Friday, July 28, 2006
Dinner for 30
I made this last night. I had to scale it up to 30 which meant five cloves of garlic and now I stink. No vampires are gonna be nibblin on me any time soon.

You may be wondering to yourself why I would be making pasta salad for 30. That's a good question. It started when this guy allegedly broke into a motor home parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot. There are lots of different stories floating around about exactly what happened, and the story changes every time it's in print, it boils down to the fact that he was shot in the head with a 12 caliber shotgun by the owner of the motor home who says he was protecting his family. Anyway the dead man's parents are in our ward and they have a lot of family in town for the funeral which is tomorrow. So, some of the women in the neighborhood are making dinner for them for tonight. My mom said she would make a salad but she's also involved with some of the funeral arrangements and feeling a little stressed, plus she's getting a cold or something, so I said I would make the salad and not to worry about it. So I made pasta salad for 30, while she went over and supervised setting up for the funeral luncheon.

This guy died the day before. I went to high school with him. He was a year younger than me. They don't know how he died, but there's speculation about an overdose, all I know is that he just didn't wake up that morning.

Not to in any way make light of the situation, or say that their deaths were a good thing, because they're not. They're tragic. But both of these men had issues which led them to early deaths. The silver lining about all of this is that it makes you, well me, realize that maybe I'm not as screwed up as I thought I was. I hope these men have finally found peace and that the families of these men will too.

Also, please ignore my appalling grammar. It's Friday.


Blogger patrice said...

that is very nice of you to do...and all of that is tragic. no matter what the circumstances or what the person was like alive, death is tragic. you take what you can from it - hopefully it makes you grateful or at least mindful.

and haven't had a chance to say nice template!

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