Monday, May 22, 2006
Some people...
So the date was uneventful. Painfully uneventful. We ate, he insulted my taste in movies, reading material, free time activities, ultimately he just rolled it all into one and insulted my intelligence. Then I went to the craft store with the 20 minutes I had left before I had to go back to work. Haven't heard from him since. Shocking.

I've been pretty busy lately. Busting my butt with the wedding cake that will be delivered (OMG!!) Friday. Tuesday I dropped a hundred and fifty bucks on supplies for the cake. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I molded a little bride and groom out of gum paste, I'll post pictures soon. Saturday Julie and I baked for like seven hours. Want to try something yummy? Get a Duncan Heines Spice cake mix and add a packet of instant butterscotch pudding. Damn, that's tasty. Anyway, we made two 16 inch round chocolate cakes. A 16 inch cake requires 18 cups of batter, and 85 minutes to bake. Also, a 16 inch cake pan juuuuuust barely fits into my oven. Its huge. Also, a pain in the ass to flip, but I got mad skills. I also made two sheet cakes of just plain yellow cake mix. They only require 5 cups of batter, and bake up nice and fluffy like in about 25 minutes. Then we did two 6 inch square spice cakes, which take about 20 minutes to cook and take 2 cups of batter. I think it was only two.... We also made 3 batches of fondant and 4 batches of butter cream. My house will forever smell of cake. Also during the week we made 120 little tiny edible pearls, and 50ish edible gumpaste roses.

Wednesday the mother of the bride returned a call I had made to her about flowers, saying that she couldn't get a hold of the florist, then gave me her phone number. Then she proceeded to question my qualifications. First she asked if I really thought I was able to do this. If I didn't think I could do it, I wouldn't have offered. Then she asked if I would be able to call Mrs. J (my ex's mom) in case I got stuck. I told her if it really came to that I could but that it wouldn't, I was perfectly capable. Then she asked if I was really going to do a Romeo and Juliet scene for the topper. I said yes, I was doing what the bride asked for. Then she asked about money and I told her that I told the bride I would do it for my cost, which was going to be about 150 dollars and then my time was her gift. To witch m.o.b. replied "Oh thats nice, but you're not getting her anything else?"

I was in total shock. First she calls me and questions my skills, then she gives me grief for not getting a present after I'm making her a 500 dollar cake but only charging her 150?!?! I should have said, OK, I'll charge you for my time at 20 dollars an hour for the 40 hours I put in on the cake, that would be 800 dollars. Then we'll add a little since I had to put up with you and your daughter and your total LACK of communication with ANYONE, say, another 150 dollars... Then add in the cost of supplies, ingredients: 150, decorations, another 50. So yeah... that's 200... adds up to 1150 dollars right? Yeah, that sounds fair. So you write me a check for 1150 dollars, and I'll go buy her a 10 dollar picture frame from Wal-Mart.

I'm going to be so glad when this is over. Things are pretty stress free right now, which is good. We have a schedule, we're sticking to the schedule. Everything is peachy. But I probably won't be around much until the end of this insanity.


Blogger rob said...

Sounds like m.o.b. has registered at High Maitenance Bitch.

Good thing. I wanna get her a muzzle.

Blogger NME said...

THAT SUCKS! Weddings are like a magnetic field for super bitchiness. Hope you get out alive.

You are an amazing friend and a skilled cake maker. I can't wait to see pictures.

Blogger ~A~ said...

Holy shit, Motherofthebridezilla!

Can I hex her for ya? Maybe some plotting of some sorts? I won't even charge you and you don't have to get me anything. :D

I'm so looking forward to seeing the cake pictures. I have no doubt in your skills.

Blogger Diane said...

I'm sorry the guy was a jerk. I've been on dates with guys like that. What did he prefer to your taste in [apparently everything]? Whatever it was, I'm sure that it's atrocious (Disc Jockeys in Southern Utah can't have that great of taste, can they?).
Gumpaste roses are beautiful. There's a guy in New York that makes them gorgeously (
I'm sorry to hear the mother of the bride wasn't being nice to you. Most probably she just wants everything to come out perfectly for her daughter's wedding and is just being a stressed perfectionist. (Yet another reason why I want to either elope or have a super-small wedding) I'm sure she would have treated any other baker/cake decorator the same; it's not you!
However, I'm appalled that she was expecting a gift on top of making the cake. That's just plain rude. Someone once wanted my mother to go to the reception site and decorate a wedding cake, but we barely knew the people and got the impression that they wanted her to do it for free (especially since they asked her to do it at the bakery she worked).
What did you say to Mrs. M when she asked for a present?
I can't wait to see pics. It'll be gorgeous.

Blogger Missuz J said...

I'm shocked into speechlessness. Other than the fact that I just said that I'm speechless, that is. Hmm. Tricky that.

Blogger Daina said...

It's good to see you posting! Even if it is just a brief update in between in the madness that is this cake. I'm sorry her mom was an insensitive present-monger, but if it's any consolation, I was speaking with Liz and she is fully confident of your capabilities and absolutely thrilled that you're going through all this work for her.

So forget the mother of the bride, because regardless of what she thinks, it's the bride's day. ^_~

Good luck! And sorry about the jerkface, by the way.

Can't wait for pictures. Remember I'm sending all kinds of good thougts your way!!!!!! Prayers also - for the stress freeness to continue.

As a wedding coordinator I tell all MOB & MOG's I am here to please the Bride & Groom - if they are happy and you hate my guts then I still have done the job you are paying me for. (They usually back way way off at that point)

Blogger Paige said...

Hi clicked on you from a comment you left at Sophie Says.
Sounds like you are having a great time. I plan on coming back to see the pictures. The cake sounds yummy & pretty. Pudding mix in a cake mix, I like spice cake & butterscotch. What a lucky bride & groom. Just think of his mother in law, brings tears to my eyes.

Blogger Rebecca said...

"To witch m.o.b. replied..."

Do I sense a Freudian slip? Heh heh. Anyway, sorry the date wasn't so great and I'm sure the cake will be gorgeous.

Blogger Katy said...

nothin freudian about it.

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