Saturday, March 11, 2006
So yeah. This week scurried along with less than much to report. My fever finally broke Monday night after I slept for...oh 100 years. Just call my Rip Van Katy, or Katy Van Winkle. You choose. Anyway, besides the nagging sleepiness that's hanging on I am all better. Which is good because I had 3 tests this week.

Imaginative Lit on Tuesday, SWISH, nothin but net. It was 50 multiple choice questions and 2 "short essay" questions to be done in one hour 20 minutes. I got through the multiple choice bit in around 15 minutes. No problem. The "short essay" however kicked my butt. His idea of a short essay is a two to three page paper. Two of em, in an hour!!! The first one was a no brainer, we had to say who we thought the hero of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was and explain why using specific references from the book. Not to tough. It just took me longer than it should have so by the time I got to the second one where we had to dissect Dragonslayer and Dragonsbane and compare and contrast them, I only had like 20 minutes left. I wrote and wrote and wrote and still only got about a page and a half and didn't manage to discuss nearly as much as I wanted to but oh well. We got our tests back Thursday and I got 25 out of 25 on my first essay and 23 out of 25 on the second mostly because I didn't complete my thought. But I got all sorts of very good and excellent points and such so I was pleased. BTW, if you haven't read Dragonsbane and are at all interested in Fantasy literature I would recommend it. It's kind of a slow starter but if you can make it to the meewinks it's great.

Business test did not go as well. There was lots of best guessing going on but I had missed a couple days during that section and hadn't managed to find time to study between naps. I'm not overly concerned with that class though, I manage to get around 80 on my tests, I hardly ever miss and I participate a lot. The things that are taught in that class just kind of come naturally to me anyway. My Criminal Justice class was much the same except I managed to study and feel like I did very well.

So it snowed this week. A lot. A few stray inches Wednesday, enough that I made my mom drive me to school. Yeah yeah I'm a big woosey. But my car sucks. Well, my tires, suck. There's general suckness. By Wednesday afternoon most of the snow was melted. Thursday, no snow, blue skies in fact. Friday we woke up to 12 inches of snow and it just keeps comin. We had very little snow all winter. I would go so far as to say no real snow. A flurry here and there. Now, here we are, knocking on the door of spring and Southern Utah gets DUMPED ON. My PR teacher even sent people home that had to travel for the weekend. Last night we got three more inches. I didn't drive my car yesterday either, again making my mom drive me to school so this morning my car was buried under 15 inches of snow. Between what was building up on the ground and what was hanging over from the roof you could see about three inches of the paint job. So I bundled up and dug it out. Poor car. She was so cold, living in her little ice cave.

Bushes in my yard are completely buried. Pine trees look like little more than mounds of snow. And it just keeps coming. I look out the window right now and see static. TV is out so we read and watch movies. I was going to make St. Patricks day cookies but my dough froze. It's cold. Did I mention the doors and windows in my house were open because my mom tried to burn down the kitchen? Yeah, cold. Anywho, hope things are warmer and more entertaining where you are!

Don't eat yellow snow...


Blogger rob said...

I already have a Katy Van Something in my life. You can be Rip Van Katy. Besides, Rip Van Katy sounds so much more bad ass.

I envy you and your snow. I heart snow. Heart it. I turn 5 whenever it snows 'round myahh. Snow...and penguins. Those are two things that melt my maturity and reduce me to a blithering infant.

And taquitos.

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