Sunday, June 26, 2005
A deep sigh of relief...
I'm employed again! Hooray! I got a job as a fron desk clerk at a local hotel. I start tomorrow and I'm very excited. The lady that interviewed me is cool. We got through about half the questions on the interview and she said, "You're hired" and I laughed and she said "no I'm serious, I have two more interviews and like 20 more questions i should ask you but I don't need to, you're hired." Total self esteem booster!! It'll also be really good for my school schedule, I only work Thursday Saturday and Sunday and have the rest of the week off but I'll still be getting over 20 hours a week and have lots of time to do homework. Plus they're really layed back at work and she said I could do homework or work on my book there. I really think it's gonna be good.

Mandy and the crew left this morning to head home to Alb. It was nice to have them here and Mandy and I got to hang out and talk and it was a lot of fun. I must say though, it's nice to have my house back, and I'm sure they're glad to be headed home. Maybe I'll go see them for spring break or something. If I can save up the $$$ That's another thing about this job, I'm getting paid almost half of what I was making before and I like to have money. I'm kind of considering trying to find some kind of part time from home something or other. I don't know. Anyway! Mandy's gone and I'm bummed, I wanted to get a picture of the three sisters to post here but we were all going about 100 miles an hour the whole time Mandy was here, then all of the sudden Mandy was gone and Becky was out of town and it was too late.

Speaking of Becky out of town, I got to babysit Sophie overnight last night and it was so much fun! She slept all night from 9 to 7, went to bed with near no fuss, and was just soo happy and fun this morning. I woke up like 8 times cuz I was worried I wouldn't hear her if she needed me so I'm tired but still, that smiley little angel face was just great to see first thing in the morning. We spent the morning painting each others toes and watching the CareBears movie (which may I just say is pretty dang scary) and then we played in the sandbox and she "washed my hair" with sand which was unfortunate but ok cuz it was so cute. Every time I tend her I get more and more baby hungry. It's not like my biological clock it winding down or anything I'm only 22 but I want a family. I was built to be a mom, give me some card board and glue and glitter and I'll make you a princess. Need a hula girl costume? I'm your girl. And I love cartoons! OK, I know that's not all that goes into being a mommy but I think its a good start. Besides Sophie loves me and she's a pretty good judge of character. I put her to bed last night and as I was closing the door I heard this tiny sweet little voice say "Goodnight Katy, I love you." That's my best thing about being an auntie. Worst thing, having to give them back.


Blogger patrice said...

awww, a sand wash! I have to say that it sounds adorable but I never, ever want to get one. though your scalp must be exfoliated now.

congrats on your job!!! sounds excellent, except for the money. maybe you will do such a stellar job there that you will get a raise.

I have a friend who used to work at the front desk of a hotel. he had some crazy stories (funny, not scary or bad) about guests, so I hope that we'll hear a little about yours, if it doesn't get you dooced.

Blogger NME said...

You sound like a wonderful aunt and a great potential mom. Don't rush it though. Enjoy your independence while you still got it. You've got PLENTY of time.

The job sounds great - and it's such a bonus to be able to do school work at the desk. Good luck!

Blogger Missuz J said...

Sophie and are so lucky to have you to help take care of BOTH of us. Speaking of princesses, please start helping me brainstorm ideas for her birthday party. It's not for a month, but she's been talking about it for weeks, and wants a "princess party," to go along with the princess cake you promised her. I'll supply the cardboard and glitter.

Blogger tourjete said...

Congrats, Katey. I'm glad to hear you're going back to school. Well done.

Please listen to nme. Enjoy where you are. You're young and independent-- great things to be. Lots of time for what's to come.

much love to you.

Blogger amandak said...

I just have to tell you, in case I never put it in words before, that there is NO ONE in the world I'm more comfortable leaving my kids with. When they're with you, I know they're not having chocolate milk and marshmallows for lunch (I guess grandma's can't help it), I know you're not taking any shit, and most importantly, I know they're being loved and cared for by one of the sweetest aunties out there. And that's truly one of the greatest blessings a mom can have. Thanks for everything, I had a really great time hanging with you.

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