Monday, June 19, 2006
Hey yooooooou entertain meeeeeeeee....
It's a long boring day at work and NONE OF YOU are thrilling me with tails of your weekend. So I will have to thrill myself by thrilling you with tails of MY weekend. You asked for it.

Friday began one of two Fathers Day cakes. We made a cake for Julie's husband that looked like a giant bag of peanut M&M's and lots of little cupcakes to look like M&M's spilling out of said bag. It was great, and very low stress, and not terribly time consuming. Pictures are soon to come. We finished the M&M cake Saturday afternoon, then Julie went home to her baby's daddy and I got started on my daddy's cake. Now, I had not planned on making my dad a cake because I have always been under the impression that he doesn't like cake. Actually I was going to make him a meatloaf cake. Cuz he loooooves meatloaf. But meatloaf makes me gag so I decided against it. Then mom requested a spice cake with cream cheese frosting so I thought yeah that'll work, and be fast, and no big deal. So I whipped up the cake and the frosting (forgetting that I had very little powdered sugar in the house and hardly any coloring) so I ran to Julie's house, borrowed her black Americolor and stole a bag of powdered sugar. I figured I would do what is known in the cake world as a frozen transfer. That is when you invert the design you want on the cake, trace over it, and freeze it. Then invert it again onto the cake and peal off the paper and VOILA pretty picture. I had never done a frozen transfer before, and usually you would use buttercream, but I was using cream cheese frosting. Julie has done a couple frozen transfers so I figured if she could do it, I could do it. Heh...right. So I pipe out the design (Dogbert saying "Out! Out! You demons of stupdity!!) and stick it in the freezer. Ice the cake, with too soft icing, and remove the frozen transfer from the freezer. Now, I don't know if it was the cream cheese frosting or what but bitch would not freeze. Just got rubbery, which caused Dogbert to stretch, strangely. Pictures are not soon to come, because I didn't atke any, because it was bad and I am in denial. Was damn tasty though. Sunday I started feeling blah and today I continued feeling blah. I need a nap.

I'm going to a Garden Party Wednesday (insert eyes rolling here) and taking lemon cupcakes with lil white butterflies on it. They'll be cute. I'll post pictures.


Blogger rob said...

Alright...not done with your post yet but I gotta say: I freakin' want a meatloaf cake!

Like shephard's pie...only, cake shaped.


Can't wait for the pictures - Sorry about your daddy's cake - but sounds very YUMMY!

Don't forget pictures from the "garden party" yummies!

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