Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Maybe it's just me...
But this may be the best idea EVER!!!!!!


It would only work with me if we have an option to buy. Because once I find a favorite I carry it until it looks like it's been run over.

But what a concept it would have saved a closet full of Purses because after I've bought them I don't like the way the "junk" that is my life fits in them or they hurt my shoulder or my friend has one too much like it that we keep getting them many reasons but hey that's what e-bay is for right.

Blogger ~A~ said...

it's like barbie's netflix.

I'm not a hangbag girl, but it makes sense to me.

Blogger ~A~ said...

hangbag? I think I need to cut back on the vicodin

Blogger Diane said...

I'm like oldmotherhubbard on this. I have two or three favorite purses, and when I find something fabulous I'll add it to the collection, but they're used until they can't be used anymore.

I'm still looking for the plain red round-toe pumps and a matching bag though. Sometimes the accessories really do make the outfit.

I'm reminded of something my former Marine OSO (Officer Selection Officer) said: you can wear someone else's boots, underwear, t-shirts, etc. You can't exchange your cammies (fatigues, jungle suits, utilities, whatever else you'd like to call them). I think the same of purses.

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