Monday, March 06, 2006
I got into the doctor this morning. He looked in my ears said "Yup some pressure" looked at my throat, said "That's one of the scarier throats I've seen lately" and listened to my lungs which were shockingly clear. "At least you don't have bronchitis again" he says and heads out the door. Yes, his bedside manner does leave something to be desired. For instance a bedside manner....

"Dude" I think, "You should feel my glands, they are bound to be setting records." But he doesn't. He comes in with a prescription for amoxicillan and my preeeeecioussssss histenex, and boots me out the door. Nice. So I took my meds around 10 and am already feeling better so hopefully the rest of the week will run smoothly. I already missed a not so pop pop quiz in PR today, and I have two midterms tomorrow, one of which will be a no brainer. Which is good since my brain has gone into hibernation. So I sleep today. And apparently blog. But I'm done with that now and am going back to sleep.

Thanks for all your well wishes.

PS. The essay I was so annoyed about from my lit class can be read here if you're interested.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Yay-- medicine!

You're not the only one in an annoying lit class. I'm taking a seminar on Charles Dickens, and I've been amusing myself by comparing my ancient and hard-of-hearing professor to the "Aged Parent," the deaf, doddering parent of a character in Great Expectations which we're reading now. God, I hate English professors.

Blogger patrice said...

what's histinex?

so glad you're feeling better. sorry about the throat. I love doctors - "yeah, that looks infected. see you. don't forget to take the antibiotics that I haven't asked you if you wanted."

Blogger Katiemagic said...

Sleeeeeeep, sleep is my precious. Enjoy every bit even though it's sick sleep.

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