Saturday, May 07, 2005
Hooray for Friday!
Friday's are a very happy day. The clock strikes 6 and suddenly it's the weekend. Two days of no crazy boss types, no ornery customer types, and no HAVING to be anywhere. So nice! I haven't blogged in awhile. Wednesday I was sick and just laid around and slept when I got home from work, and Thursday I got to tend Sophie, which is the greatest ever! I got to her house and she was in her high chair, stripped to the waist and covered in spaghetti sauce from nose to naval. Which is my favorite look for her. She wasn't very excited to see me though. She knows mommy's about to leave when aunt Katy comes, and usually has a toddler glare or two for me. This time she frowned and went back to her dinner so I played a little computer scrabble (which I suck at) and let her be. Mom and dad snuck out when they thought she wasn't looking but she caught on fast. Suddenly all was silent which to anyone around kids ever, means trouble on the horizon. I turned to see her sweet little arms folded and her head down in a full-on mope. When I asked her if she was done with dinner she looked up at me with those big beautiful blues and her little lip just started trembling, followed closely by big fat tears rolling down her precious cheeks, which just breaks my heart! As I mentioned she was covered in spaghetti sauce so I did a very quick (and not overly thorough) wipe down and released her from the high chair, at which point she started wandering the house looking for mommy, still crying.

My experience with Sophie when she's like this is to just let her be. No amount of cuddling or loving can happy her up any faster than just letting her cry it out. I simply pointed out that mommy would be back soon and not to worry, Auntie K was there to see to her every need and let her cry. As I suspected in mere moments she had happied up and was ready to "hang out" so we played with a silky and made a snuggle tent, played the little kitten that lost her mittens, and played puppy, which of course entailed a lot of licking. It was great. She's the perfect remedy for whatever ails ya.

Today's point to ponder: Uhm, which is scarier? A clown sized spider or a spider sized clown? Sorry it's late, I'm tired, can't think of a better one.


Blogger Missuz J said...

Aunty Katy is the BOMB! Thanks for all you do. p.s. The cinnamon rolls were fab!

Blogger NME said...

Awww. Letting Sophie mope and cry it out sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I need a sister like you to come and watch my little one.

Blogger patrice said...

you sound like such a sweet babysitter...that is so loving, what you described. I too wish I could have you as my own little sis to come and watch my kids. kittens and mittens? snuggle tent? heck, I might even want you to come babysit ME.

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