Friday, July 28, 2006
I feel a rant coming on.
I am at present seriously annoyed.

I am a 23 year old, single, childless female. Which I guess means I'm also independantly wealthy. I just went and looked into getting a student loan so I can move out and be sane and stuff. Well, the lady that I could barely hear over the remodeling going on across the way, said that I was probably only eligible for about 3500 a year. Now, I realize 3500 dollars is 3500 dollars. However, if I were 24, married, or motherly, I'd be eligible for a lot more.

First the being 24 thing. How does being 24 make me any more or less dependant on my parents? Shouldn't the fact that I am seeking said loan so that I am no longer dependant on my parents mean something?? And why 24? There are some people whose parents kick them out the door when they turn 18, but because they are not 24, they aren't eligible for federal aid. Being 23, I still have to use my parents taxes to apply for said loan because what I make doesn't matter as much as what they make. Just because one's parents make lots and lots of money, doesn't mean one ever sees a friggin' penny of it. Ok, to be fair, my parents are very helpful and supportive, I'm just sayin'.

Second...married. Since I think my head just BURST into FLAMES I'll just say that it's so nice to have one more thing in my life hinge on my marital status. "What's that you say? You're single? Well, not only are you broken in the eyes of the society you live in, you're also broke. HA!" Forget trying to better myself before I settle on the person I'm supposedly going to share my life with. Apparently people should rush into getting married when they're only half way developed so they can afford to go school. Besides, I'm a woman, what's a woman going to do with an education anyway? Best to just bide my time until some strapping young buck comes along and graces me with a marriage proposal. You don't need a degree to be barefoot and pregnant.

Which brings me to the child thing. Do you think if I could afford a kid I would be standing in line and the financial aid office asking for money? I realize there are those that don't plan on having kids but have them anyway and go to school to provide for them which is really really great. I, however, am single and childless and am getting the financial shaft for it. Great.

The lady I'm grannysitting this week said I should get artificially inseminated. Then I could get more money and have a family and I wouldn't have to put up with those stupid men. Heh, she's so great.


Blogger Missuz J said...

Douche Bags! I curse them with perpetually itchy genitals for all time.

Can I say though, that I love that you're granny-sitting?

Blogger rob said...

You should just move up here to Seattle. We don't care if you're not married or don't have a kid or are 23 or any combination thereof. We just like to drink coffee and egg Tom Skerrit's house.

Oh...and get shot at by anti-semitic snipers.

And, Becks, the itchy genitals: That...that's just mean. I knew you had a little vindictive spice in your bouillabaisse but that's fucking Polpot evil.

I don't think I can be your friend any more.

Blogger patrice said...

dude, mrs j, I'll totally still be your friend. perpetually itchy genitals indeed. sounds like rob may have some crabby friends around, if you know what I mean.

katy - you rock. you know it. you just happen to be living in a pocket of the country where such things go on. 24 is in one more year, then you're golden. but those cocksuckers are mean, it's true. I'm so sorry.

Blogger ~A~ said...

How about Rob? You can marry Rob. I'll even clean him up first.

Now where did I leave that flea powder?

Blogger Diane said...

You already know my opinion on a lot of this stuff (kids and marriage), so I'll try not to repeat any of it since it's not what you want to hear.

You could always ask your parents for financial help in living on your own. Even though you're still technically depending on them, you're living on your own versus living with them. Major difference, and if you throw in the fact that you feel like you need to live on your own for a while they might understand and help you out. Then you could use the money you earn at work to cover next semester's tuition and books. (Or has SUU gotten insanely expensive to go to?)

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