

The end.


Blogger rob said...


Blogger lonna said...

Your PR professor is an ass. I consider my syllabus a legal contract because IT IS! If I change anything I talk it over with my students first, and even then my changes are usually in their favor. For example, I'm having to cancel the last day of class. So instead of making their final paper due the class before, I'm having them turn it in at the final. I get so angry when I see professors do lazy shit like that. The good news is there is only 7 days of class left and then finals. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Blogger ~A~ said...

Have you ever had so much on your plate that you just wouldn't deal with any of it rather than try and deal with part of it.

That is so me too!

Sorry that your PR goober is such an ass.

Good luck on your 6 pg paper.

Blogger patrice said...

I get paralyzed all the time when I have too much work. or stress. I just kind of sit there and stare, or do something completely useless.

one day you'll look back at your college years and laugh at how crazy it all was. one day in the far, distant future.

Blogger Rebecca said...

It's always like that at the end of the semester, I guess. Between now and the end of the semester, I have three exams and three big papers, so I'm there too. Hang in there, and it will all be over soon...

Blogger NME said...

I too am with you on the paralysis. I should be doing any one of ten other things at the moment.

The semester is almost over - hang in there.

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