Tuesday, May 03, 2005
A Red in a Sea of Blues
So my loony boss made us all take that color personality profile test today. I was a red, one of three reds in the office. Which basically means I'm stubborn, driven, and insensitive, which my boss has decided to mention at every possible oppurtunity, for instance, "I was on the phone with the phone company for three hours last night, but you don't care because you're insensitive." Or, "I've sure had a long day, but you don't care because you're insensitive." I can't decide if she's joking or not. I don't think she is. Everyone else in my office tested as blues or yellows, which means they try to make everyone else happy, which drives me crazy. I used to be like that, but it's WAY to much work. So the blues don't understand the few reds, and the reds understand the blues but want to convert them to the darkside so they can just worry about themselves and leave us the hell alone. But blues have their place too I suppose.

I got to see the EHB from my Eureka blog today. That was a sucky moment. The girls at work needed a caffeine fix so I went to the nearby gas station to get Pepsi's. Now I knew that EHB worked there but I didn't realize she was back from maternity leave yet. So I pulled in just as she was getting to work and I thought is that the EHB? Yes I think it is. RUN AWAY!! But by then she had seen me and I couldn't run away so I got brave and went in and got my Pepsi's and paid (almost shoplifted a pack of bubble gum on accident, another story) Anyway!! I was waiting for the girl to ring up so I could pay and be off and the other employees were talking to EHB asking questions and she couldn't answer them since she was hiding from me. Then someone asked her who had the baby, and she said "His daddy" really loud and I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder which one..." But I was a good girl and didn't say anything! Be proud!

YAY!! The Phantom of the Opera came out on DVD today. Happy day! I must abmit it's not nearly as cool on the small screen though, I think I may have blown out the speakers on my TV, you need volume for this show!! But I'm very excited. I love this show, the marketing bastards/geniuses are releasing it in two sweeps though, they got everybody all excited for it to come out and then throw in OR wait two weeks and get the special edition, well, I'm a big dork, and bought the first release cuz I just had it in my head that I NEEDED it, and then knowing me, I'll buy the other release and pass this one down to some lesser fan :).

BTW, my Jabba the Hut cake turned out pretty good. I think there's a link to it on my Big Sis' page if you want to see it.

Today's point to ponder:
"True bravery is when a man comes home late after partying to much with the boys and after his wife beats him with her broom, he still has the nerve to say, were you cleaning up or were you flying somewhere?"


Blogger Missuz J said...

After much trauma, Jabba is officially on my page. Let's wish the Evil Hose Beast (?) a scorching case of the crabs!

Blogger NME said...

They shouldn't make you take a personality test and then discriminate on the basis of the results. That is SO uncool. And insensitive.

That isn't true bravery. That man is an asshole.

Blogger Katy said...

SO uncool but SO typical. And yes, he is an ass hole but you must admit, he's gotta have balls to say something like that. :)

Blogger NME said...

Ah. See, I don't go for that masculine testosterone overdrive type. They just make me angry. My husband is smart, funny and sensitive. He won't win any He-man competitions, be a handyman or even change the tire on our car - but he's the best conversationalist I know and that's why I keep him.

Blogger Daina said...

I love the Jabba cake! How creatively disgusting! You did a good job, I'm sure your nephew just adored it!

As for PotO, I finally watched it. I'm totaly bummed that I'm missing the theatre experience, but with my son on my hands, there's not much I can do about that. However, my parents say that they will do a special showing of it in all their suuround sound glory for me! w00!!!
Also, I was quite impressed. Michael Crawford's still better, but whereas he's a tad too old to play the part, I guess beggars can't be choosers. ^_^

Love ya!

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