Thursday, June 16, 2005
Joining the ranks of the unemployed...
A couple weeks ago I wrote about some stresses I was having with my boss and then was warned to not vent to much about work lest I get fired. Well, that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. So now I'm venting my little heart out!!! I got pushed out of my job yesterday. A job that I've had and worked hard at, and done my best at for the last two and a half years. The first 20 months were spent at the main branch, where I learned quickly and was handed more and more responsibilities as time went on. After only 6 months I was the head trainer for the entire bank. Other branches sent their tellers to me to be taught how to do their job. Then one August day, everything changed. I was called in for a meeting with the operations manager and my supervisor in which I was told of trouble at the South Main branch and asked if I would step in to save the day. Apparently there were personality conflicts with the supervisor there and one of her tellers so they were going to trade us. Everyone could keep their jobs and the problem would be solved. That didn't go over to well with the other girl so rather than a trade I just ended up taking her place after she walked out in a rage.

In that meeting I was told that if I was unhappy with the way things went at SM I could come back, they would find a way, also, a job was outlined to me in which I would learn all the responsibilities of Alice, the South Main Supervisor, so that I would be able to take on her job at the drop of a hat. And it was Alice's job to train me. To teach me what she did, and show me how to do it. Which I will admit to some small degree she did. But I was unhappy there and after two weeks so I went back to Kirk (the ops officer) and told him I was unhappy and that I wanted to come back. I said things aren't happening the way I thought they would, I went up there for added responsibility and to learn new things. If all I was going to do was be a teller I wanted to be a teller where my friends were, where my customers were, and where I had responsibilities. Kirk said that they would open my position to the other branches and that I would trade places with whoever took it. Two girls applied for that job, one of them was apparently not qualified because she hadn't been there 6 months, the other was not qualified because she hadn't been there a year, the lack of experience left them unqualified to do my job. I might add that after I went part time, they moved a new head teller into my place, he's been with the bank about 2 months. So I stayed at South Main and tried to make the most of it. When Alice had to have major surgery and was out for 6 weeks I stepped in, as I was supposed to, and managed the office in her absence. When she's gone for a doctors appointment, or a dentist appointment which are frequent, I step in and take over, assuring her that she has no need to worry. For a few months, everything was fine.

Then everything hit the fan. Suddenly, people were complaining about me, I wasn't doing my job anymore, I was rude, unwilling to help. Incapable of helping them probably because I didn't know how to help them if it wasn't something I could do as a teller. New accounts, bookkeeping, bank card, and loans were all foreign to me, because I never recieved the training that was my supervisors duty to get me. So every time she pulled my aside and said Katy what's your problem, you're blah blah blah...I honestly tried to make an effort. I racked my brain trying to think of a time I was rude to a customer and made a concious effort to be nicer. Apparently all my work was in vain. Alice had it out for me and wasn't going to let me fix the "problem". So yesterday, I was pulled aside and told that Kirk wanted to see me and her later that day. Apparently, her meeting that morning which she had called me and asked me to come to work early so she could go to, was about me. Which I think is funny. "Katy can you get ready and be to work in 20 minutes so I can get you fired?" So we went to the meeting, which also included human resources which I was unaware of until I was sitting in their office. After being told that Kirk had been getting complaints about me "second hand" (meaning what? Meaning Alice had been telling him about all the complaints she was supposedly getting about me? whatever.) And trying to tell them that I WAS nice to customers, I was polite and helped them as much as I could and I honestly couldn't think of a time when I was rude or appeared unwilling to help, I was told that I had two choices. They were either going to put me on immediate probation which meant that the next time kirk heard anything negative about me I would be shown the door, or I could resign right then, and I would get two weeks severance pay. So I resigned. Looking back I should have made them fire me. Then I could have sued them for wrongful discharge and collected unemployment.

I'm not a victime kind of person, I'm not a poor me, look what the big bads did to me. I take responsibility for my actions, but I honestly can NOT take all the blame on this one. At least half has to fall to her. This sucks.


Blogger Marksthespot said...

That's terrible. It definitely sounds like you didn't deserve it, seeing how they immediately tried to buy you off with two weeks' pay.

Is there anyway your boss somehow became aware that you had ranted about her on your blog? That could have helped prompt her sudden drive to get rid of you.

Something else will come along.

Blogger Missuz J said...

That bitch will totally get what is comming to her. I know that I am biased, being that we shair a very similar genetic background and all, but I swear to god, if that fucking c-word ever starts on fire in my presence, I won't even spit on her. Better things are around the corner--I promise. I'm quite intuitive about these things.

Blogger Katy said...

my FORMER boss isn't literate enough to have encountered my blog. She fears the internet and all things technology related. stupid stupid stupid.

Blogger NME said...

Majorly sucky! Well at least you won't have to work with that woman anymore. She is obviously a problem and I can't believe that her boss doesn't realize that. And in your interviews for something new you can just say you resigned - which is totally true.

Blogger patrice said...

what bullshit!! I would be so totally fuming. you seem to be holding it together well. I can't even believe it! well, I believe that things happen for a reason, so hopefully at some point you'll look back at this as a pivotal moment in your career, as in "I would have never landed this job as [insert favorite career here] if I hadn't been pushed out of that stupid bank job." GOOD LUCK!

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