Monday, January 30, 2006
The Sucky Suckness of all that which does SUCK!!!
So as you might have guessed, things suck right now.

I've been trying to avoid being overly negative on the ol' blog-o-rama because I figure nobody really cares. Not that nobody cares because I know my friends and family want me to be happy and blah, but I don't really even want to think about my life sucking so why should anyone else? Get my point?

Anyway, as you all know I got to go visit the extended family last weekend. Saturday there was driving, in a car where there was silence, except for the book on tape. And not the pleasant silence of people who like each other and don't need to talk to be in each others company. Nosirree Bob, the heavy silence that leaves the poor girl in the backseat on edge staring from mother to father in abject horror because they're pissed at each other. Not just Mom pissed at Dad. Dad's pissed too. This NEVER happens. Six hours of "I can not talk to you just as much as you can not talk to me, so there :P". Greeeeeeeat.

Then there is of course the heading to the grandma's house. As if she wasn't bad enough, somebody decided to give her a cane. Brilliant... She had her hip replaced, she's fine. Doing really REALLY well actually. Too well. She was hoping for another couple weeks of everyone falling all over themselves to do her bidding and now nobody will. Poor baby. So she keeps her cane around so strangers pity her because nobody else will.

After the visit with Grandma we went to my Uncle Mark's frozen waste land of a house to unload and change and pack and stuff before the play. Little Women the musical. Good times. High point of the evening, Fredrico's Pizza and garlic bread. The only reason I go to Logan anymore. So we eat. I field questions about my personal life. No, I'm not still at the bank. No, I'm not seeing anyone. I'm back in school, communications major, No, I don't know what I'm going to do with that. Yeah, yeah, you're kids are adorable.... whatever.

Play time. It was good. Not fabulous, but good. Basically I sat in the car in the awkward silence for a total of 12 hours to hear my Uncle Scott sing 2 songs. One of which he was completely overpowered by her majesty The Soprano! and the over was a reprise and lasted about 20 seconds. But made me cry like a little baby. *Sniffle* Play ended, we went and gave Uncle Scott big hugs for his 5.7 minutes of fame and headed home. Grandma of course leaning heavily on her cane, and grandpa until I showed up and Grandpa handed her off to me and made a run for it. I can't blame him. He has to put up with her everyday. So I helped her the rest of the way out the door, Grandpa brought the car around and Grandma clung for dear life to my arm because I was "Walking too fast" or "Not minding the ice" She is after all just a feeble old lady ya know.

Back at Uncle Mark's house we sat in the kitchen and talked til 1:30 in the morning. Well they talked. I sat there trying to share an opinion and they all ignored me as usual because I'm just a little girl and don't know what I'm talking about. Went to bed. Woke up in a strange bed in a strange room in a cold house and panicked for a second in the middle of the night because I couldn't get out of bed. At home I roll out of bed on the left. At Uncle Mark's the bed is up against a wall on the left so I was trapped. Scary. Woke up, went to church with Grandpa, (Grandma isn't near well enough for church yet...uh huh). Went to go visit Granny at the nursing home. Have I mentioned that I'm terrified of old people? And hospitals, which comes into play later. Anyway, went to the nursing home. Visited Granny. Complimented her on her GINORMOUS YARN DOILIES! Got in the car and headed home.


HAHA gotcha. Headed home? No no, that would have been far too easy. Nope we stopped off at Primary Children's Hospital first because my mom is the Relief Society President (in charge lady) and her Bishop's son was having surgery. They were removing his spleen. He's 2. It's really sad. As I mentioned I'm scared of hospitals. I don't know what it is about them, well actually I do know what it is about them. I know exactly but I'm not going to get into that. Anyway, we went to visit and I stayed on the first floor and read my book and tried to avoid eye contact with anyone. Having not eaten all day I raided the gift shop for candy bars which caused my blood sugar to sky rocket and then plummet about an hour later. So much more suckiness in that little event, but this post is already plenty long. Another few hours of car silence and then we really were home. Except for the stop at McGrath's Fish House where I got the Seafood Alredo, with raw scallops. No, I didn't order them raw. The cook just decided I needed a little food poisoning to top off my weekend. Thank you very little.

The suckness continues. In fact yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in MONTHS as far as the depression goes. I locked myself in my bathroom and cried for awhile before my dad finally came and gave me hugs. That however will have to wait til tomorrow (maybe) because it's still too fresh and I'm still too pissed. I'll just say, I'm not a fish, and I don't appreciate the analogy.

Today's thing I learned: Immersing yourself in school and work when things suck is a very nice escape.

Now I'm off to home, where the sucking happens.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Katy Katy Katy. I had a sucky day today, so I know exactly where you're coming from. We can have sucky, depressing lives together. Woo-hoo.

Blogger ~A~ said...

Yes, that is high on the suck meter for suckiness.

I hope the unsucky faery comes and blows some non-suckness your way.

Yes, I had to try and put suck and blow in the same sentence.

Blogger MAL said...

Wow, could anyone ever fit more 'suck' into one message. Sorry. Don't feel sorry for you. Pick yourself up, dust your self off and bloody keep going. And there you where thinking I was going to add more 'suck' to the suck party. ohh the insane joy I seem to get from writing the word 'suck'. It dosn't suck. Okay, maybe I've outsucked people. Way gross.

Blogger patrice said...

that's awful. it, dare I say, sucks. I wish there were something I could do. I'm not sure why your parents are arguing or who called you a fish, but if you want to vent, you know where to email me.

Blogger lonna said...

Oh Katy, it sucks to be around such suckiness. I'm so sorry that things suck so much. I really hope that the unsucky faery finds you and soon.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Heya a doll. I suggest that later today we suck down a few margaritas (virgin for you if you prefer) and maybe watch a little Captain Mel and imagine a sucking of a much more pleasant kind.

love you so much!!!!!!!

Blogger Stine said...

Oh Katy - you poor thing. Although I gotta say, your sense of humor in the post is a good sign. I say let Auntie Boo make the sucktitude go right out the window with her margaritas of any sort.

Let those who suck keep their own damn sucktitude.

Blogger NME said...

If life didn't have super sucky bits we wouldn't be able to appreciate just the every day mundane pleasures when they come along.

Tell your analogy creator to Fish Off - and tell your parents to get their butts to counseling or the church or wherever to work out their differences before they drive you to drink.

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