Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Oh you silly silly girl...
So my friend Liz is getting married in May. I've known her since we were probably 7 which makes her my longest maintained friendship ever. I hadn't talked to her for awhile so I texted her a couple days ago. We started talking weddingy type things as brides are apt to do and she mentioned they were trying to save money. We talked about invitations which she will probably make herself, we talked about the guest list, which is GINORMOUS, and of course, we talked about cake. Before I realized what I was saying I was offering to do her cake for her. It would save her money and give me practice and I didn't even expect her to go for it. Oh silly silly girl. She talked to her fiance and called me back saying, they would indeed love me to create their wedding cake.




I am FREAKING OUT! I mean I know I have talent in the cookie area, and in the small cake area. Jabba the Cake, Blob of chocolate and gross green. Cinderelli, itty bitty cake and very few decorations. Skateboard cake. One TEENY TINY layer and a star tip. Wedding cake? BIG .... and kinda important! I'll be fine. I'll be great. I have like 3 months to learn all I need to know about cake construction. It's not that hard really. It's just nerves.

In other news, I'm really excited to be doing my first wedding cake for one of my best friends! So cool! And I have TONS of ideas and it's going to be really pretty. YAY!


Blogger Missuz J said...

You're going to do GREAT! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Blogger ~A~ said...

I don't have any doubt it's going to be awesome either. Totally can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'm sure you probably already know but a lot of craft stores now-a-days has a Wilton trained cake person that gives classes.

Hope you don't mind that I'm going to add you to my blogroll thing so I can bypass Rob and your sister.

One piece of advice I would offer is to get a piece of styrofoam cut round for how ever many layers they want. Practice and send us pictures!

If she needs any suggestions hollar I am a wedding coordinator. I've seen some really cool stuff be done and some freaky stuff also!

I have no doubt you will do GREAT!

Blogger Diane said...

Dumb idea: I've seen a lot of brides (Julie D. from high school included) have a sheet-sized cake for their guests, and then a prettier little (or prettier huge!) cake for the bridal pair for their first piece and their first anniversary.

Another dumb idea: I've seen brides "cheat" and use rice krispie treat, styrofoam, etc. for the bottom couple of layers so there appears to be a huge cake.

And yet another dumb idea: I read in a bridal magazine recently that a "trendy" thing to do now is a dessert buffet thing, with three or four different desserts, which may or may not be cake/pastry. Not saying you have to do all of it if that's what she decides she wants, but it definitely takes the pressure off of you for making a huge cake.

Blogger NME said...

WOW! That is quite an undertaking. But I know you are up to the challenge.

We had a lovely small display cake for the cutting and to save for the anniversary. But guests got cupcakes. Everyone really seemed to love that. That could ease you on the size a bit.

Blogger patrice said...

it is going to be magnificent!!

I was just going to bring up that nicole's wedding had gourmet cupcakes (which she just said) and that they were a total hit. they were so delicious and they were all beautiful. and you could totally set them up on tiers so they cascade down and it would be beautiful...

whatever you choose to do is going to be wonderful.

Blogger Jazz said...

Wow, you have to blog pictures when it's done!!

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