Sunday, March 05, 2006
Pity me
I'm sick again. Usually I am not a sick person. I'm normally a healthy person. I am the kind of person that saves her sick days for sick-of-work days instead of actually being sick. But oooooh no. Not anymore. I am now a generally unhealthy person who doesn't have sick days because she works hourly and if she doesn't work she doesn't get paid! It's times like this I miss the bank just a little. Of course it's not like I could get sick when things are pretty laid back either. Nope, I get sick during finals like last semester. Or mid-terms this semester. Spring break is next week people. Why couldn't I have gotten sick then? HUH?? Recap of the crap:

Friday afternoon around 2:30 my throat starts hurting. I start feeling all fever tingly and generally weary. Sweet boss lady and best friend feels my forehead and sho'nuff I'm warm. Freakin great.

Go home and proceed to lay on the couch covered in piles of blankets. Finally convince my mother that yes I actually am sick and it's not just in my head. Temperature, not bad, 100.2.

Watch the new Pride and Prejudice with Mom and Dad. I'm gonna say it. I think this Mr. Darcy could very well be hotter than the BBC Collin Firth Mr. Darcy. I know I can't believe it either.

During P&P my tummy starts rumbling, my legs start twitching from the hurtiness and my head moves slowly but surely to explosion.

Mom medicates me a LOT and sends me to bed where I switch from too hot to too cold about a bajillion times in 20 minutes.

In my fever and medication induced delerium I dream that I am decorating a cake and for some reason can't get the icing to stick to the cake. Crazy.

From about 2 in the am to about 5 in the am I am either in the bath tub trying to warm up or cool down, in the fetal position on the bathroom floor, or experiencing much unpleasantness pertaining to the porcelain god. Temperature, too damn tired to check it.

Finally I sleep.

Saturday I wake up and call boss lady informing her I won't be able to hang out that day because I am sick.

Have another bath hoping to warm up/cool down.

Can't swallow, hurts to bad.

Watch P&P again. Fall in love with Mr. Darcy some more.

Kinda sorta nap.

Mostly lay around being a ginormous lump on the couch.

Fever heads back down to 98.7. Hooray!!

Go to bed freezing, pile on three extra blankets. Still freezing. Get up to take a warm bath.

Temperature 102.

Sleep, dreaming crazy fairy flying dreams.

Too hot too cold too hot too cold too hot too cold.

Wake up almost normal feeling til I stand up and I remember my head wants to explode.

Go downstairs and lay back down.

Another warm bath to try and warm up and this time I actually washed my hair. Hooray!

Current temp, 101.8. Glands the size of quarters. Cough drops/chloraseptic spray ingested, too much.

General feeling of crapiness on a scale of 1-10, 8. I am actually feeling better today than I have but dude. This sucks.

Gonna go watch P&P again.


Blogger Missuz J said...

Oh my sweet! I do pity you! I do! The new P&P definitely doesn't suck. It definitely doesn't. And Mr. Darcey is just hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Blogger amandak said...

Mwah. Poor baby! Feel better soon!!

Blogger Daina said...

Aww sweetie! I know you've been feeling icky, but didn't know it was that bad! Get lots of rest!

I'm so sorry your sick! Hopefully it's a quick 48 thing and it should be over. But if it's not I say see a Doctor - STREP is going around here in Florida so could be there also.

Do you have any idea why I can't read Missuz J's site anymore?

Blogger Katy said...

Nope, I can't either, I'll giver her a call later to make sure everythings ok. Meanwhile you were right. Strep. Freakin great. Gonna go nap.

Blogger patrice said...


and - I hate fever/medicine dreams. I hope you feel better RIGHT NOW.

Blogger NME said...

Wow. That really does suck. And you do a great job of conveying the complete suckosity of it. After reading it I think I'm coming down with something.

Next time you go to sleep try to dream about frosting that doesn't stick to Mr. Darcy.

All's right with my world again - I can get Sophie updates :) :) :). Sorry about the Strep - drink lots and lots of fluids. Can you reschedule finals - postpone them? Having never attended college I don't know, but as a Professor/teacher I'd rather someone reschedule than breathe STREP germs on me!

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