Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Ranty Rantings
I'm so freaking sick of school this semester. Nothing imparticular to be sick of really. I'm just tired of it. Today is officially midterm and springbreak is in two weeks. Think I can hold out? I don't know. Here's a brief overview of the semester thus far.

Criminal Justice:
Generally and interesting class. Well, I feel there's potential for being an interesting class. Instead I get Prof. Williams autobiography. "In my first career..." he says then follows up with a long story that barely touches on the subject at hand. Fun, interesting, occasionally funny, occasionally sad. Until test time when you look through the 50ish test questions and think "Huh? When the hell did we talk about this??" And I know I'm supposed to be reading the book and I do but even then he manages to find the most vague references to build test questions off of. I'm going to be lucky with a C from that class. Hell.

Public Relations:
The man is rantastic. As I mentioned it is now midterm and we have had ONE of the FIVE tests scheduled for the class session. We were supposed to take said test SIX WEEKS AGO. But didn't because he hadn't finished writing it. I managed to pull an A- off that test because I had a good study group to split the GINORMOUS study guide with but dude. Your job is to teach me Mr. Man, not stroke your ego in front of a class full of comm majors. Oh, and if you expect me to be to class on time and prepared I expect you to be to class on time and prepared. OK? Ok. Mid term grade prognosis, A-.

OK, I like my business class. Really, I do. My teacher's interesting, he actually follows some lecture plan. You can tell he's put effort into his presentation. He strives to not be terribly boring. I figure I'm getting a B out of his class. Which is ok with me.

Imaginative Lit:
Good pointless fun. My teacher is pretty self satisfied, thinks he's brilliant. Indeed he understands the deep mysterious workings of Harry Potter, I'm sure his family is very proud. I don't apply myself too much in his class which I guess is my fault. Of course I don't need to apply myself too much in his class because there's not that much to it. I got my mid-term essay back today. I got an A, which he made a point of telling the class at the beginning of the semester wasn't easy. Whatever. Of course after handing out my A he nit-picked his way through my paper. I understand it must have been hard to hand out a precious A grade to a simpleton such as myself, but just bite the bullet, scribble the little red A on my paper and shut up. I'll get an A from that class pretty easily. That is if I don't deem it ridiculous and move on with my life. Which I may. One of the students in my lit class said when he was reading Dragonsbane (our latest book) that he pictured me as the heroine, which is pretty kick ass really. Then today my teacher said I looked like I wanted to set someone on fire, which the heroine does. My little psychic friend thinks I'm channeling a past life. K.

Of course I'm particularly irritable today since Aunt Flo came to town. Bitch. And I probably would like to set someone on fire.

But I'll refrain.

Didn't learn anything today so here's my new favorite quote:
"In every woman there is a queen. Speak to the queen and the queen will anser."


Blogger Missuz J said...

Your Majesty,
Sounds like most of your professors need a swift kick in the pants.

Your most humble vassal/el?,

I'm always telling my husband if you want to be treated like a King then treat me like a Queen. Hang in there I'm sure you will survive 2 more weeks! Big plans for the break?

Blogger lonna said...

I'm so sorry that your semester isn't as fun as it could be. I always hated when I had high expectations for a class and they were just crushed by some teacher who either didn't care or was just plain unorganized.

On a selfish note, I would hate to hear the things that my students say about my class behind my back:)

Blogger patrice said...

"Indeed he understands the deep mysterious workings of Harry Potter, I'm sure his family is very proud."


Blogger Rebecca said...

My chemistry professor forced us to divide into groups yesterday to work on the problems she'd written on the board. "Get in a group with someone you don't normally sit with," she said. Here I thought maybe I was done with that sort of stupidity when I finished high school.


Your thing about the iguana cracked me up, by the way.

Blogger NME said...

Professors DO love to talk about themselves, don't they? I've had many that talked more about their own life than their subject matter. It can be disappointing, especially when you are really hungry to learn something.

Blogger Stine said...

I guess stroking his ego in front of the class is better than stroking other things.

Still, dude needs to chill.

Blogger Katiemagic said...

You're such a great writer I think it would be hard NOT to give you an A on a paper.

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