Thursday, January 05, 2006
Counter Bitching
K so this is my third post in 24 hours. I spend WAY too much time on the internet. Oh well. I thought to get away from the general crapiness that was yesterday's later post I would do a list of my favorite things and the things that make me happy, etc...

  1. The color red. Red is my friend.
  2. Pretty new jewelry to make myself my feel better (like the garnet ring I just bought myself to match the earrings I bought yesterday)
  3. Chai Tea. Cuz it's warm and yummy and you can't stay grumpy when you're sipping it.
  4. My Burt's Bees zit stick. Cuz yesterday I had a HUGEMONGOUS zit, and today I have a medium zit, and maybe tomorrow it'll be gone.
  5. My new hair color. And the cool flippy thing my hair is doing today. If it weren't for the big ol' zit I'd totally take a picture for you guys.
  6. Peanut M&M's
  7. My new job.
  8. My new purple bathroom. Even if the edges are kinda crappy, I did it myself and I'm very proud.
  9. Mary Engelbreit
  10. Reading recipes and finding something I wanna try and then trying it and having it be really good.
  11. My camera phone.
  12. Puppies, when I get a puppy I'm gonna name her Trixie and I want her to be one of these or one of these.
  13. My new leather coat.
  14. Frog stuff
  15. Blogging

There ya go, I feel better now. :)


Blogger lonna said...

I like red now too. I used to hate it because it was my high school's color, but it has grown on me. How great that you love your new job. I have always been happier when I really like my job. It affects me so much. I hope that writing this list lifted your spirits.

I'm voting for the second puppy - um what kind is it? It's cute puppy number 1 was scary! Like in Gremlins scary.

Blogger patrice said...

aww, see? things'r lookin up!!

red is also my favorite color. woo.

and when I first read chai tea I read it as tai chi and I was like, I wish I knew that!! I do like chai tea, though.

Blogger Katy said...

puppy #1 is an affenpinscher. I think they look like ewoks. Puppy #2 is a uhm...norfolk terrier I think I can never remember.

I also forgot to add my love for Meg Ryan romances. Like You've Got Mail, and Kate and Leopold and of course when Harry Met Sally. I don't know why, they just make me glad :)

Blogger NME said...

Ohhh. I have to try that zit stick. And I too love chai and peanut m&ms.

Blogger Diane said...

I ran out and found a Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick at Bulloch's Drug Store, and it started clearing up the nasty acne (the stuff that doesn't like to go away) in hours.

I have a thing for John Cusack comedies; I liked "Must Love Dogs".

And Chai is most fantabulous, even if it doesn't have the caffeine kick that a Caramel Macchiato does.

Blogger Jazz said...

What exactly is your new job? I mean, what are you doing?

These lists are nice, I also once made one for myself. It shows you how happy your life actually is and how many good things you just take for granted instead of appreciating them. I often try to remind myself of how many happiness actually is in my life because of so small things or moments.

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