Monday, June 05, 2006
I want a waffle.
Usually I am not a big breakfast type eater. Until today, which is the first day of the new diet, which means I couldn't have an Eggo smothered in buttery syrupy goodness even if I wanted too. So I settled for a sugar free jell-o cup. Yeah, I know that's not exactly eating smarter or healthier or whatever, but it's fast and portable, and I am most certainly NOT a morning type. Sugar free jell-o it is. At least I'm eating something right? Also, because my two beverages of choice are now off limits I have moved on to the Diet Peach Iced Tea, more fake sugar, more headache making.

It used to be that I could decide I wanted to lose 10 pounds and they would be gone. Like just my brain going through the motions of making a fat related choice, chased the fat away. Not so any more my friends. Not so. So this is my first official diet. Full of veggies, and meat, and low fat dressing, and fake sugar. Wish me luck. I get the feeling my blog is turning into a food blog. I guess that's ok.

In non-food related news, uhm... (sorry having a hard time getting past the need for Dorritos) my boss is sick. Which means I'm bored. Not that I would be more or less busy if boss were here, just not by myself in my big huge office. People keep coming and asking me to do things that A) I don't know how to do, and B) I'm not even allowed to do, and then being annoyed that I'm less than helpful. Oh well, they can wait a day. So I'm blogging, checking out South Beach friendly food, fixating on the fact that I can't have a cracker, or a red vine from the 2 pound bag sitting in my cupboard, and eating peanuts. Which is todays salty snack of choice.

I think I might have a date with the Karaoke DJ that missuzj mentioned. It will be in the couple weeks because he's a workaholic and doesn't know when he'll have a free night, but Beck, and E and Sean and I are going to double. Sounds like fun. He called last night at 1 in the morning to make plans but I was delerious. I think the extent of our conversation went something like this.

Phone: Doo doo doo doo doood doo do doo
Me: Whubbah? Huh? morning? no... phone... Sean. (answering phone) Hebwo?
Him: Hi.
Me: Meh
Him: You sound tired.
Me: mmm'ochay
Him: You sleep and I'll call you tomorrow.
Me: mmmm'ochay
Him: Bye.
Me: sssshyaah

See, I wasn't actually asleep, but I wasn't really awake much either. I was in that half and half place right before you fall asleep. The place where you see the monsters in your closet when you're a little kid, or if you're me, can't decide if the sound of your phone ringing is the alarm clock, or a UFO coming to get you but you're fairly certain that it's not your phone. Then my brain snaps on but my body fails to follow its lead. So you end up with your brain saying, "Hi Sean how are ya?" but a mouth saying "Meh" then you wake up and remember the conversation and how ridiculous you sounded and decide that if anyone asks you don't remember a thing, in fact your phone was abducted by aliens and they were probably talking to them because I was at home.

Katy wanna cracker.


Blogger NME said...

Following your suggestion I decided to take this South Beach Diet for a test ride. Mark and I are doing it from now until Friday night - where we get a reprieve for a wedding. Because I'll be damned if the first time I go out with my husband in six months is hampered by my diet. Anyway - after the wedding we can go back on it if we wish.
We are having the following every day for the next couple of days. Three hard boiled eggs and a V8. A string cheese for snack. A salad with grilled chicken breast for lunch. A cottage cheese for snack. A broiled fish and two veggies for dinner. And a sugar free jello and a popsicle for dessert.
There is no way I can do this long term. I need fruit.
Anyway - I wish you luck. Let me know if you have any tips.

Ummmm Katy when you blog about your memory you can't go back to pretending you don't remember - so QUICK delete that part or maybe the ALIENS typed on your blog also - that's it!

I've started Weight Watchers again - I was on it prior to my son's wedding and our 25th anniversary trip to HAWAII and did really good on it. (went off and regained all 45 plus pounds I'd lost) but am going back on it - favorite part of it for me is the fact that NOTHING is off limits!

Blogger Katy said...

NME, you can have fruit after phase 1. Phase 1 bites the biggy but phase 2 is sorta better because you get to work good carbs back into your system. Good luck!

Blogger patrice said...

mark is eating cottage cheese for a snack??

I could never do southbeach. seriously, I don't have that kind of willpower. so I commend and congratulate you and hope it works out!

Blogger NME said...

HA! No Mark is having hummus and celery instead of cottage cheese.

I know. Phase 2 has fruit. But can I last THAT LONG!

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