Monday, May 29, 2006
Rage against the machine.
So, I had a big long post, loaded with pictures all done a couple days ago. Then when I tried to publish it went all crazy and my post was lost. Angriness. I was going to show you all pictures. I was going to show you the Frylock cake, how it got squished:
Then building half a cake out of styrofoam. Then, when I tried to cover it, the fondant kept tearing, then there was the going generally crazy and crying. Then worrying that I didn't have enough cake to feed everybody so I made cupcakes and sweet Becky covered them in some lime buttercream, and I finished them off with these cute little chocolate shield thingies, but when I got all the chocolate shields done and flipped them over they were backwards, so I made them all again. Ugh.
So, we had cupcakes, a naked Frylock cake and a mildly insane Katy. Rather than attempt the fondant again because, well I was ready to break things, I just covered it in buttercream and we had this:

After Frylock I was feeling pretty inferior, not up to the challenge of a wedding cake. So Julie and I decided to do a practice cake, and since it was mothers day we did something pretty and frilly for Julie's mother in law. I give you, Fuschia.

Pretty huh? Unfortunately this cake didn't make the trip over the mountain to the mother in laws house. The car was hot and apparently half of it just fell right off. Bummer, again with the total lacking in cake skills. What the hell right? So we started about two weeks before the wedding and I made her.
Yeah, I'm aware she has not arms. They fell off. She was also huge, and looked like a boy. A boy in a dress, but still a boy. So I tried again and eventually came up with these two:

I fixed his arms, made them less gorillalike. I fixed his suit (made it blacker), and fixed his face. It was fatter than it needed to be. Finally we made cakes. ALL DAY SATURDAY!! With the mixing and the cleaning and the baking and yeah. This is a lot of work. Did you know that it takes an hour and a half to bake a 16 inch round cake? Yeah, 95 minutes. Did you also know that flipping a 16 inch cake out of its pan is freakin hard? Did you know that covering a cake that size in fondant is nearly inpossible? We had to roll a piece of fondant to 24 inches a cross? Yeah, that's a lot of fondant. Also, crumb coating a 16 inch cake takes 4 batches of butter cream. I think we made 9 batches of butter cream total. Yeah. That's a lot. So, here are the nakey cakes:

Looks an awful lot like cheese huh? Yeah. I know. But it what the bride wanted and it is my job to do what the bride wants. So there ya go. Eventually the cake ended up looking like this:
Want a closer look? Ok, here ya go.

I think bridezilla was happy. I woke up the day before the wedding with tummy issues. stress? sick? I know not. But I didn't stay around for much of the reception. I haven't seen any $$$$ yet, but that's not too surprising. I'll be mailing out an invoice tomorrow. All in all I was very pleased with how it all turned out.

And now, since you were patient, here is a picture for all you Sophie addicts. And also, a pretty flower.


Blogger Diane said...

1. Hey! You did it!
2. It's OK for things to not go well. Fuschia looks nice, and half of her falling apart does not mean you lack cake skills. It means that Fuschia and her kind are delicate creatures, not used to hot car rides.
3. The wedding cake turned out nice, but good luck getting your money.
4. Frylock looks like Frylock.
5. My old roommate got married the Friday Finals Week ended last semester, and the night after the wedding Frank took me to the KXLF Christmas party, and I ended up getting a killer headache and we had to cut the night short. Stress does funny things to the body.
6. Thumbs up to being persistant.
7. Don't you feel better now that it's all over and you have pictures to show for it?
8. So, um, how did Frylock get squished?

Excellent - Stressful I'm sure but final result was EXCELLENT!!!!

I pray that your money comes swiftly - and your praises should be sent at the same time by Mother of Bridezilla.

I love that you can make the "figurines" that were on top of the cake - they look a bazillion times better than those plastice ones you can buy.

See Diane's #2 and know I second it!

Blogger amandak said...

Whew! All the cakiness and frosting-ing, and stress paid off as far as I can tell. Frylock looked awesome, and that wedding cake, wow, really beautiful Katy.

So, are you cured of wanting to be a cake artist when you grow up? Or has this experience just reinforced that even when things get rough, your mad skillz will prevail?

Love you big time!!

Blogger Stine said...

Katy, those cakes are so cool. Serious money you can make.

Blogger Rebecca said...

Wow, the wedding cake turned out beautiful! You are so talented.

Blogger ~A~ said...

Again, most awesome cakes!!! They're wonderful.

Even the smooshed one looks tasty. :D

Blogger patrice said...

HOLY COW. oh my god, you are a cake genius. and all that work. at least when they're done, they look effortless. incredible.

Blogger Missuz J said...

Frylock was THE BOMB and the other cakes look lovely too. Have I told you lately that you are the most amazing aunty and sis in all the land?

Blogger NME said...

I am super impressed. All your hard work and stressing paid off. Kudos to you!

Blogger Jazz said...

I know I haven't showed up for a while but now I have holidays and that leaves a little time for blogging^^
The cake is cute! I don't think I could ever do something like this. Wow.
Sorry that your date was that awful. Keep on trying, but try not to make your happiness dependent of finding the right guy.

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