Thursday, April 27, 2006
Quick quick!
K guys, is the last week of school! Is Thursday of the last week of school! Then is finals! Then I's done for months!!! I's so excited!! I am rocking at the final projects. I am tired, and fried, and last night was the first night I slept more that four hours in a week. I will be studying my poor little ass off all weekend then test test test test DONE!!!! YAY!!! Til then, I will be conspiculously absent. But I still loves ya!

Also, I am planning my next cake. It's Aqua Teen Hunger Force themed. You can't wait to see it can you.... Hehehe, I know.


PS: I did my PR Final Project yesterday. My group and I were working on it for WEEKS and we are the first group in the history of him teaching that class to get 100 out of 100. AND he gave us all 50 bonus points because we just ROCK that much. I'm sooooooo hyeppy.


Blogger rob said...

I like all good things about school.

That makes me smile.

Blogger ~A~ said...

Me too! Happy Happy. 100 out of 100 rocks. Can you do my homework?

And an Aqua Teen Hunger Force themed cake! How totally awwwww....hunh? Yeah, I think I've just hit old. But I can't wait to see it.

Blogger lonna said...

Good luck with your finals and way to go on your PR project. I'm dying to see your next cake project. I'm all about the fry guy (I don't really know their real names except for meatwad).

Blogger patrice said...

Excellentttttttt!!!!! 100 out of 100? plus bonus points for the hell of it? nice.

what will you do on your summer vacation?

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