Thursday, January 12, 2006
The Boys are Back in Town
I went back to school this week. Hooray! I was getting really bored. But now schools in again and all is well with the world, except for the fact that I'm going to be reading for the rest of my life. Here's a quickie:

First things first, Monday Wednesday Friday at 9:00 I have Intro to Criminal Justice. My teacher was a cop in the LA area for like 20 billion years and has lots of war stories and is a hard ass. I have no idea whether I'll like that class or not. He made a big point of the fact that he starts class PROMPTLY and that we are expected to be prepared for class PROMPTLY. OK, I understand that in the big bad real world you have to be on time for things and there's rules and blah blah blah, but here's a little somethin about me. My first class of the day could be at 3 and I'd still be late. I could wake up at 6 o'clock and get ready and be sitting outside the door waiting for class to start and at 8:59 I'd have to get up and pee or something. It's like anti genetic, my parents are both freaks about being on time for things so I'm the exact opposite. On time is not in my vocabulary. Maybe I'll have to ask my buddies at work to wind his clock back a few minutes :).

Then I go to work for a couple hours where I work work, file file, balance balance. Unfortunately I don't blog, I am actually TOO BUSY. That's right folks, I actually work at work now. Oh and shop, because I got my boss hooked on too and yeah it's really that cheap. I got my first shipment today and I love my earrings and the ring I bought is really pretty but too big for any of my fat little fingers. A strange occurence indeed.

After work I haul ass to my Public Relations class. I don't know why I insist on hauling ass to PR. My teacher certainly doesn't haul anything. Where my CJ teacher is Mr. Prompt my PR teacher is Mr. Laidback. He's from Saaaaaoooouth ya seeee, and things are slowwwwer in the Saaaaooooouth. So he's habitually 7 minutes late for class every day the proceeds to hold us over 10 minutes to get through all the course material. He gave us our first homework assignment yesterday and said "Don' aaaaaask me whuddI wont, juuust gimme whuddI wont." Uhm K... He's a pretty nice guy though, if a little full of himself.

Then it's back to work and then home where I read. Because my teachers don't lecture on what's on the test, the stuff in the book is what's on the test and why should they waste their time talking about what's gonna be on the test when we can just read it.. Uhm K...

Tuesday and Thursday I have Business in Society which is turning out to be my fave class. The teacher is funny and smart and asks good questions and keeps things interesting. And I feel like I know what I'm talking about in that class. The kid that sits next to me is gonna get smacked though. He's a fidgetter. Today he tapped his pencil on the desk for an hour and a half. He's lucky that pencil didn't end up down his throat. We may have to have words. I realize that it may not be appropriate in society to snatch some kids pencil out of his hands and throw it across the room. People may think you're crazy. "What's with the chick that always wears the sweaters and her anger issues?" Well ppllllffffbbbtt, "What's with the crazy kid in the front row that wears too much jewelry and the incessant pencil tapping?" Huh?? WHAT ABOUT HIM??

After business it's the class that I thought I'd love, but don't. I like it, but I can't say I love it. Intro to imaginative literature, sounds fun right? I get to read Fantasy Lit for credit. Some of it I'm sure I'll like more than others. However, we don't get participation points, we get skill points. Like Dungeons and Dragons. Uhm...K. I am by far in the minority of the class since I don't think that I was a sorceress in another life, I don't recall ever doing battle with a dragon, and I can't recite the entire House of Elderon from memory. And I am only exaggerating a teeny tiny bit. The one girl in that class I thought I managed to befriend because she didn't appear to crazy, just informed me that she remembered me from one of her past lives and that she just knew we were going to be best friends. Of course in this past life we were Celtic warriors and I was the most vicious of us all and I was covered in tattooes from head to toe. One good thing though, we walked past Rob today on our way out of class and she's convinced he's not from this world. Don't get me wrong I definitely believe in the mystical on some level and who knows she could be right. Maybe I did slaughter more men with my big burly axe than anyone else on the battlefield...somehow I think not.

Anyway, this semester should at the very least prove to be interesting blog fodder.

Today's thing I learned: Rob's an alien. I always kinda had a feeling...


Blogger lonna said...

I always wonder what my students think of me. Now you have me scared:)

I would totally applaud if you stopped a fidgeter in their tracks by throwing down their damn pencil. I can't stand pen/pencil fidgeters or foot bouncers.

At least you were a badass in your previous life. That can't be too bad, right?

Blogger rob said...

There, Boudicca Smith stood victorious atop a veritable mountain of detritus, having singlehandedly staved off the outworldly, incubal, cyborg hordes of the Handsomrobytes with her polearm of power, "Angeriss├╝".

"Huzzah, Boudicca!" cried her slightly delusional yet plucky squire whom Boudicca has yet deemed worthy of a name. As it has been for countless centuries amongst the FemCelt warriors, when one nestles under the wing of a she-knight, she sheds her name like a snake her skin and must prove herself on the field of valor ere their true identity be granted. "For sooth, I have seen much but ne'er hast mine eye feasted upon such savories as thine death dealing this night! But what, pray tell, is thine secret of repelling the irresistible wizardry of yon thwarted man menace?"

Boudicca chortled haughtily as she resheathed Angeriss├╝ and kicked aside what was once the head of a Handsomrobyte drone but now resembles nothing more than a shattered side mirror of a motor scooter. "Simple, nameless one! I owe it all to the Ring of Resistance I acquired from that crone we encountered in the hamlet of Silverj 'welry do'Com. It gives me +3 to my Constitution and an automatic saving role against "unnatural charm". So long as I wear this ring, I am impervious to the Handsomrobytes' wiles."

"We are going to be the best of friends, Bouticca Smith."

"Shut up and get me some Peanut M&Ms."

Blogger Missuz J said...

Oh--now that I read Rob's comment, i can't remember what I was going to say.

hmmm. Well, you kick ass. Buy me some jewelry, k?

Blogger Stine said...

See Rob look - there is a good start to your "newwork".

Sorry K, Scrabble reference from last night.

Blogger patrice said...

covered from head to toe in tattoos. nice. past lives - lovely. I hope she doesn't know where you live.

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