Friday, January 20, 2006
I've been doing ACTUAL WORK all morning (gasp) and I need a moment to myself.

Remember that time when Boo, Kodi, Kiri and I all went to Vegas to meet Patrice, Sean, Trent, and Bella and I never blogged about it? Me too!! So here goes. A quickie since ya'll have already read up on the details. (Anybody else notice that I've been saying ya'll a lot lately?)

Driving with Boo is always freakin hilarious. She sings at other drivers, cusses up a storm, gets relatively lost relatively often, and always comes up with the best car games. My favorite this trip was one where you say an actor's name then the next person has to either say an actor with the same first or last name or a movie that actor's in, then the next person has to say an actor with the same first or last name or a movie they're in or another actor in the same movie. It's fun, and I WON! I never win Becky games, it was great.

Upon reaching Vegas I got to be the one to call and check in with Patrice. Lucky me. Everyone had been a little anxious, including me, but after that 30 seconds on the phone I was at ease. I hung up and just said Aw, she's so nice! Then I got very excited for lunch. Which was good. Deep fried pickles ya'll, damn. I'm going to make them. SOON. Sweet Apple Iced tea, very yummy, but the apple garnish was so sour it made my eyes water, and a Pork Caesar Salad. Which was nothing like what I expected it to be, but OK.

Lunch was so chillaxed. It was nice to just hang out and eat. Our waitress bugged me for some reason, perhaps because of the rampant mamming, honeying, and sweethearting. Just trying to be nice blah blah whatever, it gets old. I couldn't wrap my head around all the conversation. I'm kind of an observer by nature anyway, I'd rather just sick back and take it all in. Becky and Patrice just acted like old friends who hadn't seen each other since High School. Sean was such a nice attentive daddy/husband/person. Trent was a total doll, every time I opened his mouth I thought "wait wait, how old are you again?" and Bella was freakin adorable! She was like bottled cuteness.

None of us were exactly ready to part ways but none of us really knew what to do in Vegas for a couple hours before the Utahns had to head home so, since none of you have read anybody else's retelling I'll tell you. We went back to the Paris and wandered for a bit. A big bronze man statue of Captain Morgan scared the crap out of me and Kiri. We found the East siders and wandered some more then Boo, Patrice, and Kodi gambled while Trent, Bella, Kiri, Sean and I went a lookin. I think we circled the entire building twice. Me holding a sleepy Bella who was all snuggly and SO GOOD. Not once did she get fussy or annoyed. Well she was probably really annoyed, just being polite. We went to the Queen store. Have I mentioned that I really like Queen, and David Bowie, and etc... Anyway I also have an obsession with crowns and other royal parafanalia (blog spell checker doesn't know how to spell that either) and everything was 50% off. Oh my credit card started humming the minute I walked in the door. Luckily I made it out relatively debt free with an awesome pink hat and ya know, my dignity and whatever.

Sadly we soon parted ways. With nothing but our memories, a pink hat, 100 extra smackers, and a new love for deep fried pickles. Anyways, to the Patrice Clan, you guys are the coolest.

Today's thing I learned: Blogger spellcheck doesn't know how to spell Blogged, or blog, or spellcheck.... hehe.


Blogger Missuz J said...

We will deep fry some pickles--soon!

Blogger Jazz said...

Sounds like a fun trip. When did you go there, actually?

Not that I'm a teacher (like your sis) or anything but I have been noticing you misspell Y'all alot! Remember the " ' " is there to take the place of the missing letters and Y'all is short for You All so........

Anyhow it does my TEXAS heart good to hear Y'all, so keep up the good work Miss Katie!

Blogger patrice said...

I loved meeting you. you're so sweet in person, exactly how I thought you would be by reading your blog. you have a great laugh, too - I can still hear it in my head. you were so sweet to hold bella. I didn't know you guys went to the queen store! and I didn't know you bought anything!!! what does the hat look like?

we totally have to do that again. and not just for the gambling. I'd rather hang out somewhere where we can all chill together and stuff. it will happen, hopefully soon.

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